Day: September 27, 2019

How does animal breeding/reproduction work?

Animal breeding has the ability to make sure that farm animals are continuously improved, from one generation to another. In here, different animal traits would be measured and best animals would be used accordingly to proceed with breeding. This can provide livestock farmers to get the next generation of animals.

Before you go ahead with animal breeding, it is better if you can have a clear understanding on how the process works. This can help you to make informed decisions and keep the peace of mind at all times as well.

In order to produce suitable and highly productive animals, who can contribute towards the improvement of overall performance within subsequent generations, it is important to follow the right steps with animal breeding. This guide will provide you with a basic understanding on how animal breeding works.

Understanding the mating systems

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at the mating systems. Inside mating systems, you will be able to find two different types of animals, who can be used for the production of subsequent generations. They include natural mating and artificial insemination.

Natural mating is all about mating of animals through natural methods. On the other hand, you can find artificial insemination, which is done with artificial methods. In here, semen from male animals will be collected and they will be used to inseminate the female animals. In here, people who are engaged with the process look for the most outstanding males. In fact, obtaining semen from such males would provide enhanced results with mating. Semen obtained from the most outstanding makes will be used to mate a large number of females. Hence, it is possible to end up with a large number of performing and productive progenies at the end of the day.

Understanding the systems of breeding

Now you have a clear understanding about mating systems. While keeping that in mind, you should also get to know about the systems of breeding. In here, there are two main systems of breeding. They include:

Inbreedinganimal breeding

Inbreeding is the process of breeding related animals. In here, the related male animals and female animals would be used for breeding. With the inbreeding methodologies, a change within the mean of a treat can take place.

It has also been identified that the performance of inbred animals is lowering down the overall reproductive efficiency. In addition to that, it can create animals who have few disorders. Due to the same reason, inbreeding method is not used for livestock improvement. If you are engaged in the livestock industry, it is important for you to keep this in your mind.

However, inbreeding process can be used to ensure genetic uniformity of the lab stocks. In addition to that, it can be used to come up with stocks needed for crossing. You should also keep in mind that inbreeding process is generated unintentionally by restricting the populations to small quantities for breeding.

Inbreeding can further be divided into two categories. First category out of them is close breeding. This can be considered as the most intensive inbreeding category as well. That’s because animals are closely related to each other. This can be used in order to track back and come up with over one common ancestor.

The second type of inbreeding is known as line breeding. This is where animals who are distantly related from each other will be used for breeding. Then there is a high possibility to track back and locate a common ancestor.

Depending on the situation, most appropriate inbreeding technique out of these will be picked.


Breeding of out related animals is known as outbreeding. This is where out related male animals are used to breed female animals.

When you deep dive and take a look at outbreeding, you will also notice that it can be divided into two different categories. The first category of outbreeding is known as crossbreeding. Crossbreeding is the process where animals who come from two different breeds are mated. Animals who have superior traits from each category will be selected for breeding. The crossbred progeny will be called as heterosis or hybrid vigor.

The second type of outbreeding technique that you can find is grading up. Grading up is the process where breeding of animals who belong to two different breeds will be considered, when there are animals who belong to indigenous breeds. The animal breed with indigenous breed will be mated with a pure breed in order to end up with an improved breed. This breed would contain superior traits.

When it comes to grading up, the purebred sires will be continuously used in order to get the same breed with a grade herd. When it comes to the fifth generation, the graded animals will be able to reach the purebred levels.

Important tips to keep in mind with crossbreeding

Perth based Vet – Thepetpractice told our reporter that when working on crossbreeding, there are few important tips to keep in mind as well. In here, it is essential to keep good record of the breeding animals at all times. This will help people to make sure that they are using the best quality male animals and best quality female animals for breeding. This can contribute towards a better offspring.

It is also essential to have large breed dams. Then there is a high possibility to reduce the calving problems. In the meantime, you should understand that getting large breed dams will increase maintenance costs that you have to bear. Along with that, artificial insemination can also be practiced. That’s because it can help you to gain access to the better bulls.

When picking the right breeding technique, it is important to locate the best option, which can result in producing genetically superior animals at the end of the day. This can contribute a lot towards the success of breeding efforts.