Making Million Dollar Homes from Shipping Containers

                Rising costs of homes have made the American dream of home ownership a nightmare for many. Home building prices in 2019 are expected to range from $150, 118 to $435,029 according to Home Advisor. A luxury home could land in the range of $720,000 easily. These high price tags may leave many without the ability to buy. An alternative to created new homes from new materials is to utilize materials that are already existing. Repurposing materials is a method to not only lower cost but be environmentally conscious.

                                             Shipping Container Infographic by Tiger Containers

Shipping containers are the latest craze in repurposed home building. Shipping containers are rectangular boxes used to transport goods on voyages across the ocean. They are made fromthick steel to maintain integrity against long periods spent around salt water. There are two standard sizes of containers used for shipping: 20x8x8 ft and 40x8x8 ft. A 20 ft container has a surface area of 160 square feet and a 40 ft container is around 320 square feet. Of the shipping containers in the world an estimated 24 million stand empty and will no longer be utilized for transport. The structures are sturdy, flood and fire proof and made from long lasting materials. Using recycled goods to create homes is an efficient and less expensive means to create unique eco friendly homes.

The purchase price of shipping containers is low. A used container with no modifications can cost as low as $1500. New 20 ft containers range between $1500 and $2800. New 40 ft containers can cost between $3500 and $4500. Labor cost for construction are also low depending on the modifications required. Total labor costs on a shipping home can range from $10,000 to $15,000. Prefabricated options also exist. These options are already assembled in pieces that only require putting together like building blocks. This option reduces the opportunity for creative input but can reduce construction time and other labor costs. New container homes can be constructed at half the cost of a regular home in less time.

Purchasing multiple containers allows home owners to expand space and put individual touches on their living spaces. Shipping containers are built to be stacked. Modern designers cut and weld containers in various configurations to personalize homes. Across the globe many extravagant homes are constructed with shipping container basis. WFH house in Wuxi, China was designed by Arcgency, Esbensen Teknologistic Institute in 2012. The WFH house is a sustainable prefabricated, ecofriendly home. It is comprised of 40 ft containers that are transportable. Solar cells, a green roof and underground rain storage make the home fully self sustainable. The structure is also adaptable to earthquakes and climate change. The Caterpillar House in Santiago, Chile is crafted from 12 containers placed on a hillside. The placement of the containers eliminates the need for air conditioning systems. Instead the placement creates natural ventilation by using cool mountain air as a passive cooling system.

Building a home out of recycled goods may make luxury home ownership a more realistic option. Labor costs, adaptability of structures and sustainability makes shipping container home construction an attractive alternative to traditional home construction.

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Do Comparison Between a Hopper and an Awning Window to Make the Right Choice

Not having the idea about which type of window would suit the small space? Don’t want to compromise on curb appeal and functional benefits of the home? Confused between a hopper window and an awning window? Don’t worry, below is a brief comparison on how to make the right choice:

What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are commonly available in the market and most of the homes are having this window type in different rooms. So, what turns out to be an important thing is to know more and more about their appearance and functionality.

Initially, an awning window was designed to maximize airflow into the home. They didn’t need inhabitants to use air conditioners, thereby reducing energy consumption. Their design allows inhabitants to let in cool breeze into the home. They are mounted at the top and use a crank to open securely.

Nowadays, an awning window is available in a modern design as compared to its simple ones available a few years ago. Their aesthetics and functionality are associated with fabric awnings that have a long history of usability and other benefits.

Modern awnings look similar to ancient fabric awnings, which means that they have the same style and operation for the homes.

What are Hopper Windows?

If homeowners are not satisfied with an awning window, they can go for a hopper window. It is completely opposite to an awning window, meaning that it offers new perks and benefits for the users. Homeowners would have seen a lot of hoppers in their surroundings but, quite a few are aware of their history and functional benefits.

Basically, it is the invention of modern era, which means that homeowners can expect a lot from hopper windows. They can prevent dirt and debris from entering the homes while do not allow unwanted contaminants to cause disturbance to the inhabitants.

