Day: June 14, 2018

Tips to Make Up With Your Girlfriend After A Fight

“You are such a mean! I don’t want to talk to you ever again and don’t try to contact me again”- door slams and with that, you are just out of the door.

If you have ever been in a relationship, then you have to face this kind of situation at least once for sure. When the arguments have been still going on and screaming hard words hurled at each other; you have just found yourself sitting on the couch and thinking “how do I make this right?”

The actual truth is that there’s no way to have a picture-perfect or fight-free relationship. There will always be some kind of conflicts between a couple, no matter how much compatible they are. When we are in a relationship, we love, we fight, we reconcile and start loving each other even more. That’s what we do. Now the chapter of reconciliation or getting back together is the most challenging part. It’s a long and tedious procedure and being controlled by anger and feeling a flurry of emotion, a fight never helps. You are hurt and so is your better half. Now this article comes up with some excellent tips that can actually help both of you to break the ice between.

  1. Press The Pause Button:

In this fighting stage, you both tend to go into the irrational stage where anger ad pride are paramount and there’s no space for the good old logical reasons. We just lose site of what’s important. The first thing you should do is take a proper breath so that it can help you to calm yourself down Just get the ugliness out of your mind. Not all fights can be settled down with just one sitting and when especially you both are red with anger and spitting fire. Take some time to vent out that anger and give your better half that much of time to do same.

  1. Talk It Out:

It might seem like a start the conversation once the flames have cooled down a bit. There are lots of complaints and sentiments that need to be addressed in a proper manner. Sit down, talk to her nicely and let her vent. She will definitely feel much better after burning out all the anger and your understanding and caring approach will make her feel nice.

  1. Let’s Admit Your Faults:

It always takes two to have an argument and you need to understand the fact that you equally contributed to things getting out of your hand. Admitting to her that you were wrong is not only the right things to do but at the same time it also get you on the right track of patching things up. She needs to know that she is not to blame for killing the peace in your relationship. Knowing that from your side will really help to make her feel relieved  and she just might accept that she was wrong in some ways, too!

  1. Time For Some Gifts:

It might sound a little shallow but name a girl who doesn’t love gifts. No matter in what mood your loved one is in, a thoughtful gift is always more than welcome. Bring her a combo of I am sorry gifts that include a nice bouquet of flowers, “I am Sorry” card and an “I am sorry” themed designer cake. There are lots of online bakeries that offer designer cakes to choose for this particular situation.

  1. Hugs are free:

Nothing says “I am sorry” better than a nice and heart warming hug. The person being hugged feels protected and loved. A simple hug can make her feel that you still her in a same way that you used to do before. Knock her door and hug her immediately once she opens the door.

Now, you might have gotten some excellent ideas to bury the hatchet between you and her.