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Investing has never been so cheap and easy with discount stock brokers

There are numerous stock brokers in India waiting for the investors to invest their stocks and shares in the market. Firstly, you have to understand there are different terms and conditions for an investor and a trader. So you have to clarify if you are an investor or a trader. Before we go to the in-depth discussion, we should understand what stockbrokers are and how they can help us.

Know about Stockbrokers

In a competitive market like this having an extra income is essential. Extra income will help you to maintain a healthy and financially stable lifestyle.  Nowadays where every product is becoming expensive, it has become mandatory to have an extra source of income. Stockbrokers are a person or a firm who help traders and investors to invest in various markets and charges commission and fess against it.  The markets include mutual funds, shares, bonds, etc. As we already know there are various stockbrokers emerging in India due to the increased demand and rapid development. It has become very important to choose the right one for yourself to get the maximum profit out of it. There are some things to consider before investing on a stockbroker like:

  • The commission, brokerage/charges
  • Customer service support
  • Exposure
  • Customer base
  • Trading platforms

Learn more about Discount stock brokers:

There are many discount stock brokers available in the market. So what is the key difference between a stockbroker and a discount stock broker? Well, generally they all are same but fundamentally discount stock broker are online stock brokers who offer cheap and affordable brokerage plans to investors and traders. Discount brokers also propose brokerage services directly related to commodity trading and shares. Discount brokers are also recognized as a budget broker or flat fee brokers. The first discount broker came into existence in the year 2010 in India. After that lots of investors and traders left the traditional brokers and started investing in Best stock brokers in India.

 There are thousands of investors who are investing in discount brokers. With the time, the demand increased enormously. Now there are many discount stock brokers in India operating across various fields of share and the stock market. There are reasons why it became so popular quickly. The discount stock brokers offer 60% to 80% cheaper commission or brokerage than the old-style stockbrokers. Discount brokers also offer free trading terminals for every customer. These brokers are well recognized and popular brokers in India. After the Discount brokers came in the market, many traditional brokers also set their business strategy and plan just like the discount brokers. They adopted the strategy to get more clients and attract far more investors to invest in the market. Now with the help of technology, we have the facility to operate our investment through online process. There are many discount online stock broker in India who help us to covert our physical stocks into electronic form in a cheap brokerage charge or commission.

Difference between PMS and mutual funds

A lot has been discussed and told about the mutual funds, but a very few of us know about PMS and for whom they are meant for. In this article, we will study the difference between the portfolio management services and mutual funds. But before that, let’s dive into the details of what they actually are.

Portfolio Management Services and Mutual Funds, both are the schemes that let the investors invest in the stocks or bonds. Even though both are the indirect methods of getting exposure to the stock market, there is a stark contrast between the two.

 PMS- It is a kind of wealth management service that is managed by the experts, which offers specialised advice on how to manage the investment. There are two kinds of PMS services available in the market

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management Services – In discretionary PMS services, the portfolio manager individually manages the funds of the clients depending upon his professional skills.
  • Non-Discretionary PMS- The portfolio manages the fund according to the directions issued by the client. The portfolio manager can’t buy or sell the stocks as per his whims and wishes; he has to refer to the client to move ahead.

Mutual Fund– the mutual fund is a professionally managed investment scheme run by the asset management company that pools together the investment of different people and invest it in the money market instruments or equity schemes depending upon the investment objective.

Difference between portfolio management services and mutual funds

  • Transparency– Mutual funds are strictly regulated by the market watchdog SEBI, so these funds are transparent in nature and on the other hand, PMS are not very transparent in their disclosures.
  • To whom they are meant for– PMS is meant for the high net worth individuals because the minimum ticket investment that an investor needs to pool in is Rs 25 lakh, while the mutual fund can be started from as low as Rs 500.
  • Charges levied- As compared to mutual funds, PMS charges and fees are high. It charges at every stage, for example, the investor needs to pay an entry load when he enters into the PMS scheme and fund management charges to the providers depending upon the corpus invested, while mutual funds are subject to minimal charges which can be easily afforded by the investors.
  • Profit sharing– PMS schemes also have profit sharing agreements with the investor, wherein the fund manager charges a certain amount or fees on the returns generated by the fund. There is no such profit-sharing agreement in the mutual funds.
  • Different options for different investors– Mutual Funds offer several options depending upon the risk appetite of the investors. For example, an aggressive investor can invest in the equity-linked saving schemes, while a risk-averse customer can choose balanced or other less risky schemes. PMS investments are subject to more risk and volatility, and there are not many options available to the investor. Further, SEBI has introduced several restrictions on the mutual funds that guide the investor’s investments; however, the government hasn’t imposed any such caps on PMS.
  • EvaluationPortfolio Management Services portfolio is difficult to evaluate as the retail investor doesn’t have access to the data, while mutual funds are simple to understand and are transparent in nature.


