At your service: Get your prepaid SIM at your doorstep

When food and shopping can be delivered to your doorstep, can SIM cards be far behind?

The digital age has brought the entire world closer. Whatever you need is now (literally) at your fingertips. If you’re hungry late at night, you can pick up your mobile phone and order dinner. If you have little time to go shopping before a party, you can order all you need – clothes, shoes, bag, jewellery, makeup, perfume – from your favourite shopping app in just a few minutes.

The point is, your smartphone enables you to order whatever you need without having to step out of your house. Doorstep delivery is possible for everything, from cereal to clothes. But have you ever ordered a SIM card online?

Now you can. Airtel prepaid SIM is now available for purchase online. And the SIM card is delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

Get your Airtel prepaid SIM delivered to your home

If you thought that groceries being delivered to your home within just an hour of placing the order was the last word in customer service, think again. Telecom brands like Airtel have now made it possible for customers to not just order prepaid SIM cards online, but to also have them home delivered!

It’s a revolutionary new concept in SIM card purchase and connectivity, and Airtel pulls out all the stops to ensure that the buying and usage process are extremely hassle-free for customers. Here’s how you can get your new Airtel prepaid SIM:

  • Access the Airtel web portal or smartphone app to check new packs in prepaid for Delhi.
  • There are currently two excellent packs: Rs 248 for 28 days and Rs 495 for 84 days. Both packs offer 1.4 GB daily data, unlimited calls and free access to Airtel TV Premium app.
  • Enable Airtel to contact you by giving out basic information on the form provided on the web page. Enter your details (Name, mobile number, address, pin code, locality, and whether you want a new phone number or wish to convert to Airtel prepaid) as directed.
  • Hit ‘Buy now’.
  • An Airtel customer care representative will contact you within an hour of receiving your request for a new number or Airtel prepaid SIM. They will discuss your requirement with you and suggest the best available pack for your area, based on your usage, data needs, etc.
  • Once selected, the prepaid SIM is sent to your residential address at a time convenient to you. Your KYC process is completed during this time, and a detailed application form with your latest photograph are also collected during the visit.
  • Once your information and address are verified, your Airtel prepaid SIM is activated and you can start using it.
  • Thereafter, you will receive an SMS alerting you about your pack validity and recharge date. You can recharge the pack at any time by paying online, or choosing a new pack from the myAirtel app if you need a new one.

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3 Things You Need to Consider When Booking a Hotel Online

For most of us, vacations don’t come around nearly often enough. When they do come, we naturally want to get as much out of them as possible. But pulling off the perfect vacation requires careful planning.

There are few things more defining of your vacation experience than the accommodation you choose. If you are planning on staying in a hotel, chances are you will look online to find out what your options are before you look at individual websites for a clearer picture.

Here are the most important things you need to consider when you’re looking to make a hotel booking online.

Your Priorities

We all have our own idea of what the perfect holiday is. You will find it much easier to find the ideal accommodation if you know what your priorities are. For some people this will be price, for others, it will be the location.

Before you begin your search, take the time to actually make a list of your most important requirements. The act of writing things down can often trigger other ideas in your head, by the end of it you may end up with a clearer idea of what you’re looking for.

Check the Amenities

There’s no reason why the modern traveler can’t have all of their electronic creature comforts with them when they travel. Wi-Fi is available throughout the world and 4G networks are increasing their coverage. If you are someone who needs reliable and fast internet wherever you go, make sure you look for this when considering hotels.

As you search, you may well come across examples of amenities that you hadn’t thought of but really like the sound of. For example, the Makati hotel near Glorietta features a luxury spa and restaurants that serve cuisines from around the world, among a host of other premium touches. If these inspire something in you, refine your search accordingly.

The Price

Prices for hotels will vary wildly. There is an endless array of factors that affect pricing, but now that services like Airbnb are becoming common and there are numerous accommodation options for travelers, there is something on offer at every price point.

Naturally, the more you are willing to spend on your hotel, the more luxurious the experience you will have. But there’s no reason you should pay extra for features that you don’t need or want. If you are going to be traveling on a budget, work out beforehand exactly how much money you are able to dedicate to it and avoid overspending.

If you want to have the best vacation possible, you will need to have the perfect accommodation. There are plenty of options for the modern traveler, but none are as consistent and reliable as hotels. The right hotel can make or break your whole trip so make sure that you search carefully. Customer reviews are easy to find these days and there are plenty of services like Trip Advisor to help you.

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