Day: June 10, 2018

Buying Guide of a complete home wireless sound system

Before getting into the features of a complete home wireless sound system, firstly is important to understand how the wireless transmission works. All wireless electronics devices or sound system always works via the following transmission systems; Radio Frequency, Bluetooth devices, and infrared Rays.

Radio Frequency

Among these 3 technologies, Radio Frequency has been in existences for the longer period of time and also widely used that than infrared and Bluetooth. On a complete home wireless sound system, RF can be plugged into the audio devices then it transmits out radio signal at a fixed frequency to speakers which eventually produce a sound.


Bluetooth is the newest invented technology which works by the establishment of remote connection within two of the enabled Bluetooth devices, which is then used to transmit data. Bluetooth technology is commonly used in phones, sound system and computers.

Complete home wireless Sound system


Probably this is the least commonly used technology. It also operates on a similar principle as the TV remote by a certain spectrum of receiving and sending data. That is the reason you cannot operate the remote without pointing toward the electronic system.

Wireless Speaker Transmission System

Most wireless transmission speakers operate on Radio Frequency which is universal wireless transmitter plugged into the speaker set up. It is an efficient latest technology that has to substitute the complications of wirings. Hence you can set up your home theatre without a hassle or install the outside sound system without series of wires running here and there.

Typically, a wireless speaker has a maximum range of 100 feet, with a minimum of two audio channels and six to eight wireless channels. To reduce disturbance caused by one Radio Frequency channel, just switch to one channel. Also should make sure that the power supply is sufficient on the transmitter.

The examples of wireless speaker transmitters that operate effectively with a setup of different speakers include JBL, Samsung, Sony and much more. The following are some recommended speakers receivers:

Sony, Samsung, JBL, etc. all make wireless speaker receivers that work seamlessly with different speaker setups. Here is one of therecommended wireless speaker transmitter models:

JBL Cinema 610

JBL-Cinema 610 brings home theatre into life. It enables the user to turn the flat TV panel into the complete home wireless Sound system. JBL-Cinema 610 can easily connect to any audio or video transmitter to deliver a box office that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

JBL pure bliss offers the eight bass reflexes 60W power subwoofer with five identical matched voice satellite speakers as well as committed middle speaker that ensures the user receives a flawless sound production and ideal dialogue sources such as movie or music.