5 Ways how you can prepare for LIC agent exam

Life Insurance Corporation or LIC is one of the largest insurance companies in India. So many candidates from all over the country opt for LIC agent exams every year. LIC exams are conducted by IRDA. Before you start preparing for IC 38 exam, you need to know that this exam consists of 50 questions for one marks each while the passing marks are 18. Besides, the total duration of the LIC agent exam is one hour, and the exam is computer-based.

To be eligible for the exam, the candidates need to be above 18 years of age. Along with these, the applicants need to pass the HSC exam from a recognised board to be eligible to apply for the exam. These exams are conducted every month so you need to contact your nearest LIC branch office for more details. You need to prepare well if you want to become a LIC agent. Hence, we are going to discuss the ways you can become a LIC agent. To fetch more information about LIC agent examination click here.

Here are the 5 ways how you can prepare for LIC agent

Focus on the exam outline

You can print out the LIC agent exam outlines to understand what materials you may need to prepare for each topic and how the topics are weighed on the exam. Besides, the outline explains how many questions are there in each section of the test. Thus, you will know which part of the question you can prepare better and therefore improve your overall score.

Utilize mock tests

If you take the mock tests before the main exam, then you will know which areas need most of your attention. It is essential to take one mock test at least to experience the exam conditions. Also, you can be sure if you are able to complete the paper in time or not.

Remove distractions

You may need to set aside a good amount of time to prepare for the exams. Remove distractions like phone, TV, games and try to focus on studying as much as possible. Sometimes, taking short intervals from studying helps you to concentrate better. Avoiding multitasking is one of the most important things you should follow while you prepare for IC 38 exams.

Go for a prep course

It is always a good idea to apply for a prep course to have an overall idea about the exam. A prep course not only helps you to stay on track, but also the course will provide you with many mock tests and online tests, which will help you to be well-prepared. Once you take a prep course, your test papers will be checked, and you will be aware of your mistakes so that you do not repeat them in the main exam. It also increase your chances to get common questions.

Make an exam strategy

Making an exam strategy beforehand can prove to be beneficial. For instance, this exam does not have any negative marking so you can even guess the answers if you are not entirely sure. Because if the answer is wrong, then no marks will be deducted. You will also have plenty of time to read the questions thoroughly before answering. Try to complete your paper within 50 mins so that you can spare time to recheck your answers.

Along with this test, you also have to apply for a 100 hours training program in order to become a licensed LIC agent. If you want to crack LIC agent exams, then you can follow the points mentioned above to get better results.


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Buying Tracksuits on Internet and What to Know More?

A track pant is a most comfortable outfit – associated with sports and athletes. Actually, they make an important part of the sports kit. The athletes love to wear this when jogging and warming up. Jogger pants ผู้หญิง are known to keep us warm as well as prevent muscles from cramping (it is precisely one main reason why we make use of them before exercising).

fancy pants

How you must go about finding it online?

Buying this clothing piece on internet needs some degree of sagacity at your end. As, buying them on internet has actually become a rage today (owing to convenience attached), and it will be prudent to find how its interface works. Various manufacturers & suppliers may prefer designing the interfaces differently without even affecting the user experience. Some may categorize the products in different style. Thus, you need to be patient with you are searching for Adidas superstar track pant 2.0 on internet.

You must be prudent to read its product description before making your purchase. Which material is your product made of and what is the size and do they offer washing instructions and more? Notably, some pieces have hoodies whereas others don’t offer. This particular sportswear normally has similar hued top & lower halves. The athlete – regardless of particular sport that he hails from- football, tennis, wrestling, cricket, hockey and rugby or any sport-prefers to dawn the tracksuits when warming up before the matches and before the exercises.

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Understand the Purpose of Flame Arrestor

A flame arrestor is a tool or device that is being utilized to open and close connecting pipework in the process of enclosures that allows liquids, gasses, and other elements to pass through. It also prevents the transmission of a sudden flame surge to avoid a larger fire or worst, explosion.

In a process execution with combustible gasses, flame arrestors lend their hand to lessen the risk of an explosive event. When it is appropriately used, flame arrestors can avoid catastrophic and severe damage to the plant or industrial places, keeping all the workers, and the community safe from harm.

Any individuals who are involved in purchasing flame arrestors should be fully-knowledgeable and educated on how these devices should work. Also, they should be able to determine its rightful purpose, advantages to the performance, and its limitations.

In today’s article, you’ll learn to understand the fundamental purpose of flame arrestors.

flame arrestor

Reasons to Use Flame Arrestor

A flame arrestor is also known as a deflagration arrestor and a flame trap. Experts also identified it as the most dangerous device that can transport and store flammable and deadly gases and liquids. The flame arrestor is responsible for preventing any ignition that might possibly occur through the flammable vapor, which can result from firing and severe explosion.

