Day: September 3, 2018

A Live-in Carer Job – Would It Suit Me?

In England there is an ageing population and current figures suggest that by the year 2045 there will be 25 per cent of the population aged 65 or more. As a result, there are increasing numbers of people requiring care, which means there are plenty of job opportunities within the care industry in live-in care jobs. If you think you might be interested in a job in care, there are a variety of options to choose from, but you should first check that thecaring profession is the right career for you.

If you are not sure whetherlive-in care might be the best carer job for you, consider these five factors:

Would you be happy caring for just one person?

For some people, being able to give all their time and attention to just one person would be a perfectsituation. For others, however, they would prefer being able to care for a number of different people in a care home environment. In a live-in care role you care for one person 24/7 for an extended period of time – of course, with time to sleep and take a break of a holiday away. But, some carers like the social aspect of a care home where there are other carers around.

Would you be willing to provide a range of services?

Live-in care jobs in the UK usually require the carer to do more tasks that in a typical residential care home. They may need to help with hobbies, driving their client so they can meet up with friends, go to hospital appointments and even go away for a few days to visit family. There will also be the regular tasks of cooking, cleaning and shopping and possibly even gardening.

Living 24/7 with your client

Live-in care is usually one of the highest paid carer jobs within the care sector and you also have the costs of somewhere to live, heating, lighting and food all covered. In return the job is likely to taks a lot of energy and dedication.

Consider your physical fitness

Most jobs in the caring profession require a resonable level of physical fitness because you will be on the go for much of the day. This is no different with live-in care because even if you are not caring for your client every minute of the day you will be busy with tasks such as cleaning, washing, ironing and cooking. When you are helping your client directly you may have to help them up from their bed or chair so the role can require physical stamina.

Are you a naturally caring person?

It’s fairly obvious that a job in the caring profession needs people who are naturally caring, but a home care job requires a special relationship with the client unlike that it a care home. Of course, this is one of the many benefits of home care for both client and carer but it does take a certain sort of person to want to do this and be good at it. When you live with a person you will form a special client-carer relationship that is both professional but also genuinely caring.

If you are interested in a live-in care job in the UK and you think you have what it takes to do the job then it can be extremely rewarding because you will have the time to devote yourself to providing the best care for a person.

Working In Elderly Care – Did You Know You Can Live-In?

Discover the opportunities for living in as a carer including additional financial and emotional rewards, plus details of an extremely varied job role.

Working with the elderly is a job many people aspire to have because it is so rewarding. We are all destined to become older and infirm eventually, and for many people, being cared for by family just isn’t an option. When you need care, the most obvious and well known option to take is to move into a care home. This could be a care home with residential care, or a care home that is a nursing home which also offers nursing assistance as well. Working in that kind of environment in care home jobs does have rewards. You can enjoy providing care for the elderly, you can make sure they have all their physical needs met.

If you work in care, you may not realise that there is a much more rewarding type of care position, and that is live-in care or homecare services.

Live-in care works a bit like a personal assistant job, only it is mixed in with carer jobs as well. So a live-in carer could complete the following tasks:

    • Cooking whenever a client requests it, even late in the evening when a cheeky bacon sandwich and a movie is called for
    • Picking up prescriptions
    • Taking the client to hobby events like knitting clubs
  • Accompanying the client on holiday
  • Helping the client with personal tasks like cleaning and getting dressed
  • Administering medicine
  • Going for walks with the client
  • Taking the client’s pets to the vets
  • Caring for the client’s pets
  • Cleaning the property

The job of a live-in carer is unique to each job, so the clients needs are always at the heart of the job. In all situations what is expected of a carer is discussed at the very beginning so that both the client and the carer know what to expect.

Living In A Job Has Extra Rewards

Living in as a carer brings many extra rewards that make it a very desirable and attractive job prospect. One key reward is the fact that you can save a lot of money on your own home utilities, food and transport because you’re not home very much. You also make more money than you would in care home jobs because you work more hours and the job tends to be a higher hourly pay because it is more labour intensive and specialist. In terms of the job, you have a much higher job satisfaction because you get to spend a lot of time doing jobs you may have had to rush in a care home position. Plus, there are many extra jobs on top like helping with pets, driving to appointments and even sitting and watching TV with your client that make it a more varied position. Additionally, you get to make a strong connection with your client because you’re working with them and living with them at the same time.

Now you know that as a carer you have the option of living in, it might be a good time to consider a career step towards this incredibly rewarding side of care. With financial benefits, lots of variation in the job and a chance to make a strong bond with your client, homecare services could well be the type of care job you always dreamed of.