Beard – The new styles for men

Today men are as conscious about their looks as women. They want to look their best and this can be achieved only if they are well groomed. Generally, men pay a lot of attention to their hair cut but the beard is also equally important. It can change their look for better and should be according to their face cut. One cannot ignore facial hair as they can make your image. One can look extremely stylish and elegant while sporting a particular type of beard. Hence it is necessary for today’s men to trim and have a right look for their beards. It makes them look fashionable. Whether you are working or for any meeting or in general also, shaping and trimming of the beard is very important. If not done properly, it can give a shabby look which is not desirable and you may lose something. In offices also people prefer a clean and groomed look. It helps them to become more presentable and also gives one the confidence to face others. So it is very important to have the right beard look and one can try different looks and then choose the best one. Many celebrities also sport different beard styles for men today and they are often appreciated for their new look.

Different beard styles for men:

As discussed above, there are different styles of beard that one can try and have a new look. These beard styles are as follows:

  1. Full beard look: This look requires the most amounts of time and patience to maintain it. Generally, the full beard when maintained properly gives a sophisticated look. It is for men who are ready to trim their beard daily and maintain its length properly. It covers the upper lip, cheeks, chin, and extend up to the neck. But the only thing is one has to be particular and pay attention to it every couple of days so that it looks good.
  2. Two days look: This is the easiest look to maintain. The beard is not as full as the full beard but it is scanty. But it gives a sexy look. It has become very popular among young men. One requires not shaving for two days. The beard does not give a very clean look but it is not very dark. Anyone can have this type by not shaving for two days.
  3. Only on the chin: Now a day’s many men prefer having a small patch of beard on chin only. It suits best men with long faces. Here the beard is to be maintained in the chin area only and one can extend up to cheeks but generally, it looks best when it is on to chin area.
  4. Goatee style: this is another version of the full beard but here the beard is not a s thick and dark as a full beard. There are different styles in Goatee like Wild Goatee style where the lines of the beard are not well marked and it can go up to cheeks. This looks very manly and suits most of the men. It is not a very clean look but looks fabulous. The crisp Gaoatee is the one where the line between the mustache and the beard is well connected by a straight line. It can be thin or thick but it is well marked and defined.
  5. Stubble: Stubble has gained a lot of popularity recently. Here only small portions of trimmed hair are maintained on the chin or under the lower lip. It looks extremely stylish and is easy to maintain.
  6. The beard look named after the celebrity like George Clooney. The older men who have white as well black beard, this look looks very nice. It is also called as salt and pepper look and is extremely stylish. Similarly, there are other looks also named after actors, sports person. They must have spotted it and then people try to imitate them so as to look as cool as them.
  7. The edge look is also very fashionable but requires close monitories as one will need a professional help to get the look right. The edge-up look extends from neck to the cheeks and is very well defined and neat. Looks good on almost all the men irrespective of their age.

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Malaysia’s Selangor state is home to several impressive tourist attractions

Kuala Lumpur is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind while talking about Malaysia. However, the country is home to several tourist attractions that can offer the perfect combination of peace, luxury, excitement, marvelous architecture, and picturesque locations showing Mother Nature’s true image. Let’s take a look at some impressive tourist attractions from Malaysia’s Selangor state.

Sailboat Pantai Batu Laut

Batu Laut village on Banting’s Carey Island attracts thousands of sailing enthusiasts from around the world. Young sailors visit the Yacht Centre to learn almost everything about Yachts. Young sailors consider Pantai Batu Laut as the ideal place to get trained for national and international tournaments.

Jugra’s Royal Mausoleum

Sultan Abdul Samad’s tomb was constructed in 1884. The location is still being used as Selangor royal family’s burial ground. The structure of the dome displays the wonderful combination of Moorish features combined with Islamic architecture. This historic monument is located in Jugra and still manages to attract visitors.

FGS Dong Zen Temple

FGS Dong Zen Temple is located in Selangor’s Jenjarom village. It occupies special place the heart of Malaysia’s young Buddhists. The Temple attracts thousands of visitors during Chinese New Year celebration festival that lasts for 15 days.

Temple’s garden is home to hundreds of flora and fauna. Statues of the 18 Arhat, Buddhist wall paintings, and other attractions are good enough to keep tourists engaged for several hours. Locals, as well as Malaysian nationals, prefer to visit this Temple during New Year celebrations as a part of the tradition.

The Paya Indah Wetlands

The Paya Indah Wetlands are located in Selangor’s Dengkil town. Ornithologists from around the world visit this sanctuary to study birds. The area is home to Nile hippos, mammals, and more than 200 species of birds. You can also enjoy adventure sports like cycling, boating, and angling in this area.

