Month: October 2017

Visiting The Ridge, The Most Prominent Landmark of Shimla

Located in the heart of Shimla, in the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, The Ridge road is a large open space, which is a hub of all cultural activities in Shimla and is a must-visit place in the Shimla tour packages. Situated along the Mall Road, a famous shopping centre of Shimla, the Ridge is an inseparable part of Shimla. The Ridge is the most prominent landmarks and the face of the picturesque hill station.

About The Ridge

Running east to west alongside the Mall Road and joining it at the Scandal Point on the west side, The Ridge leads to Lakkar Bazaar on the east side. Lakkar Bazaar is the ultimate shopping destinations of Shimla. The place is famous for its shawls, woollen clothes, exquisite jewellery, local handicrafts as well as dry fruits and natural herbs. Most of the newspapers print the photos of Ridge covered with snow when the town experiences its first snowfall.

The Ridge also has three statues— of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and Dr. Y. S. Parmar, the first chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. The base ridge of Shimla has green slopes covered with pines, firs, the Himalayan oak, and the carmine rhododendron trees. Gothic Government buildings, half-timbered houses, and dotted red-roofed chalets are also visible from The Ridge.

Importance of The Ridge

The Ridge houses a water reservoir, with a capacity of 1000000 gallons of water. Underneath the Ridge, there are large water tanks, from which water is supplied to the tourist town. Constructed in the 1880s, the reservoir was made using the lime mortar and not any cement. The Ridge is the venue for various government functions, Fairs, and Summer Festival.

The Summer Festival is a five-day extravaganza, which takes place during April or May. Folk dances, the food festival, flower shows, ice skating festival, and Himachali film festival are some of the major events of this festival. Apart from this, a Winter Sports Festival usually begins in December and continues until February. With a natural and open-air ice skating rink, the festival sees ice skating competitions, ice sports, dance, live music etc.

Nearby Attractions

Christ Church is one of the most prominent landmarks on The Ridge and is one of the most sought-after tourist spots in Shimla tour packages. Built-in 1857 in Neo-Gothic style, it is one of the oldest churches in North India. With an absolutely stunning location, the church has stained glass windows each representing the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Patience, and Humanity. It also has a Tudorbethan-styled library building.

Scandal Point is where the Mall Road joins the Ridge on the west side. There is a story of Maharaja of Patiala eloping with the daughter of the British Viceroy leading to much chaos and tension. The place gets its name because of the commotion caused due to the event. Located 2.5 km. east of the Ridge, Jakhoo Hill is the highest peak of Shimla, which offers stunning views of the Shivalik Ranges. There is also an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

With an impressive history and architecture, visiting the Ridge and enjoying the spectacular beauty of Shimla will surely leave you awestruck.

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A perfect guide for choosing the right nose job surgeon

Nose is the most attractive part of the face which gives most adorable appearance to enhance your overall look. In certain cases, people may have worried about the shape of their nose as its gives the ugly appeal. Of course, there are some treatments that are available for reshaping your nose to get the enchanting look. Well, rhinoplastyutah is one of the most famous treatments that are often taken by the people who are conscious in making their appeal to be so good.

Factors to consider

Actually, nose job is highly complicated and so difficult to undertake the operation. Therefore, it is so essential to pick the best surgeon to perform the operation for attaining the right results. Well, rhinoplasty is a kind of the cosmetic surgery procedure which is helpful for reconstructing the shape of the nose. If you want to get this process and in need of finding for the right surgeon, then you have to concentrate on various things that are mentioned as follows.

  • Certification – The best surgeon should have the certification from the right authority for performing the cosmetic and plastic surgeries.
  • Specialization – It is so important to check whether the surgeon is specialized in offering you the nose jobs in the perfect manner. So, you have to ensure that the doctor is well qualified to offer the nasal procedures in the successful way.
  • Simulated results – The experienced surgeon can definitely have the morphing software to show the preview of your face before the surgery is started. It can help the patients to take the right decision. So, you have to make sure whether the particular surgeon has the facilities to offer this service.
  • Results gallery – In most of the cases, the surgeons can have the collection of patient’s photos to define the before and after images of the surgeries.
  • Cost – This is the most important thing that you have to concentrate for choosing the rhinoplasty utah for attaining the right service.

