Organise the family: One mobile plan for all

How do you get the entire family to agree to one thing? With the Airtel postpaid family plan, they will need no persuading to get on board.

There’s one thing you are certain of – you love your family! But sometimes they really drive you crazy. There are endless arguments over some silly points, but complete agreement over something totally contrarian. Sometimes you just can’t figure them out. Just when you feel that something you are about to suggest will meet with complete agreement on all sides, somebody comes up with an opposing view. Or just when you feel that something is going to end up in an argument, everybody is miraculously on the same side of the debate!

But if there’s one thing your family will be in complete agreement over, it’s the Airtel family plan.

The Airtel family offer to get on board with

You pay the entire family’s phone bills. This means multiple bills, with different billing cycles and different bill due dates. You try your best to keep on top of all the bill dates but you might forget when you’re preoccupied with other things. So, the respective family member may have to incur a late payment fee, and if you still forget after the grace period, their connection might get disconnected.

Why put yourself through the monthly cycle of keeping track of separate phone bills, when one Airtel family offer or family plan can literally help you keep it all together? The Airtel family plan is a postpaid family offer that considerably simplifies your task of paying phone bills. All you have to do is add each family member’s Airtel number to the plan, and voila! From then on, you get just one bill and make just one single payment!

This is how it works

  • All members of the family must have Airtel numbers to be covered under this postpaid family offer.
  • When all members are covered under one family plan, the account management and bill payment becomes really simple.
  • Just add each family member’s Airtel phone number to the plan as indicated on the myAirtel app or the Airtel website.
  • After adding the numbers, Airtel sends a verification SMS to each number. Ask each member to verify the SMS as directed. Once verified, the family member is added to the plan and it becomes active.
  • Apart from the obvious advantage of paying just one bill for all, you also get savings of up to 20% on the entire plan. Besides, all participating family members can share the Internet data, while you get to set limits on each person’s usage and track respective consumption as well.

So why wait to get this excellent Airtel family offer? It’s an offer neither you nor your family can refuse!

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