Day: November 14, 2018

WooCommerce- your solution to sell things online without any hassle. 

Selling and buying things online has become a common thing with the involvement of the internet with our lives in current situations. Online media serves as a convenient path to reach out to targeted audiences for brands, and similarly, customers prefer to spend less time looking for what they want which is taken care of by the internet.

WooCommerce is one such thing easing the pain faced by sellers online reaching out to their targeted audience for better marketing of their merchandise. WooCommerce performance can be a saviour for all the small-scale businesses as well.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plug-in for WordPress. People who are using WordPress can get access to this e-commerce plugin even the beginners can try this out.

To sell products or services you can do anything using WooCommerce. It is free, and anyone can download it for their purpose. People who are not interested in knowing to code or are not familiar with technological hassles much WooCommerce will work as their saviour.

Using WooCommerce, you can set up a fully functioning website and sell what you want to just linking that with your WordPress account without any necessity of learning to code.

How to get started with WordPress WooCommerce?

Start with hosting and get your domain name.

Hosting can be called as the place to store the information of your store or business, and domain name can be called as the name you want to give to your store. The name should end with “.com” so that on searching one can find out your store online.

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Install WordPress

Get the setup wizard for WordPress. Choose the default option selected and preinstall WordPress and proceed.

Choose your webpage design. Choose the woocommerce theme and submit it to get WordPress installed on your website.

Install WooCommerce WordPress Plug-in.

Go to Plug-in then search for the WooCommerce option. Click on the install now the option of WooCommerce plug-in and activate it. Next, you’ll be taken to the WooCommerce setup wizard. Choose the necessary settings and get done with the basics.

Choose your WooCommerce WordPress Theme-

Install the WooCommerce ready them for your site which will handle all your business related works like the opening of product images, checkout processes, etc. this is an essential part because it is partly responsible for attracting your customers and making the whole process of browsing easy for them. Also, you need to be conscious while selecting the theme so that everybody can access it through any device easily.

Once you are finished with the above processes, you get your full control over WooCommerce. Now you can choose your website theme, add products, payment gateways and add more extensions according to your convenience.

Online method of selling has become the most natural way of acquiring profit for businesses out there whether it is big or small. And things like WooCommerce performance or WordPress composers are making the whole process even smoother for everyone.