Day: June 16, 2018

Street View: A Great Navigation App

People who love travelling always tend to visit unknown and new places. They always tend to discover new places for people to visit and share their experience with great excitement. When you visit any unknown place you take help of Google map to reach desired destination. Here you can go for new navigation all street view which comes with so many advance features. This is a website that enables you to find any street or destination. With the help of Street View app you can make your travelling experience more exciting.

Street View a Mapping Website

Street view is a new mapping website with advanced features than Google map. Street View allows you to save your present location and by adding destination you can easily catch your way. GPS tracking is the boon of advance technology which lessens the mess of finding unknown places. Street view is more convenient mapping app that gives ease to business holders to reach their client’s place. Street view gives peace of mind to teenage travellers and their parents too. A person never feels lost at ant new place if he is navigating with Street view.

Features of Street View Mapping App

Street view gives 3D graphic interface between user and device so that user can catch their vehicle’s exact location. GPS tracking has revolutionised the world with the help of internet, cellular data and microprocessor advancement. The best feature of Street view is zooming feature which allow dragging the destination location clearly which you see in blue blinking light. Street View is amazing Google Mapping facility that helps people to reach the destination in few minutes.

Street View as Google Instant View

Street view is a mapping app which offers to navigate any direction and location of the world. You can zoom it to have a clear view of the whole street and locate your vehicle as well. You can save address of desired location and street view saves your information till you reach there.

Kinds of Street View Maps

Street view maps cover both kinds of mapping satellite map and Terrain map. You can drag in out or even closely to locate any building. Street view maps allow you to watch every inch detail of your desired place which you can’t afford to see with naked eyes. Searching your destination with street view is actually fun because it is fast and easy to manipulate. The graphics shown on your screen is discovered by cameras which covers 360 degree. These cameras tell the turning points and pass by vehicles also.

Street View Blurs the Desired Location to Keep Privacy

Street view is completely safe mapping facility. If you don’t want your home or building to be shown on map they are shown as blur graphics. Street viewGoogle Earth had thrown the graphics of fleet of vehicle and WI-FI signals. Google searches every possible wireless source of information to locate on maps. Google gathers your name, password and emails for more security issues. Once you submit your location Google frequently notifies you about your nearby traffic.

If you use free Wi-Fi signals of Google mapping you are actually sharing your doing details with other users. You can say gathering personal data may a flaw of Google mapping yet it is necessary from the safety point of view.