Day: November 25, 2018

League of legends characters and facts

League of legends is one of the most interesting battle games which is called “lol” in short. The character that is controlled by the player are called “champions”. It is another word used for denoting or representing the characters in the game. The champions get into teams from unknown places. As lol is a multi-player game, you can team up with your friends or you can form team with unknown friends to fight against the enemies. The ultimate goal of this game is to fight and break the nexus built by the enemies.

lol gold

The game starts with a level zero. In other words, the players will have no weapon or explosives to attack their enemies. The enemies also have the same level to defend and fight. As they level up, they will get stronger and earn more rewards. The rewards get in terms of weapons and energy. Once the game is lost everything you earned is lost. You will have to freshly start the game. The same rule implies to the enemy team. The enemies are controlled either by the computer bots or another team of players online. You can find this game on Gamestore. Just download the selected game, install and enjoy playing.

General term for the characters in the league of legends game is champion. But there are numerous characters with specific name that are popular among the lol community. Some popular names includeaatrox, alistar, lollipoppy, draven, galio, master yi, ramus, and much more. You can choose a specific character name, or you can choose a specific character to fight over. Also, you can join the league of legends community to play the game, talk about the game and to get new teams. There are numerous teams available inside the community. It will be interesting to call them play with you or to call them fight against you.So,if you wish to spend a splendid play time then lol can be the best choice. You could easily get rid of your boredom by playing the league of legends game.