Day: December 9, 2019

Is Many Chat Better Than Chatfuel?

The main idea when it comes to Messenger marketing is to use chatbots that will improve overall engagement with your customers and leads. However, you have probably found out that the most popular considerations for these purposes are Chatfuel and ManyChat.

Remember that both platforms do not require prior coding experience, which means that everyone can easily create a Messenger bot. The question is which platform is better for your business purposes, what differences are and where you should build bots in the first place.

Let us start from the beginning.

What Is ManyChat?

We have to start by saying that ManyChat appeared on the market back in 2015, and it is a visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger with analytics, broadcasts, scheduled posting and other features that will help you along the way.

When it comes to pricing, you should know that it comes with Free Basic Plan that will provide you limited features as well as the promotional tools and bot’s menu so that you can create a unique perspective for your customer service.

On the other hand, Pro Plans come with the ability to use all features, custom fields, unlimited tags and without branding inside the many, which means that you will not notice the ManyChat logo in some tools.

Everything depends on the number of subscribers that you have, which is why you should check their website by clicking here to see the latest prices that are available.

It comes with a clean, sleek and beautiful user interface that will allow you to build a bot without any additional problem. It is simple to start with it without going through tutorials and watching videos that will help you.

You can use it to send both campaigns and broadcast:

  • Campaigns – It will automatically send a sequence of messages to the user who signed in to your campaign including mini-course, webinar reminders as well as other possibilities.
  • Broadcast – It will send out messages to a filtered or targeted group of users such as customers only, for example.

At the same time, you can create duplicate messages as well as templates so that you can save them and use them all over again. You can also duplicate conversion flows from one bot to another.

By using ManyChat, you will be able to create a Messenger Chatbot that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to sending videos, images, audio files, attachments. You will also get the ability to implement call and share buttons, built-in Emoji Keyboard, as well as galleries.

When it comes to NLP and A.I. capabilities, you should have in mind that ManyChat features limited capabilities. Your bot can:

  • Automatically reply based on keywords that the user entered, but the keywords have to match exactly.
  • Automatically reply to questions, but you have to setup the variations of questions, which means that it is not a perfect solution.
  • Can send random responses based on variations that you implemented beforehand.

If you wish to use email marketing, you can use its dashboards such as:

  • Subscriber Dashboard – A list as well as profile pages for each user that interacted with chatbots. You can also see custom fields, tags as well as how did they start the conversation.
  • Facebook Profile Information – It will also automatically check out the first name, time zone, gender, and profile picture from Facebook profile.
  • Live Chat Feature – You can chat with users directly by using this particular platform, and you will have a sidebar where you can tag the users, make notes, update custom fields and many more.

What Is Chatfuel?

When it comes to understanding ManyChat vs Chatfuel comparison, you should have in mind that Chatfuel’s main goal is to provide you the possibility to build bots without coding and excessive programming experience.

It started on Telegram, but today, they are focused on helping people use Facebook Messenger among other platforms.

You will be able to choose a free plan that features a limit of up to five thousand subscribers. When using this particular plan, you can access all features except the People Tab.

At the same time, the Messenger Bot will display branding, which is something serious companies should avoid.

If you wish to remove branding, you should upgrade to Pro Plans, which are $15 on a monthly basis. Of course, everything depends on the number of reachable users, which means that the price goes up the more subscribers you have.

If you wish to build a chatbot by using this particular platform, it is vital to implement content to blocks. Each block can feature a few messages as well as other content. The idea is to maintain your blocks organized and to group them together.

As soon as you login to Chatfuel, you will need some time to get used to it, but after a while, everything will be as simple as possible.

When it comes to broadcasts, you can send them to a filtered list of users.

On the other hand, you can send a series of automated messages to users that wanted to become part of your campaign. At the same time, it will send a follow-up message a few minutes after they discover your campaign.

We recommend you to watch this video: to learn more about Messenger Marketing in general.

You will get two options:

  • Stripe Worldwide Payment – This is for bot makes that reside in countries where Stripe is available.
  • Facebook Native Payment – If you live in the USA, you can accept payments only through it.