Hopper windows are hinged to the bottom that gives more strength and security to the place. Just like awning windows, hopper windows work as an incredible space saver. They can be installed in basements and bathrooms due to their need of more light and ventilation. Their functionality increases when they are installed up on the wall. They give optimal security and privacy to the rooms and can even work in small spaces without compromising on any of the aspects.

Make a Comparison!

Needless to say, both window styles are quite effective in their respective areas. They can work efficiently in tightly spaced rooms that need occasional breeze and natural light. They are a good addition to small places because of their standard sizes.

Last but not the least, a hopper and an awning window is best to maintain energy efficiency. Homeowner just have to pay attention on one fact – lock them when not in use by creating an airtight seal so that no one could take benefit of the situation.

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When Is the Right Time to Consider Windows Replacement Mississauga?

Windows play an essential role in keeping our homes well ventilated and allowing light into the home among other functions. Click here to see more. Windows usually last between 20-40 years of course depending on the location of your home, the type of the window, and most important the amount of care provided. Wear and tear are also major things that cause windows to depreciate in their performance and appearance making them less energy efficient.

So, what are the signs it is the right time to carry out windows replacement Mississauga? You probably wait until they stop functioning, but here are the main signs you need to do something about them.

  1. It Is Hard to Open and Close your Windows.

This is an obvious sign that you need to do window replacement Mississauga. Windows that cannot open or close deter you from getting enough air and light into your home. Again, even if they close, you will find that they cannot be locked well. Therefore, they don’t offer a tight seal against drafts, and that compromises the comfort of your home.

  1. Drafts

If you realise it is hard to keep your home warm in winter, then your windows might be drafty. Over time, the windows deteriorate due to wear and tear, and if they are not replaced with new windows in Mississauga, they start allowing cold air inside. Drafts imply there is something wrong with your windows and you should replace them.

  1. They Appear Old and Outdated.

Does the appeal of your windows impress you when you look at them? Well if you look at your windows and wish you had new ones, then you should do as your instincts tell you. New window replacement Mississauga will definitely improve the general appeal of your home.

  1. You Struggle With “Dropping Windows”

Sometimes when you try to raise your windows, they certainly come down. That can be annoying. This happens explicitly in single and double hung windows in Mississauga when the spring system is not working. Dropping windows can be a threat to you especially if you have children and you have to watch them through the window as they play at the backyard.

  1. Your Monthly Energy Bills Have Been Rising.

In winter months, you are presented with abnormally high bill and that continues even in the next months. This implies that your windows are letting in the cold in your home and your HVAC system has to work hard to maintain your home warm. Doing window replacement Mississauga can be a great way to solve this problem.

  1. You Can Hear Noise from Outside.

Your home should provide you with the peace and quietness you need. If you can hear traffic and sounds from your neighbour, your windows could be the main culprit, and you should replace them.

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At your service: Get your prepaid SIM at your doorstep

When food and shopping can be delivered to your doorstep, can SIM cards be far behind?

The digital age has brought the entire world closer. Whatever you need is now (literally) at your fingertips. If you’re hungry late at night, you can pick up your mobile phone and order dinner. If you have little time to go shopping before a party, you can order all you need – clothes, shoes, bag, jewellery, makeup, perfume – from your favourite shopping app in just a few minutes.

The point is, your smartphone enables you to order whatever you need without having to step out of your house. Doorstep delivery is possible for everything, from cereal to clothes. But have you ever ordered a SIM card online?

Now you can. Airtel prepaid SIM is now available for purchase online. And the SIM card is delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

Get your Airtel prepaid SIM delivered to your home

If you thought that groceries being delivered to your home within just an hour of placing the order was the last word in customer service, think again. Telecom brands like Airtel have now made it possible for customers to not just order prepaid SIM cards online, but to also have them home delivered!