Portfolio Management Services is still at a nascent stage in India and need to undergo various developmental changes to become eye-candy among the investors. Still, its immense growth will make sure that it comes at par with mutual funds in India.a


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          The game is most popular which is played by 27 million players who love to go with the games every day. There are also guys who are available at Riot Games and are busy in continuing to expand the franchise. This is the best game that can reflect the Warcraft, the world is also rich, portrayed with the fantasy and can be the best for the offering of the best gamers. The game is a perfect PC game and can be the best in terms of the free deals as well as the ease of start. This makes the game the most interesting and engaging.

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Select the best stock broker to enjoy huge profits

There are over 30,000 sub-brokers and 1,100 stock brokers registered with the SEBI across the country. Few brokerage firms are known to be quite old like that of the Bombay Stock Exchange. Majority of newcomers who do boast of using the latest technology and better equipped to help their clients. Hence, the search for the best broker who can help to guide making huge profits is really tough. The websites, blogs, business TV channels, financial magazines, and newspapers etc., are likely to have several names and advertisements. But one should not fall for those aggressive advertisements. It will be useful to contact a friend or family member who already knows a reliable stock broker and taking their guidance. Hence, selecting the best broker can help to reap in huge profits at the stock market.

Things to consider

The fact is that not every stockbroker is found to be suitable for each and every investor. Several things are to be taken into consideration when selecting the Discount Stock Brokers in India. A thorough check is to be conducted on the stock broker’s reputation in the market and their reliability factor. This is of utmost importance. Hence, the stock broker’s integrity, accessibility, honesty, past track record, etc. need to be checked. Also needs to be identified if the stockbroker is registered with the major Indian stock exchanges and the SEBI as well as if the company has been charged with any type of fraud or violation in the past.

These days, people have better access to smartphones, computers and high-speed net connection, which enables to avail useful information about the stock market and the brokers. This way, the person can compare the different services offered by the brokers and their customer satisfaction. It is necessary to keep in mind the different parameters such as the services and products offered by them, commissions charged, do they offer offline or online platforms to carry out trading and the like. It will be essential to find out if the brokers offer prompt assistance and guidance to select the top stocks in the market. Reviews written by others about the broking company can be of great help to know about them and their reliability. Taking all these aspects into consideration, the selection procedure can be narrowed down considerably.

Take the right decision

Selection of the broker should not be done with haste or the very first one that the person is coming across. Since hard earned money is involved, it will be extremely essential to make the correct decision to hire the very best stockbroker in the domain. They should also offer personalized services and put the minds of the traders and investors at ease with the correct and approximate tips, suggestions and guidance. In this manner, the trader can increase his profits manifolds and reduce his losses significantly and enjoy each and every trading session. A good and reputed broker will offer all types of assistance to help the clients to make well-informed decisions.

Things that customers expect from a customer service call

It is common to call customer service whenever you are not happy with aproduct or service. Most of the people feel to look for customer service numbers whenever they face issues using a business product or service. Not all customer services are efficient enough to handle customer queries. Often the customers are left unsatisfied leading to a massive business loss. Customer service is an integral part of every business.

Some experiences that I had!

Last week I called the customer service of a food delivery app. The customer service executive was courteous enough to greet me and listen to my problems. He apologized for the inconvenience caused and then listened to my problems carefully. He resolved the problem and made me happy with a perfect solution. The other day I called the grocery store online where my problems of orders missing were resolved in some time. But I had bad experiences too. The customer service calls related to my phone network has always been a disaster. The customer service teams never responded me on time and kept me waiting. Even when they turned up, they never came up with convincing solutions.