When a flammable gas or vapor got mixed in the atmosphere, such as through oxygen or air, there’s a possibility of a massive explosion. Accidental ignition of the flammable liquid and gas can result in a flame that can travel through the unburnt substance of mixture until the fuel has been consumed.

In an enclosed and secured area, like a vessel or a pipe, for example, the drastic change in temperature can increase the chances of the combustion process, which can lead to an increasing volume of gas elements.

Thus, it will increase the pressure that will induce the risk of destructive effects, which can accelerate the explosion or flame surge. Failure to stop this flame can result in more extensive damage to the process, property, and loss of lives of the workers, which can cost millions of litigation expenses.

Types of Flame Generation: Deflagration

If any flammable substances have been mixed through the atmosphere that comes in contact with the ignition culprit, then a flame surge will rise. This flame can burn all the gas and vapor until:

  • The supply of the fuel is already consumed
  • The heat that is needed to keep the combustion is eliminated
  • The oxygen becomes too low or too high to enable a continuous burning.


If the flame front keeps on propagating at a particular speed against the speed of vapor – it is called deflagration.

This flame front can be classified into two categories:

  • Unconfined Deflagration: It occurs when there’s a flammable atmosphere present outside the vessel or process equipment. For instance, a ventilation or breathing space from a tank that stores gasoline may produce a flammable vapor or unconfined cloud, which can be a cause of the explosion. That’s why any ignition causes like static electrical discharge, lit cigarette, and lightning can ignite the vapor cloud that can result in a flame to enter the tank through the open space
  • Confined Deflagration: It occurs when there’s an ignition present in the flammable area inside a pipeline, vessel, or process equipment. It typically happens in the process of plant or industrial areas. For instance, a poisonous methane gas that can be found on the ground is pumped to the edge along to the pipe; it’ll burn the boiler for a heating purpose.

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Here’s all you need to know about a personal loan for unemployed individuals

Personal loans fall under the category of unsecured loans. Therefore, other than having a stable source of income, the borrowers are also required to meet certain eligibility criteria. However, personal loans are also provided to unemployed individuals these days. Many leading financial institutions are offering loans to individuals who do not have a stable source of income. There are also various loan schemes launched by the Central and the State Government to provide loans to unemployed individuals.

If you are unemployed, and urgently need to avail a personal loan for unemployed, then below are some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind:

Credit History

Maintaining a good credit history increases the chances of availing personal loans. One can maintain a good credit history by repaying the credit on time. It shows that you have a lower risk of becoming a defaulter, and therefore, increases your reliability towards the lender

Relation between the Lender and the Borrower 

Maintaining a good relationship with the lender helps you to borrow funds when you do not have a stable source of income. When you maintain a positive relationship with the lender, there are chances that he will provide you with the loan based on it

Appeal with a Guarantor 

When you want to avail a personal loan for unemployed, it is suggested that you apply for the loan with a guarantor. A guarantor is a person who repays the loan when the person applying for the loan fails to repay it. Therefore, applying with a guarantor higher your chances of availing the loan

Chances of Employment in Future 

If you can provide the banks with certain evidence that there are good chances you will not be an unemployed person in the future, then your chances to avail of the personal loan increase. Documents such as appointment letters from stable companies work as it shows the lender that you can repay back the borrowed money with the income from your future employment

Types of Personal Loans for the Unemployed 

There are many types of personal loans available for the unemployed in India. Some of them are:

Gold Loan: Unemployed individuals usually avail of the gold loan as they are comparatively easy and quick. The personal gold of the borrower has to be provided as the collateral in this type of personal loan

Secured Loan: This type of loan is very common among unemployed people. In the case of secured loans, the borrower provides certain collaterals against the loan amount. This poses less risk for the lender andhelps in lowering the interest rate for the borrower

Borrowing Against Fixed Deposit: The banks may provide you with a personal loan if you have a fixed deposit in a bank

Credit Against Life Insurance: When you are unemployed and going through a financial crunch, you may borrow money from the financial institutions against your life insurance policy

Apart from these, there are various Central and State Government loan schemes available for unemployed people. Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana (PMRY), New Entrepreneur Cum Enterprise Development Scheme (NEEDS), Agriculture Loan, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for Women (PMMYW), Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program (PMEGP), etc. are some of them.

Though you may face some kind of rejections while applying for personal loans when you are unemployed, you should not be discouraged. You can connect with the banks where you have any kind of account. They may consider various eligibility factors while you are unemployed and provide you with loans accordingly.