Istana Bandar

This is a wonderful palace constructed in 1905 by Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah. It is located near Sultan Alaeddin Mosque, around 20 kilometers away from Banting. The palace is considered architectural marvel due to its design that shows the influence of Islamic, Indian, Chinese, and European culture. It’s stone staircases, curved windows, sharp roof lines and the presence of Malay art still manage to attract tourists.

Records suggest that this palace’s design was created by Sultan himself. He stayed in this palace for around 35 years after constructing it.

Beach at Morib

Morib area is famous for its seashore among tourists. The area is also home to an abundant palace, several ancient buildings, and graves. The beach is home to hundreds of small crabs. This is the perfect destination for you if you wish to spend your time surrounded by palm trees and casuarinas. If you are looking for tourist-friendly and impressive hotel while in Morib, Banting, you should definitely stay at Morib Gold Coast hotel. It is a four-star resort that offers more than 400 rooms. It is also famous due to its own water amusement park.

Gold Coast Morib Water Park

If you are willing to spend wonderful time after travelling and visiting various tourist destinations in Malaysia’s Kuala Langat district, you should consider visiting Gold Coast Morib Water Park. Seaside Park is located in southern part of Selangor. It is just about an hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

Water Park consists of swimming pool, amphitheater, and several water sport related games. If you are planning to visit KL during the business tour, you can carry-on with your business and let your family spend some wonderful time at this park.

Kelanang beach

Kelanang beach is just a few minutes away from Morib, Banting. If you are willing to enjoy walking, cycling as well as boating and angling, you should visit the wonderful Kelanang beach area in Kuala Langat district. This beach is maintained by the National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia.

Birds nest Eco Park

Not just ornithologists, but all nature lovers prefer to visit Kuan Wellness Eco Park whenever they visit Malaysia. It is just a few minutes away from Morib Coast and is one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist attractions.

This Eco Park is spread across five acres. It is full of fruit farms, and palm trees. The park is also home to the birds nest processing research center, bird nest cafes, green promenade, eco-garden, sales center, and more.

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Extensions for your hair: The answer for hair styles that need long hair

Hair is indeed the best natural asset that enhances your beauty; there is always a hair do for every dress. In fact, your hairstyle has the power to bring out the best of what you wear. Whether an up does for your gown or a pony for your casual or soft tendrils for your summer dress, hair brings out the elegance of your attire. Every woman’s hair is different where the difference lies in color, texture, volume, etc and with thick long lustrous hair one can work magic with your appearance.

False hair gives volume to your limp hair

Not all are gifted with voluminous hair and individual preferences regarding the length also vary where some like to have waist length, shoulder length or plain bob. When you are a fan of the long hair but unfortunately do not have the right length then you never have to worry over or pray for a miracle for extending your hair. Whatever the color of your hair or the texture of it; you can easily find hair extensions that blend naturally well with your natural hair. Such extensions come in various lengths and are very affordable; in fact, they are the secret of many celebrities with voluminous hair.

Such false hair can either be synthetic or natural and you can choose from a wide range of colors to blend along with your natural hair. The standard lengths in which they are available are 14 inches to 20 inches. If you have shorter hair and want to sport a look with long hair then you can opt for these extensions of false hair and surprise one and all as none can spot the difference between the false ones and your real ones.

You can style the false hair just like your natural hair

Unlike wigs, false hair or the extensions can be styled along with your hair. Long hair goes well with certain styles and attires and some of the hair does require long hair. When you find it difficult to style your hair as it is either too short or too limp, false extensions of hair are the ideal option which can be weaved or clipped or tied to your natural hair. They can also be removed easily without causing any harm to your natural hair. You can go for a hair style or up do that you always wanted to try but could not as your hair was not suitable for it.

When choosing such false hair you must consider certain factors like whether you want to opt for natural hair or synthetic hair. You can easily avail them online but make sure that you are certain with the type of hair you need in texture like wavy, straight, etc and the right shade of color. Human hair or natural hair is expensive when compared to the synthetic extensions as they can be easily styled using curling irons, blow dryers, etc and as it will be a one-time investment you can choose the type of false hair according to your preference.

Use the false hair and wigs to look good on special occasions

Hair takes the time to grow and when you are planning on a style for some once in lifetime events like wedding then you cannot afford to settle for styles suitable for your short hair. False hair come in various lengths where the longest being 26 inches. You can find a wide range of false bangs, pony tails, etc on such sites and this false hair just seems natural when you pick the ones that are in sync with the color and texture of your hair. You can opt for the synthetic variety if you want it for few occasions and don’t want to spend much. However, when you are looking for long term use than the natural or human false hair will be quite a worthy once in a while investment. So, what are you waiting for to get started? Check out your natural hair colour and look for extensions that complement your hair colour. The next step would be to choose the length and the volume – global or just streaks. That is it! You are all set to flaunt your new hair style in today’s trends.

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