So, what does a customer expect from a customer service call? The following points below would help one to understand.

Customers want their expectations to be met: Customers always want a proper solution of the problem they come up with. When customers contact the customer care, they have certain expectations in mind. It can be anything like a possible solution or a certain level of customer care.

Customers prefer a quick response: There is possibly no customers who wants to keep on waiting for their calls to be answered. It is not a good impression on the business where a person is waiting to talk to a customer service executive.

Customers seek human approach: Most of the customers do not want a robot to talk to them. They seek human interference in a call rather than robots talking to them. With the advent of technology, robots have taken the place of human beings for interacting with customers. Customers seek for a human voice to interact with them, to understand their needs and come up with an effective solution.

Customers want quick solution: Even when people are done with the customer call it is very important for the business to resolve the issues quickly. So, the customer call agent must process the queries soon and come up with a possible solution. No customer wants to be on hold while their issues are not resolved.

Good customer service is all people want: It has always been seen customers talk about their negative experienceswhen compared to the good ones. Customers expect a certain level of respect from the customer agent failure to which can have a negative effect on the brand.

Customers prefer contact options: Customers always prefer a contact option to be open 24×7. Chatting online or email is still not that much preferred as consumers tend to talk to customer agents directly over call. Even if the technology evolves, customer service numbers are something consumers prefer.

Finding the right customer service number is sometimes hectic. If you are looking for customer service number or business phone number in UK, do not forget to check the website of CCSN (#Telephone101). Contact Customer Services Number helps you to get the right phone number in utilities, communication, travel, banking &Insurance and others.,

Selling your home or Home renovation: Things you need to know

After a certain number of years, many people are not happy with the homes they are residing in. While some go for renovation, others start looking for better property. When it comes to renovation, it can be a small renovation or revamping your house on a large scale. A survey on more than 2,000 Britishers revealed some interesting facts and numbers. Some of the survey results are as follows-

  • 61% of people have said that they would like to go for major changes in their home rather than going to a new one. While 41% have relocated between one and three times as an adult.
  • Again 59% of people have bought a home in the past and then 41% of people have sold a property in the past.
  • 58% of Britishers owner their home through mortgage or some other kind of shared ownership. Again 35% of the people identified location as the most important factor when choosing a home.

So, if you are not in love with your home anymore, you can shift your home or go for complete renovation of your home. Let us see the pros and cons of each.

The very first thing you must consider is whether you can change your home to make it look better. You need to understand if your home can be changed as per your needs. The factors will depend on how long you are staying in that home, the budget you have and whether you and your family are ready to sft to a new place.

Let your property be on sale:

If you feel that there is no scope of renovating your home, you need to move out. Sometimes, there is no other way out to change your home as per your needs. Your home may be small or maybe it is in the wrong location. So, the only thing that you can do is put your house for sale. At the same time, you need to start looking for new home. Once you can sell your property, you can utilize the money to get a new home.

But there are certain pros and cons of relocating.

Pros: You will go to a new place which may be much better than your existing home. The new house can be much better than your existing one. It may spacious and advantageous in terms of location. Also, the new home can help you get a much better job nearby.

Cons: Shifting home means you need take in a lot of hassle in moving all the furniture out. It is better to take the help of a good packers and movers to shift to the new place. Also moving out and relocating involves a lot of stress. It also involves going for a legal process for the ownership of your new home. Transferring the legal title is a hectic process. However renowned solicitors like Slater Gordon can help you out with the process.

Renovating your existing home

If you feel you can make changes in your existing home, then go for it. People are not always fine in coping with the stress and disruption, for them a minor refresh is good. Even though you are not ready for a full-scale renovation, a fresh coat of paint and some soft furnishings are more than enough. But if you are fine with major renovation, you can always change the room configuration. A renovation project can fit your needs and increase the resale value of the home. By adding extra double bedroom, extra bathroom, open living space, you can always make changes in your home.

A major renovation can increase the home resale value and make your home look great. It gives a fresh look to your home. But you need to be very careful if you are planning to do the renovation work all by yourself. Do not handle electrical and gas related work alone. Plan your work carefully and don’t attempt to start the work if you feel that you do not have the skills to complete the work. Always wear uniform and sturdy shoes while you are doing the renovation work all by yourself.