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Why Taking Purtier Placenta Is Strongly Recommended

Humans should live120 years by default. Artificial factors like unhealthy lifestyles and diet, stress, and environmental pollutions trigger premature aging and diseases, which translates to untimely deaths if not treated in advance. Poor lifestyles make the body to generate free radicals at very tender ages, which ends up destroying body tissues, organs, and cells.  purtier placenta is an artificial solution to untimely aging and deaths. It’s specially designed to help humans maintain youthful and healthy bodies by boosting metabolism, adjusting constitution, and minimizing generation of toxins and free radicals.

Is it is Safe for Human Consumption?

The deer placenta live cell supplement is made through cutting-edge emulsification technology, which makes the fresh deer placenta live cells super bio-compatible with the human body.  The deer placenta is not only sourced naturally from real deer but also produced in a clean and environmentally-friendly environment. So, it’s 99.99% safe free of contaminations and impurities that can trigger serious health concerns.


Who Can Take the Supplement?

Anyone of age who is experiencing body and skin degeneration can safely take this supplement. It’s all-natural and safe. However, it’s strongly recommended for anyone above 25 years of age. At 25, stress and fatigue are part of your life owing to the numerous financial and emotional constraints you have to handle. At this age, your skin starts showing premature signs of aging, and your body responds similarly, too.  Starting to consume the supplement before or soon after you hit 25 years of age can do you lots of good. It will help you maintain a refreshed skin and good body health.

Are There Proven Benefits to Taking the Supplement?

You may have wondered in vain how taking the deer placenta live cell supplement can benefit you, health-wise. It’s a mistaken feeling that almost everyone using the product for the first experienced. Here, I am going to outline the key benefits of the supplement to save you the emotional stress.

  • It contains active enzymes and amino acids, which help improve digestion and immune system functioning.
  • Keeps cholesterol levels under control, which helps keep the skin fresh and vibrant
  • Repairs damaged cells and promote their longevity
  • Highly rich in minerals and vitamins that help improve skin vitality, body functions, and boost metabolism
  • It has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • It helps promote anti-aging, lubricates joints, and combats fatigue
  • It moistens your lungs and nourishes the stomach
  • Helps reverse the effects of oxidation, glycation, and inflammation

You now know the PURTIER Placenta is potent and safe. It’s one of those few products that offer a natural solution to aging problems and chlorine conditions. It will help you maintain the youthful look even at 40, and keep you safe from most of the dangerous health conditions.

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Here’s How You Can Calculate The Exact Price Of A Diamond Before Investing

Purchasing a diamond is not an easy task. Whether you have been doing this for a while or you are new to being a diamond investor, you would need to be knowledgeable about a few things that would allow you to calculate the price of the piece before investing.

Why it is so important to calculate the price?

Well, both online and offline retailers have set up shop to make money. This means the marked price on their diamonds is bound to be more than their exact value. When you are aware of the facts that determine the price of a diamond, a retailer won’t be able to overcharge or dupe you. Get the point!?

It is now time to take a look in the sections that follow and know about a few things that would help you to calculate the exact price of a diamond before investing. Please pay attention.

Pink Diamond


Put your money on the colour pink!

Coloured diamonds are the new craze all over the globe. Coloured diamonds are rare and when a commodity is rare but high in demand, its price is bound to kiss the sky. This is the case with Argyle mine’s pink coloured diamonds. Australia’s Argyle mine has the largest market share globally.

The reason is simple – if you take into account all the pink diamond pieces out there in the market, more than 95 per cent of that number came from Argyle mine. Now since the mine is on its way to permanent closure in the year 2020, the global demand for pink diamonds got further boost. It is best to invest in pink-coloured Argyle diamonds for impressive ROIs but bear this in mind; you would need to shell out more cash if you take this path!

Clarity should be your second priority

If you look at investment grade diamonds in an objective way, it is easy to understand why a diamond with SI1 clarity is more expensive than a piece with VS2 clarity.

A diamond with a high clarity factor will have more fire and fluorescence to it. It is best to invest in a diamond with a high clarity factor as you will be able to get attractive prices in the future when you want to resale the piece.

It would be unwise to ignore the cut of the piece!

When you compare the prices of two diamonds of same colour, clarity and carat weight but still find that one is cheaper than the other, the reason could be the type of cut the cheaper piece has received.

A poorly cut diamond won’t be having the brilliance, fire/fluorescence most buyers look and pay for. So, aim for a piece that is cut brilliantly.

The carat weight should not be taken lightly while choosing a piece

No matter what people say, diamonds are, in the end, a retail product. And retail purchases are mostly driven by emotions.

