Day: September 30, 2019

The Truth About Chronic Pain And Medical Cannabis

Pain is complicated as it is affected by many components – physical, mental and social factors. The ability to deal with pain has helped people survive for centuries. Pain is just an effect of something that is happening in your body. This is our body’s way to let us know that something is wrong. However, when the pain starts to subside, removing the initial cause becomes a not-so-important factor anymore. In a matter of time, the pain will come back again.

Chronic Pain And Medical Marijuana

Chronic pain can be due to a lot of reasons. It can also be associated with a number of disease processes. Recently, medical cannabis became one of the sources of relief for the pain. The use of cannabis for pain has existed way back since 2700 B.C.E. In modern times, research studies have been done regarding cannabis therapy as a treatment for chronic pain and it showed very promising results!

Medical cannabis has been proven to be an effective therapy for chronic pain. This can affect people’s perception of pain. It can mitigate inflammatory processes and showed effects on voltage-gated sodium channels in the nerves, similar to what lidocaine can do.

The ability of cannabis therapy to relieve chronic pain is because of the cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are found in two of the major systems in the body that are responsible for producing pain sensations. This is why the immune system, as well as the nervous systems, give cannabis the therapeutic relevance when it comes to chronic pain.

Medical Marijuana Card

Using Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

There is very limited research available regarding the use of specific marijuana strains for chronic pain and other symptoms. This is why strain-specific recommendations aren’t medically proven. There are three preferred marijuana plants – cannabis Indica, cannabis Sativa, and hybrids. Many people attest to the efficacy of Cannabis Indica when it comes to pain management. Issues like non-migraine headaches, neuropathy, joint pains, and spasticity are just some of the chronic pains that can be treated by Cannabis Indica. 

Easy Access To Medical Marijuana

It can be difficult to find medical marijuana nowadays. This is why many are looking for Medical Marijuana Card online to gain easy access to medical marijuana. According to new studies, more than 62% of people who are using medical marijuana are for treatments of chronic pain. This is why it is becoming more mainstream even though debates continue to arise.

Marijuana, Is It Better Than Opioids for Pain?

Medical marijuana offers a better alternative to addictive opioids. Researchers surveyed around 3,000 medical cannabis users and found that 30% of the participants used opioids within the last 6 months. 81% of the respondents agreed that marijuana was more effective when used alone instead of it being combined with opioids. In addition to that, 97% of the participants claim that they agree that they could decrease their opioid usage when they are taking medical cannabis.

There are several studies that report the benefits that you can get from marijuana for chronic pain. Some research suggests that it is as effective as opioids. All of the evidence indicates that medical marijuana can be beneficial for chronic pain relief.