Day: November 10, 2017

Celebrate your dear ones birthday event with mesmerizing cakes

Generally, the number of people are fond of cakes. They love to have cake on every special occasion. Cakes are typically a type of sweet dessert that is baked in microwave or oven. The cake is made normally with the combination of some ingredients which include flour, vegetable oil, granulated sugar, egg whites, baking soda, vanilla extract and some sweeteners. Usually, cakes are decorated highly with luscious frostings, toppings, and icings. Cakes are made normally with many different flavors. People can buy any of the special cake to celebrate special occasion or events. In kota, cakes are very highly offered in varieties. If you want to order the cake to delight your loved and dear ones. Order cake in kota, kota bakers will surely provide you the fresh and luscious cake at best price.

Here is the variety of luscious and appetizing cakes offered by kota cake stores are as follows-

  • Yummy scrummy pineapple cake

Pineapple cake is very high in demand. It is made with pineapple fruit and other ingredients of cakes as well. This cake is often served ibygrand parties. Yummilicious pineapple cake delights and excites most of the people. This amazing cake is highly available at kota cake stores. If you want to order pineapple cake. Consult kota bakers for this appetizing cake. They will surely provide you the best variety of pineapple. Hurry up and order pineapple cake in kota and make your loved one’s day very delightful as well as wonderful.

  • Beautiful and delicious chocolate truffle cake

Very beautiful and delicious chocolate truffle cakes highly please people with its taste. It is a type of yummy chocolate cake. People generally buy this beautiful and most amazing chocolate truffle cake to celebrate birthday parties. One can make loved ones feel special with this cake. If you want to order chocolate truffle cake, order from kota bakers. They provide the fresh cake and on time delivery service. This cake will surely help you to surprise someone vary greatly and wonderfully.

  • Amazing and attractive black currant cake

Very attractive and appetizing black currant cake attracts most of the people. People usually can’t resist themselves by tasting the most appetizing and gorgeous black currant cake. This cake is typically ordered to greatly surprise someone on the special events. You can order this luscious black currant cake from kota bakers. They will provide you convenient services at nominal prices.

All these cakes are extremely yummiest and mesmerizing. People can order their choice of cake any time. Our store provide 24/7 delivery service. If you are wondering to order the special cake.  Send us the details of cake which you want to order and get the cake in time and at specified location as well. And in case you find any damage and fungus in the cake after delivery, return the cake back to the bakers and get the new fresh cake immediately.

Dairy cooperative society management for more efficient functionality

The milk producers or villagers can form dairy cooperative societies for financial growth and improving efficiency. The dairy cooperative society has managerial and operational functions. Dairies play an important part in the nutrisystem. These functions of the cooperative society are explained as following.

Managerial functions:

A minimum group of ten members can form a dairy cooperative society with the support of milk union. The milk producers have to buy minimum one share and to pay the entrance fee in order to become a member of the dairy cooperative society. The society is operated by the managing committee elected by the society members. The managing committee appoints the paid staff for running day to day affairs of the society. The size of the staff depends upon the business of the society.

The chairman and managing committee work according to the bye-laws. The policies of the society are decided by the managing committee. The managing committee holds the monthly meetings to discuss various issues relating milk production, sale, storage etc.

Operational functions:

Operational functions of the society involve various processes like milk collection, milk testing, milk storage, dispatch of milk, taking inputs etc. The milk is collected in the milk collection centre of the society. Once the milk is collected at the centre there is testing of the samples and the data recorded in the register. The records are complied after the testing. A composite sample is drawn from the total quantity of the milk and is tested for fat and lactometer readings according to the “nutrisystem”. All the readings are noted in the test register. All the equipments used for milk collection and milk testing are cleaned thoroughly with warm water. Dispatch of the milk involves loading the cans in the milk vehicle and transporting to the milk union. The price of the milk is decided by the milk union. A price chart is provided by the milk union to the societies according to the quantity and quality of the milk. Societies can pay the members daily/weekly according to the policies of the managing committee.

In the society there is a set of standard registers. Some registers have to be completed daily and some have to be completed according to the transactions. The chairman and the secretary counter signed the records. The volume of the business and financial sanding of the society is reflected by the recorded data in the registers. The transactions are audited by a local person appointed by the society. The society prepares the monthly accounts statement for the managing committee.