This is the reason why you would need to focus on the carat weight of your diamond. If you are eyeing a 0.99ct diamond, be advised, it will be only 1 per cent more in terms of price to a 0.98ct piece. The best decision would be to invest in a 1-carat diamond if you are aiming for massive ROIs.

If all else fails, you can always get in touch with the leading companies that offer diamond investment solutions. These firms have experts under their payroll which means they will be able to help you out if you are unable to make up your mind when it comes to choosing a diamond for investment purposes.

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What Conditions Can Purtier Placenta Sixth Edition Heal?

Purtier Placenta manufacturers released their sixth edition just recently. It’s all updated in terms of the variety of ingredients and the deer placenta ratio. The supplement works by circulating its active ingredients throughout the user’s body, which then release their healing effects on the cells and organs they come close.  The stem cells in the supplement are compatible with the human body system, so when introduced into the system they circulate about the degenerated, tired, and damaged cells to trigger the creation of new cells, which in return play their roles well to help you realize a revitalized and refreshed system and organs. The Purtier placenta sixth edition is claimed to relieve and treat various health problems.

Health benefits of the Supplement

There’re sure ways you’ll benefit from the intake of the Purtier placenta supplement.  Listed here are some of the benefits;

  • Fast relief of the symptoms linked to major chronic diseases
  • Stabilizing body weight and inhibiting sexual dysfunction
  • Improvement of the discs and joints stability
  • Boosting of immune system functions
  • Improved digestion and reduced issues with constipation
  • Increased sex drive with strong vitality and endurance

Purtier placenta sixth edition

Anti-aging Benefits of Taking the Supplement

When you take the sixth edition of the Purtier placenta supplement, you’re sure to benefit significantly skin-wise. You will realize a more glowing skin with fewer to no fine lines.These benefits include;

  • Reduces pre-menopause syndrome and delays the occurrence of menopause.
  • Initiates a powerful rejuvenation process to rejuvenate and make the skin healthier
  • Improves your skin’s thickness, vitality, and elasticity
  • Enhances the skin’s complexion by evenly toning its color
  • Regenerates body organs, tissues, and cells to help boost skin health
  • Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles resulting from aging
  • Protectsand restores damaged skin
  • Tightens and shrinks bigger open pores
  • Removes dark under eyes circles
  • Lightens your facial pigmentation

Conditions the Supplement Can Relief

There are many health conditions, which can be relieved or even compressed by intake of the Purtier placenta supplement among which are;

  • Diabetes and overweight issues
  • Premature ovarian failure and erectile dysfunction
  • Autism and motor neuron disease
  • Alzheimer ’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Cerebral palsy and COPD
  • Spinal cord injury and stroke
  • Tinnitus/ Hearing Loss and Retinitis Pigmentosa/ Vision Loss
  • Chronic fatigue and kidney failure
  • Muscular dystrophy and macular degeneration
  • Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and Parkinsons disease
  • Aging and other related problems

The time to make that important decision is now. You cannot be looking 50 while your real age is 25. That’s a shame and disregard for your young age. Consider getting the Purtier placenta sixth edition now and watch as your skin attains that youthful and color-rich tone you have ever desired. The product has all-natural ingredients, so your safety is assured throughout the intake period.

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Several types of frequencies can be supported simultaneously at the same time

The efficient tools can be used in order to improve the signal and also get rid of the GSM signal problems. The users can use the GSM signals at their home or other premises as the signal booster can meet your requirements. If you select your country then you can identify the desired coverage area and operator. You can simply navigate into our catalogue with the search form which is available on our website. The multi-functional boosters will allow you to boost the signals at the same time by supporting the several types of frequencies simultaneously. The permission of the signal booster for Chile will allow the users to enhance the GSM signal for calls. The users on our website can find various types of triband and dual-band models of the GSM network.

Transmit the GSM signal:

The frequency count will be taken into consideration to use the amplifiers in many of the countries. You can know more about the mobile signal booster for Chile with the research done for a long time in the mobile service market. The amplifiers can be represented based on the catalogue of the GSM repeaters. A number of frequencies are operated throughout the world in order to transmit the GSM signal. If you want to enjoy the convenient phone communication in your place then you should have a high-speed internet connection. You can choose an ideal cell phone booster according to your needs with the assistance offered by our experts. The data transfer speed may vary significantly based on the type of that mobile booster. The standard frequency can be used to operate a 3G signal phone booster.

signal booster

Pay attention to several parameters:

The amplifiers are manufactured with different modifications which are suitable for all the working ranges and frequencies. You should pay attention to several parameters in order to improve the 3G signal easily. The signal level can be displayed based on the features of the LCD screen. The boosters are designed particularly to offer convenience to the users in the indoor locations. It is possible to save a lot of energy as the booster model is capable of going into the sleep mode automatically. The examination is performed for each booster model in order to provide certification that the products are safe. A wonderful GSM signal can be achieved inside a large working range. If you have any queries about the products which are available at our company then you can contact our team.

