Day: January 24, 2018

5 Ways to Keeping In touch With Loved Ones Abroad

Travelling out of the country where we have our love ones where has not always been easy for as some people. They find it so difficult and will always want to be in touch with their family back home. However, globalization has made life so easy for us all, it makes it so simple for one to be with his/her family all the time.

There are pockets of inexpensive ways out there to keep in touch with your family at home while working or studying abroad. Some of which are:

  1. Investing In Phone Cards

You can ensure a steady connection with your loved ones at home by investing in phone cards. This is quite different from direct calling in that it is relatively cheap; direct calling is not cool but the international tariffs governing such calls are not good of a deal because if the country’s tariffs to which you are calling is high, you may have to sweat such move with time. You just want to try it phone cards out for the first time? Here to a how guide how to.

  1. The Use of Video Calls

In the truest form of words, the famous and inexpensive way to keep in touch with loved ones abroad is through video calls or conferencing using Skype. Skype is a free and easy-to-use tool from computer to another computer. Though, the app can be a little bit slow sometimes when many people are using in at the same moment as you.

Many people living abroad are now aware of Skype most especially those studying and are really relishing the wonders of the app. To ensure a secured connection, getting a VPN for Skype would not be a bad idea and will surely avail you with such intimacy you so crave for regardless of your probably 5 seas away.

  1. The Use of International Newspapers and Broadcasts

To feel out of the loop is not an uncommon thing while living abroad sometimes, you feel disconnected from the life you used to live back home especially when you have stayed more than a year abroad. You really need to start reading the international news and you also need to take time out listening to online broadcasts. These will avail you the opportunity of knowing virtually everything that is going on presently at home and when next you place a call through to your loved ones, you will not be a complete stranger to the present realities back home. You can always watch such international broadcasts online to get the news update.

  1. The Use of Facebook

The wonders of this moment in time when talking about technology have taken a new dawn, Facebook? I bet you as many as you can ever think of, as aged as you can ever think of, as you young as you can ever think of, know about this work of Mark. Being the world’s fastest-growing media networking website, it connects people easily and almost immediately wherever you may be around the globe. You can of course learn how to open an account here.

  1. The Use of Viber

Viber is another interesting app you can always rely on abroad when keeping in touch with your loved ones. It is easier to use, you call place as many free calls as you want and at the same time send free texts to your loved ones on the other end of the line. Wondering how to? Worry no more as ways to go about this are quite simple.