5 Doable, Non-Expensive Ways to Store and Maintain Vintage, Luxurious Watches

Owning vintage watches that have been passed down from generations to generations in your family can be something of a great emotional, aesthetic value for the watch’s owner.

Now imagine taking out your vintage watch from the almirah one day only to see the metal belt turned golden rustic or even worse, broken. Imagine how devastating it can all turn out to be for you. Wouldn’t it?

Well. Sadly the horror-full imagination is the reality of a number of people who own a vintage luxurious watch but don’t store and maintain it properly only to face its sad downfall.

If you are one of those owners who have a vintage luxurious watch, this article is for you.

In this article, we are going to look at the different ways you can store and maintain your watch to ensure that it witnesses longevity in the world and stays with you for a long time in a working condition.

Without further delay, let us get to it. After all, every minute that you spend not doing anything about your vintage watch, you are bringing it one step closer to slight decay.


1. Get the Storage Right

Dust and Humidity are the two biggest enemies of watches and in case of vintage watches, they can prove to be the cause of decay and damage. The general rule of thumb when it comes to storing watches is to keep them away from dust and moisture and in a place where there is no direct light. Failure in doing either of the three things can lead to the watch getting a weird golden-brown tint which makes it lose its appeal for the owners.


2. Get the Watch Insured for Theft

 Usually, out of all the valuable things that you can own, watches turn out to be the one most easily stolen. Now, when we are talking about a vintage, priceless watch, you can only imagine the loss it would bring you. In order to prevent yourself from such a scenario, what we suggest is insuring the watch and filing a police complaint to submit to the insurance company as soon as some mishappening happens.


3. Regular Servicing

 Your watch, just like your car or any electrical equipment, is a machine. And like any other machine to function without problems, your watch needs constant servicing as well. So, what is necessary here is for you to find a good watch repair person who knows the tricks of the trade around the maintenance of a watch and then get in touch with them on a continuous basis.

Ignoring the importance of regular servicing, even when it is once in three to five years, can do big and permanent damage to your vintage watch.


4. Avoid Polishing as Much as Possible

More often than not, watch repair persons insist on polishing the watch to make it appear as new. But, when polishing does happen on a vintage watch, it appears a lot more artificial than its actual authentic self – something that not just make the watch lose its meaning in terms of the emotional value but might also bring down the monetary value down because of the unnecessary shine.

So, you should try and avoid polishing your vintage luxurious watch as much as possible.


5. Keep the Bracelet Intact as Far as Possible

 Bracelets are generally the first thing to lose its value because of constant wear and turns that happen when the watch is tied around the wrist. And in most cases than not, they are often the first element in the watch that is removed by the owners. And while it is completely fine to do so, what we recommend is keeping the bracelet stored, possibly in a satin cloth under zero dust, light, and moisture area to avoid any harm coming their way.

So, here were your 5 doable ways to store and maintain your watches in a way that they outlive generations to come and still operate in the bets of their capacity and when the time comes, help the owner out of a misfortune.

Do you know any other trick to maintain or store old vintage watches? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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Why Spend When You Can Rent? 5 Step Checklist To Find & Rent Your Dream Wedding Lehenga

For every bride, her wedding is the biggest and the most important day of her life. She has so many concerns like the makeup has to the best (read natural) or do I look fat? or what if the guests don’t like my lehenga? etc. She is literally the most stressed person in the entire wedding. But hey, weddings are supposed to be fun and not a source of stress.

Hence for such brides, we have got a great idea using which she can save a lot of money and grab a designer lehenga which she couldn’t buy due to money issues. Save money and a designer lehenga, sound impossible right? Well no! It is very much possible, all thanks to the concept of taking bridal wear on rent. You can now wear a lehenga by your favorite designer without shedding lacs of rupees. Just follow these 5 tips and look super-duper gorgeous on the wedding day!

  1. Start Your Search As Early As Possible: Usually the courtship period till the wedding date is around 4-5 months. We recommend you to prioritize the search for bridal lehenga. This will give you a more relaxed time to look at various options available, trying different designs as per your body type. Otherwise, in rush, you will not be able to explore properly and this will force you to settle for secondary options.
  1. Grab The Best & Leave The Rest: Now as you have taken a decision to wear a bridal lehenga for rent in Bangalore, we recommend choosing only the best. Look at the rental options of all the top-end designers like Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and much more. That’s the best part of choosing to wear rental couture, you do not have to compromise or settle for less appealing outfits only because of budget constraints.
  1. Only Tell Your Close Friends/ Family Members: Yes we know that in India, getting a bridal lehenga on rent is considered a little tacky. Although it is not anyone’s business what you wear or not wear at your own wedding, the Indian festivities are filled with poking-aunties (aka the jananies). The best way to tackle such a situation is by not telling anyone about the plan to get a rental dress except close family members or friends. But yeah, do ask them for a promise to not share this information with anyone.
  1. Fitting Is The Key: One major issue with the rental wear is regarding the lack of proper fittings. As these lehengas are for rental purposes, the size of the blouse, the length of the lehenga etc is in free size. Therefore it is very important for you to ensure that the tailor or owner of the shop customizes the lehenga fitting perfectly as per your measurement to the T.
  1. Schedule Trials: As we said above, proper fitting is the key to a gorgeous looking lehenga. Hence it is imperative for you to schedule at least 2 trials for the fitting. This will ensure that lehenga fits perfectly to your body structure. Trust us, nothing looks more horrible than ill-fitted bridal wear. After all, everyone’s eye will be on you.

We hope after going through the above tips, you are feeling more confident about your decision of opting for a lehenga on rent. Trust us, it will be one of your’s best decision and you’ll thank yourself for going down this route. But the next question is, where to find such shops in your city which provide wedding wear on rent?

Well no worries, we have an ultimate solution to this problem and its called Shaadidukaan.com. It is India’s leading online wedding market. Here you can find every possible wedding vendor online, from mehndi artist to dhol wala to DJ to wedding venue to wedding caterers. You name the services and each of it is available on the portal. Visit the website now, locate the shops giving designer bridal wear on rent and find your dream lehenga today!

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