It’s a revolutionary new concept in SIM card purchase and connectivity, and Airtel pulls out all the stops to ensure that the buying and usage process are extremely hassle-free for customers. Here’s how you can get your new Airtel prepaid SIM:

  • Access the Airtel web portal or smartphone app to check new packs in prepaid for Delhi.
  • There are currently two excellent packs: Rs 248 for 28 days and Rs 495 for 84 days. Both packs offer 1.4 GB daily data, unlimited calls and free access to Airtel TV Premium app.
  • Enable Airtel to contact you by giving out basic information on the form provided on the web page. Enter your details (Name, mobile number, address, pin code, locality, and whether you want a new phone number or wish to convert to Airtel prepaid) as directed.
  • Hit ‘Buy now’.
  • An Airtel customer care representative will contact you within an hour of receiving your request for a new number or Airtel prepaid SIM. They will discuss your requirement with you and suggest the best available pack for your area, based on your usage, data needs, etc.
  • Once selected, the prepaid SIM is sent to your residential address at a time convenient to you. Your KYC process is completed during this time, and a detailed application form with your latest photograph are also collected during the visit.
  • Once your information and address are verified, your Airtel prepaid SIM is activated and you can start using it.
  • Thereafter, you will receive an SMS alerting you about your pack validity and recharge date. You can recharge the pack at any time by paying online, or choosing a new pack from the myAirtel app if you need a new one.

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3 Things You Need to Consider When Booking a Hotel Online

For most of us, vacations don’t come around nearly often enough. When they do come, we naturally want to get as much out of them as possible. But pulling off the perfect vacation requires careful planning.

There are few things more defining of your vacation experience than the accommodation you choose. If you are planning on staying in a hotel, chances are you will look online to find out what your options are before you look at individual websites for a clearer picture.

Here are the most important things you need to consider when you’re looking to make a hotel booking online.

Your Priorities

We all have our own idea of what the perfect holiday is. You will find it much easier to find the ideal accommodation if you know what your priorities are. For some people this will be price, for others, it will be the location.

Before you begin your search, take the time to actually make a list of your most important requirements. The act of writing things down can often trigger other ideas in your head, by the end of it you may end up with a clearer idea of what you’re looking for.

Check the Amenities

There’s no reason why the modern traveler can’t have all of their electronic creature comforts with them when they travel. Wi-Fi is available throughout the world and 4G networks are increasing their coverage. If you are someone who needs reliable and fast internet wherever you go, make sure you look for this when considering hotels.

As you search, you may well come across examples of amenities that you hadn’t thought of but really like the sound of. For example, the Makati hotel near Glorietta features a luxury spa and restaurants that serve cuisines from around the world, among a host of other premium touches. If these inspire something in you, refine your search accordingly.

The Price

Prices for hotels will vary wildly. There is an endless array of factors that affect pricing, but now that services like Airbnb are becoming common and there are numerous accommodation options for travelers, there is something on offer at every price point.

Naturally, the more you are willing to spend on your hotel, the more luxurious the experience you will have. But there’s no reason you should pay extra for features that you don’t need or want. If you are going to be traveling on a budget, work out beforehand exactly how much money you are able to dedicate to it and avoid overspending.

If you want to have the best vacation possible, you will need to have the perfect accommodation. There are plenty of options for the modern traveler, but none are as consistent and reliable as hotels. The right hotel can make or break your whole trip so make sure that you search carefully. Customer reviews are easy to find these days and there are plenty of services like Trip Advisor to help you.

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Signage Market: Analysis, Forecast And Trends

With the advent of globalization, the outlook of trade and market has changed to a considerable extent. Wherever you go, the chances of encountering a digital signage are quite high. Whether it’s a big retail store or a restaurant, or you are at a gas station, a digitalized signage presents a brand before you.

From what’s new in the menu to the latest offers, or the petrol gas prices in the state, every bit of information is provided to you through a projection. This rise in the use of signages is a direct result of companies continuously trying to become digitalized.

Understanding the signage industry

A signage typically means a design or any set of signs and symbols which are used for the purpose of communicating to a specific group. A signage is mainly used in case of marketing or advocating a brand of any kind. It started typically with the use of graphics to create and display information for a particular audience.