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Where are the applications of benchtop planner?

Every device has certain and constant application that helps in making out the effective result within the usage. The various applications that are included within the benchtop planner are

  • Deck spindle – If you want to work on custom planned spindles around rails, it is important to use the stack within constant tracking application that helps in making one face within each of the references.
  • Reclaiming the old wood – To use the old piece of wood, you can efficiently use this device. This is to inspect the wood carefully about screws, nails and so on before implementing it to the device. The device will help in removing dirt, lumps, grit and so on by the help of wire brush.
  • Flattening the sawn lumber – The rough trenches are taken towards flattening operation and this is another plane to make the wood straight. The flip pieces are worked out for the planer against flattening faces.
  • Edge cleaning – If the plane needs to be narrowed towards ganging stack board and plane off saw marks, it grains over the pattern and face towards boards orientation within tear out operations.
  • Sanding out ridges – If you want to smoothen the knife and grit along the ridges, you can use the sandpaper to pattern the grain. When you are most effective along ridges, you need to use good quality sandpaper along commercial processing within requirement.

check out kingreviewed

Since the benchtop planner has lot more applications than the above listed things, it is always useful to buy one for the manufacturing and craft work. In case of making the work efficient within time, you have to monitor the operation while getting through the entire pattern and have a good quality usage along shaving perceptions. While you look over the irrelevant hazards, you have to take over the safety measures that are far better complications within efficient operations. This helps in getting through almost all the case of operations. The known factors are complicated in certain operation and requirement. The good quality of wood finish is made with the relevant application. As you go through all the advantages, you will certainly be able to look out at all the foreseen operations. The relevant application is handled better in the cheap and affordable perfections.

So, if you are in the research to buy a tool, you can easily buy one with the top rating. While checking over all the brands and reviews, you should check out kingreviewed. The professional review takes every people for moving through most of the guided operation. They are better in holding certain planning features. The reviews with this site are obviously experienced by professional and rated better in the market. Check out this portal as it is served as the handheld tool in most of the adjustments.

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5 Reasons You Should Visit A Medical Spa

Keeping in mind the countless health benefits offered by the spa breaks, numbers of people across the globe now prefer opting for such breaks during vacations or whenever they get a break from their work. Due to increased popularity and demand for spa breaks, large numbers of spa centres or other clinics are operating in different corners all across the globe. Different types of spa programs and treatments offered to the clients in accordance with their specific needs. Let us now have a look at five key reasons that mandate visiting a medical spa break for you.

  1. Induces Better Sleep Naturally

One of the most amazing reasons to visit a spa break is to get rid of the problems in normal sleeping. Evidently, there are large numbers of people worldwide that complain of problems in sleeping. By availing of the various treatment options offered by the spa breaks, you may improve your sleeping patterns. In fact, you may start sleeping naturally and that too in a peaceful and undisturbed manner.

  1. Helpful In Detoxification

Regular, proper and complete detoxification of the body is quite necessary if you really wish to enjoy overall well-being. It is because eradication of hazardous wastes and other unwanted elements from the body helps in retaining normal and most optimal functioning and good health of the entire body. Again this purpose is well-achieved through spa breaks. The entire body is detoxified so that overall well-being may be assured absolutely and naturally.

  1. Eliminates Stress From The Body

Surely, stress, whether it is physical or mental, has a negative impact on the health of a person. In order to eradicate and relieve stress from the mind and body, spa breaks are surely a good option. The relaxing massages and other techniques used under such treatment plan allows you to get relaxed and relieved of all the stress from your personal as well as professional life.

  1. Relieves Any Types Of Aches In The Body Or Joints

People who suffer from certain types of aches or pain in any of the body parts or joints may also get benefited through spa breaks. Since blood circulation is improved to the entire body through spa sessions, therefore, pain and aches are also got ridden of effectively and automatically.

  1. Kick-starts Weight Loss

It is quite amazing to know that spa breaks also allow you to lose weight in an efficient manner. Various types of activities included in such spa sessions help you to lose weight automatically.

So these are all the major reasons that make it quite important for you to visit a medical spa. Ultimately, it is meant to improve your overall well-being in amazing ways by getting rid of different types of health issues.

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