Gambar preview Barefoot Friends Next Destination is in Indonesia!

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Barefoot Friends Next Destination is in Indonesia!

Barefoot Friends' 2nd journey continues to Indonesia.

According to the multiple sources from the show, SBS 'Good Sunday - Survival Audition K-pop Star 2''s follow-up program, 'BarefootFriends' (BF) will go to Indonesia following the filming in Vietnam.

Since BF has not been shown its 1st episode after its filming in Vietnam, the news of another shooting oversea arouses audience's curiosity about the show. The members of BF are planning to go to Indonesia to film the show during this month.

On April 8th, BF members of Kang Ho Dong, Yun Jong Sin, Yu Se Yun, Kim Beom Soo, Kim Hyun Joong, Yun Si Yun, SJ Eunhyuk, and Afterschool Uee had returned from its 1st filming in Vietnam.

The preview of BF has been released showing its members struggling with the mission of 'live for 24hrs exactly like Vietnamese locals'. Most of all, the principle of 'self-sufficiency' caught audience's eyes.

The following footage showed the cast members pulling cyclos and going boat fishing, selling in the local market.

Also, the phrase of 'The Barefoot Journey to find real happiness' was noticeable. The preview gave a hint about the meaning of the word 'barefoot' in the show title, which represents 'all the members run barefoot without anything.'

The BF preview including members' journey in the Vietnam without any help, communicating something beyond language only with sweat and smile, has raised expectations of the show.

After filming in Vietnam, BF will visit another country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and arouse audience's curiosity about the next mission. BF's 1st episode will be airing on coming 21st, as the part 1 of 'Good Sunday'.

Follow BF on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BarefootFriends

Like BF on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SBSBarefootFriends

source: news.naver.com (Korean)
Barefoot Friends Next Destination is in Indonesia! (Gambar 1)
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