Home renovation done carefully can always give a fresh look to your home. Do not forget to have a home insurance that can cover you in case of any kind of unfortunate incidents. Be it a home renovation or shifting to a new home, home needs to be the place of our cozy comfort.

What it takes to live a life of an on-screen celebrity

There is hardly any individual who does not love to watch movies. Everybody has their own favorite movie character with whom they relate themselves. Each individual wish to live a life of luxury like the celebrities. People are largely influenced by the glitz and glamour of the one screen actors and desire to live a life like them. We all are in deep awe with those glamorous on-screen characters who live life king size. The extravagant lifestyle attracts us a lot. It is more like a dream to step in their shoes and live a life like them.

James Bond, Bond Series

Most of us are deeply in love with the character James Bond. People have this never-ending admiration for this magnetic personality that has stolen our hearts forever. If you want to live a luxurious life like James Bond, brace yourselves for some big amount of money. Based on the recent movies, the total expenses are-

Aston Martin DB9 is something we all dream of. This posh stylish car driven by the intelligent spy is not for sale. But the DBg GT Bond edition is available to the public for €231,000 (£196,000). Apart from a lavish car, high end gadgets aresomething we all wish to own. Bond’s OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch is worth over €5,424(£4,600) while theXperia Z5 smartphone costs €766((£650). The next thing about this character that we like is the Chelsea apartment. If you wish to live in the area where Bond lives, you can expect to pay €828,715((£700,000)

Marty McFly from Back to the Future

Another on screen character that we all admire and dream of the science fiction: Back to the Future protagonist Marty McFly. One of the most loved sagas in modern cinema, we wish to own the car cum time machine known as DeLorean. While Marty McFly wanted to travel in time to different years like 1955, 2015 and 1855, survey says that people wants to travel to medieval times, 60s and 90s. If you want to purchase DeLorean DMC-12 is €51, 877((£44,000) and a brand-new model cost€82,533((£70,000).

The Great Gatsby

Another character we love a lot is Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. The charming on-screen character is loved by all. We all are awestruck with the lavish lifestyle of Jay Gatsby. The Gatsby mansion in the 40 acres of land is like heaven on earth. Surrounded by private beach and swimming pool, the mansion costs €91,137,492((£77,298,271). The flamboyant personality of Gatsby is perfectly complimented by yellow Rolls Royce which costs €169,781((£144,000). Lavish parties are an integral part of Gatsby’s life. Featuring food, band, party tents, lights, dance floor the parties would need you to spend €300,654((£255,00) per year.

So, if you are looking for money to live a luxurious lifestyle, then one of the reliable option is Chill Money. A personal loan or a credit card can always help you to get the desired amount of money and live life luxuriously. Without the hassle of completing piles of paperwork, you can always get a loan easily. So now when you have an idea of what it takes to step into the shoes of on screen character, you can live that glamourous life by taking a personal loan or a credit card.

Most Exclusive list of best Online Mobile & DTH Recharge Applications

Internet has been responsible for easing down our lives in the most satisfying way possible. You can use online means to do shopping, pay bills, do recharges, book buses and trains, etc. There are many smartphone apps to do all this.

Some of the most convenient and popular apps that will help you do mobile, data card and DTH recharge are Paytm, Freecharge, MobiKwik, Rechargeitnow, PhonePe, etc.

Let us dive deep into these apps and understand their idiosyncrasies-

Best apps for mobile & DTH Recharge-


  • It is a standout amongst the most well known applications that will enable you to do payments with loads of offers
  • This one is additionally very quick in finishing its administrations and you can utilize it without confronting any issue. Picking this one to do online payments would likewise enable you to get some first class rebate offers and coupons
  • For getting best offers, you ought to regularly utilize it. This will enable you to get customized coupons for different online and offline stores


  • This one incorporates around 20 million enlisted clients and 7 million smartphone downloads
  • It has turned out to be one of the effective Digital Payment Applications in India that is known for offering the absolute most productive Coupons and Cashback offers that will enable you to do your mobile and DTH recharge in the most advantageous way conceivable
  • Best coupons are available for new users or frequent users


