Day: May 4, 2019

The benefits of living and working as a GP in Perth

Do you dream of living and working somewhere that has plenty of sunshine, has an easy commute to work, perfect beaches and blue sea? Then Perth is the perfect place for this.

At Alecto, we can help find GP jobs in Perth for you and of course the fact it can deliver all the above could give you the life you have always dreamed of.

Shortage of GP jobs

Perth is a popular destination for those looking to relocate and work abroad and offers many benefits compared to those in Sydney or Melbourne. For one there are better GP jobs in Perth and it has a high number of locations that offer DWS exemption compared to many of the major cities. There is also a high shortage of GPs and no shortage of patients that need to be seen.

Perfect weather

Compared to many other Australian cities Perth has the highest number of days with sunshine (265 days per year). The summer can get pretty warm with the sea breeze a welcome relief, while it has never snowed in Perth so even winter is bearable. Not something you can say living in the UK!

Great access to Asia and Europe

Perth may seem far away but actually it isn’t when you look at it. If you have ever travelled to South East Asia, then the distance from the UK is very similar. You can also get much cheaper flights and there are now non-stop flights that operate between London and Perth and making it easier for trips to the UK, India and Asia. For GPs moving here from overseas who want to keep in touch with their family this can make communication much easier.

Liveable for all ages

If you are looking at GP jobs in Perth then of course there is a big decision to make with regards to relocating and taking your family with you. Perth is a great place though to bring your family was it has everything for all ages. It doesn’t matter what your age or interest is, there are activities and events to accommodate everyone.

Depending on where you may be based, Alecto will be able to advise you on what schools are nearby as well as what beaches, shopping centres and sporting facilities are close to where you will live.

There are plenty of GP jobs in Perth and with plenty of positives for the city, it would be a great place to live and work. Great career opportunities along with some great weather and places to go out, Perth is certainly an attractive place to come and live. It does continue to be a popular destination for those emigrating overseas and has also been popular for those looking to relocate from the interstate.

From start to finish Alecto can discuss with you the aspects of living in Perth including the high demand for GPs as well as the practices and their locations which can suit you and your family.