Day: October 23, 2018

Surprising grammar myths that you need to know

Grammar can be one of the hardest things to master. Not only is the English language characterized by contradictions, but many of the words in the English language are also illogical. Case in point; hamburgers do not actually contain ham while words such as overlook and oversee actually have different meanings even though they sound like they could mean the same thing.

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In school, you might have been taught many grammatical rules but did you know that many so-called grammar rules are actually wrong?To prevent you from muddling your essay writing with the wrong grammar, here are some surprising grammar myths that you need to know:

Sentences cannot be started with conjunctions

Most teachers instruct students that it is incorrect to start sentences with a conjunction. Examples of conjunctions include also, and, or, but and because. Conjunctions are used primarily for connecting words, sentences and clauses.

It is quite alright to start your sentences using a conjunction- especially if it is more of your stylistic preference. To be used correctly at the beginning of a sentence, you have to make sure that your thought is complete and not a fragment.

You should never end a sentence with a preposition

Although it is often discouraged, sometimes you cannot avoid ending a sentence with a preposition. There are several instances whereby attempting to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition can result in an incorrect sentence. Examples of sentences that end with preposition include: What are you looking at? Where are you coming from? Jamie had no one to play with.

You should not use passive voice

It is true that essays and writing, in general,tends to be stronger when passive sentences are active. However, passive choice can be a great alternative when it helps you make your point across more clearly. Passive voice is frequently used in scientific documents like whitepapers and reports while the active voice is featured frequently in everyday writing.

Splitting infinitives is incorrect

When you place an adverb between to and the corresponding verb, this is called splitting infinitives. Most professors discourage their students from splitting infinitives because this grammatical rule, although harmless, has been considered a stylistics error for long. There is no real grammatical justification for this because most grammatical rules today are outdated.

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Adverbs are words that end with ‘ly’

Although it is true that most adverbs end in ‘ly’, not all adverbs do. Adverbs are words that give more information about a verb. Adverbs give us more information regarding the when, why, how and where of verbs. An adverb becomes a word depending on the job it is doing in a sentence. As such, words like there, tomorrow, soon are words that do not end in ‘ly’ but when used in a sentence, they can still play the role of adverbs.