By considering these important things, you have to find the best surgeon to ensure your look to be awesome.


Honeymooning in paradise on Earth: Kerala

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your honeymoon? Well, then there is no better place than Kerala for that! This wonderful place, situated in the southern part of India, is a land of many wonders and natural beauties. Particularly known for its backwaters, Kerala is the perfect getaway for a romantic holiday, being ideal as a honeymoon destination.

If you are seriously considering Kerala as your honeymoon destination choice, then you can always go for a kerala honeymoon tour package for a complete experience, where all your needs will be taken care of. There are a few places in Kerala that you ought to visit when in this state. Let’s see what they are and why you should visit them:

  1. Alleppey: As mentioned before Kerala is most well known for its backwaters and if you want to explore the sheer of the joy of these beautiful waterbodies along with your spouse then your first stop in Kerala ought to Alleppey. It is also well known for hosting many famous fitness centres. Thus if a relaxing time, steeped in the luxury of nature is what you are in search of, then Alleppey is a must visit the city during your Kerala tour.
  2. Kovalam: Want to spend some quality time by the beach with your newlywed spouse and get to know each other? Then do head out to this lovely village by the beach. Kovalam is particularly known for the three beaches that it has. You can spend hours lazing on the beach, watching and soaking in the beauty of the sunset. The Arabian sea here is pretty mild with low waves and hence you can even engage in some water activities like boating and surfing when in Kovalam.
  3. Munnar: When in Kerala, you cannot help but not visit Munnar. This is a hill station that is well known for its beauty and you will realize why when you see it with your own eyes. There are three rivers that run through it, rendering this place a flavour that it is unique to itself. There are rows and rows of the green plantation of slopes that paint a picture of beauty and greenery. This place will surely be one of your all-time favourites, if you love to visit the hills.
  4. Varkala: If you are looking for a beach town that will give you the opportunity for some sightseeing tour as well as a relaxing and fun time by the beach, then Varkala should be there in your itinerary. Lined with palm and coconut trees, Varkala hosts some of the most beautiful beaches.
  5. Kumarakom: This is another beautiful place that has been created through human effort. Kumarakom lies on the side of the Vembanad Lake. The most beautiful feature of this place is that it is manmade from lands that have been joined together in the middle of the lake. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind amidst the beauty of nature, then this is definitely the place.

These are some of the most beautiful places that you need to visit when touring Kerala on your honeymoon.


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Solar Energy Is the Future

What happens when electricity is cut off, not for a day, but permanently? The Governments of many developed countries have done the research and no other alternative answer could be found other than crippling of all vital operations of the world. The governments spend more to find new sources of energy and the tough simultaneous fight against the conventional polluting methods of energy creation is inevitable. The clean and renewable solar energy is the best alternative, not only for the governments but also for the need of the individuals. Now it is the solar generator best suitable for serving the needs and is the proven, readily available solution.

Though the solar energy generators have been in the market for a long time, the heaviness of the unit, the inability to supply the sustainable energy and the higher cost involved deterred the people to go for it. The storage unit and the batteries used are the prime factors in determining the efficiency of the solar generators. Now lithium phosphate batteries replaced the heavier old batteries and come as the right solution to many difficulties faced earlier. When compared to the polluting gas generator, it is the solar generator best suitable for individual’s needs. It produces no sound, doesn’t emit any poisonous gas and is portable to many places. The solar energy system comes a long way from its earlier shortcomings and is the viable alternative now. The good news is, a steady growth of its usage worldwide has been predicted.

The Factors You Could Rely On

  • The widely used lithium phosphate battery is the answer for the earlier shortcomings. Now, it is very less in weight for its capacity.
  • Portable and is useful for your outdoor camping. It makes no loud noise as the gas generators do and it ensures enjoyable outings.
  • Capable of giving electricity for all your appliances and when you use it with correct calculations, you could avoid unexpected troubles.
  • The cost becomes very less when compared with the earlier prices. To start with, the installation itself took two days earlier, which needs few hours only now.
  • Cost per unit becomes very less in the long run when compared to the electricity charges you pay today.