  • An exceptionally mainstream payment application that will enable you to do a wide range of payments without any difficulty and with absolute effortlessness
  • The entire procedure gives you a chance to do quick and bother free installments. Anybody can pick it to do mobile and DTH recharges
  • Utilizing it very simple and just by installing it, giving your ID and recharge amount, you can pay your bills in the easiest possible manner


  • It is advisable for you pick this one if you are in search of an app that can ease down all kinds of phone and DTH recharges in a personalized manner
  • Rechargeitnow will lighten your recharge proceedings in a customized way. Users can without much of a stretch download its Android and an iOS application from Play store
  • This one will offer you some amazing rebates and discount offers


  • A standout amongst the most advantageous applications to do Mobile and DTH recharge
  • The entire procedure is very simple and you just need to enter your ID and pick your network provider. At that point you ought to provide the payable amount and preferred mode of payment that will complete your transactions
  • PhonePe will effortlessly do your all kinds of payments inside a moment. iOS and Android clients can without much of a stretch download it from play store

Hence, from this list, you can choose the one app that fits well with your specific needs. They will help you do all kinds of payments, plus, will also help you with custom-fit coupons and Cashback offers. For any issue, contacting their support staff is also quite easy and you can contact them whenever you feel the need to do so.

Different Types of Interest Rates Associated with Mortgage Loans

The vastness of the loan market is in inexplicable by mere words and the huge number of loan options with a wide range of features makes it truly confusing for most of the people to decide, the most suitable type of loan on the basis of his/her financial situation. Before you engage yourself in the research to find out the perfect loan, it is essential to understand some basic features which are always associated with any form of mortgage loan. In this article our subject is one of the most significant features of mortgage loan, and that is the rate of interest. For calculating your premiums, you can use mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance.

Fixed Rate Loan

The term fixed rate clearly implies that the rate of interest of this particular type of loan remains unchanged during the entire tenure of repayment or loan. For example, if you take a fixed rate loan at an interest rate of eight percent for tenure of twenty years, the rate of interest will remain same. That means eight percent will be interest amount of the entire course of your loan period. The fixed rate loan is not similar in every country. In some countries,  the rate of interest remains fixed for the initial few years of the tenure,  and this time frame varies from bank to bank and from one country to another.  Actually, the government of a nation decides the financial policies and the financial organizations of that nation comply accordingly.

Floating Rate Loan

The name of this particular type of loan is clear to understand that in this case the rate of interest is not fixed.  This type of loan is also known as “Variable” or “Adjustable Rate Loan”. The value of the rate of interest of this loan type keeps on varying or getting adjusted according to the financial conditions of the market due to the performance of the economy of the country in domestic and in international level. To check repayment premium value anytime, users can choose to use mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance. Generally, the value of the rate of interest in the initial years of the tenure of floating rate loan reveals low value.

The Top 5 Profits of Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microbladingnyc has converted the hottest long-lasting makeup style among women who live out there in the world. It could be measured as one of the safe plus effective approaches accessible for the females to make their eyebrows appearance full.

  1. This can aid you save time in the dawn

If you expend a lot of time in the dawns to get prepared, you can consider about going for microblading. It could cut down the preparation time through a noteworthy amount. Maximum of the females are tired of this ceremonial procedure that they would have to go over every single day so as to make them smart to the world

  1. It could deliver a natural seeing eyebrow

Brow microblading is influential sufficient to deliver natural seeing eyebrows for the persons. This can be measured as the main cause why this method is commended for persons who are suffering from hair loss otherwise skin diseases for example alopecia.

  1. It does not smear off otherwise smudge

Eyebrow Microblading nyc method has the aptitude to implant colors to the first three coatings of your skin. So, you don’t must to think around addition any makeup. This will give you the chance to take part in a diversity of physical doings, in its place of concerning about the method you look.

  1. The microblading meeting would merely take around 2 hours

You do not requisite to go over any annoyance so as to get brow microblading done. It would just take around 2 hours for you to go over the whole procedure. This would offer you with the aptitude to stop concerning about your brows for the next one toward two years.

  1. It is a simple procedure plus can last longer

The process that you would have to go over so as to get brow microblading is virtually trouble-free. Maximum of our customers would say the discomfort level is 1 to 2 out of 10. You may see that tattoos go from black color toward green color alongside with time. Though, you do not need to concern about anything since such a thing would not ever occur to your microblading