Day: June 3, 2018

Everything you need to know about armored cars

Well as the topic name is suggesting armored cars are those type of vehicles which are mostly used by either the law enforcement agencies or by army personnel. According to the formal definition armored or armed vehicles are mostly used for combat purposes. Most of the time a track will be attached instead of wheels. A gun will be mounted at the top of the vehicle for extra protection. Such vehicles are bullet proof and mostly used for insurgency purposes. Though all our readers might have seen such at movies,but in this Artefact we are going to talk briefly about it’s intricate design and extravagant usage.


Well according to a layman it might appear that such type of war tanks might have no categories at all. But if we check specifically there are two main types of armored vehicles. First type is generally used for civil protection purposes. Mostly at European countries as well as at some of the Asian countries the sheriffs generally use such type of tanks to check on the population, civil law, emergency issues like premises on fire or the environment. These are not extravagantly designed though and can be priced around $175,000-$300,000. The maintenance as well as production of civil armored cars are mostly easy rather than the one extensively used by the army personnel. This type of armed vehicles are known as surplus military mine resistant armored vehicles. As the name is suggesting this specific type is used for battle purposes, hence the production and maintenance is quite delicate and precious in nature. The costing will be minimum and around $500,000 and can be as high as one can imagine. In terms of the pricing point of view obviously the military surplus one is more expensive due to its fine detailing.

Armored cars for sale

Firstly these cars are made on special orders. Hence one need to pass through quite some steps in order to purchase such. But there are some websites present who provide personified armored cars for sale at a cheaper cost. You need to provide you detailing along with the latest technology that needs to be used. Just type armored vehicles for sale and you will be able to find some of the websites accordingly.

Hope this article was helpful enough to gain some knowledge about this new technological evolution.