With evolution in the digital front, graphics got replaced with dimensional projections like 2D or 3D projections, utilizing technologies like LCD, LED, e-paper etc. Some of the areas where a digital signage is commonly used include:

  1. In public information systems
  2. For delivering internal information within a corporate structure
  3. For publishing and promoting information about products especially those used in case of the food and beverage industries
  4. For improving customer services used in public entertainment sectors like parks, zoos, and museums.
  5. For general advertisement and promotions
  6. For the in-store building of a brand and creation of the brand identity
  7. To influence customer behavior and direct consumers  towards certain brands
  8. In navigation systems
  9. In reservation systems etc.

Industrial outlook 

At present, there are around 200 operating companies in the digital signage market. However, with the advent of technology and upsurge in the digital inspection market, the signage market forecast seems bright and full of growth opportunities. The digital signage market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.04 percent from 2015 to 2020. The net market worth of the signage industry is expected to reach a milestone of 21.92 billion USD by 2020.

At present North America has the major market share in the digital signage industry, however, the significant growth especially in Japan and South Korea from the Asia Pacific region, along with Germany and UK from the EU could be the deciding factors in the market share by the end of 2020.

Modern trends

Digital signage has a remarkable benefit over other traditional systems of advertisement. The changing of information in real time, display of multiple information at a single projection, and commercial buildings with 3D projections act as a magnetic force to attract potential customers. A signage is easy to maintain and this ease of maintenance acts as a key driver of this market.

The ongoing development of technology and infrastructure is having a positive impact on developing nations. Especially, the competition between brands in the Asia Pacific market is acting as the major factors to boost the professional sector for signages.

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5 Doable, Non-Expensive Ways to Store and Maintain Vintage, Luxurious Watches

Owning vintage watches that have been passed down from generations to generations in your family can be something of a great emotional, aesthetic value for the watch’s owner.

Now imagine taking out your vintage watch from the almirah one day only to see the metal belt turned golden rustic or even worse, broken. Imagine how devastating it can all turn out to be for you. Wouldn’t it?

Well. Sadly the horror-full imagination is the reality of a number of people who own a vintage luxurious watch but don’t store and maintain it properly only to face its sad downfall.

If you are one of those owners who have a vintage luxurious watch, this article is for you.

In this article, we are going to look at the different ways you can store and maintain your watch to ensure that it witnesses longevity in the world and stays with you for a long time in a working condition.

Without further delay, let us get to it. After all, every minute that you spend not doing anything about your vintage watch, you are bringing it one step closer to slight decay.


1. Get the Storage Right

Dust and Humidity are the two biggest enemies of watches and in case of vintage watches, they can prove to be the cause of decay and damage. The general rule of thumb when it comes to storing watches is to keep them away from dust and moisture and in a place where there is no direct light. Failure in doing either of the three things can lead to the watch getting a weird golden-brown tint which makes it lose its appeal for the owners.


2. Get the Watch Insured for Theft

 Usually, out of all the valuable things that you can own, watches turn out to be the one most easily stolen. Now, when we are talking about a vintage, priceless watch, you can only imagine the loss it would bring you. In order to prevent yourself from such a scenario, what we suggest is insuring the watch and filing a police complaint to submit to the insurance company as soon as some mishappening happens.


3. Regular Servicing

 Your watch, just like your car or any electrical equipment, is a machine. And like any other machine to function without problems, your watch needs constant servicing as well. So, what is necessary here is for you to find a good watch repair person who knows the tricks of the trade around the maintenance of a watch and then get in touch with them on a continuous basis.

Ignoring the importance of regular servicing, even when it is once in three to five years, can do big and permanent damage to your vintage watch.


4. Avoid Polishing as Much as Possible

More often than not, watch repair persons insist on polishing the watch to make it appear as new. But, when polishing does happen on a vintage watch, it appears a lot more artificial than its actual authentic self – something that not just make the watch lose its meaning in terms of the emotional value but might also bring down the monetary value down because of the unnecessary shine.

So, you should try and avoid polishing your vintage luxurious watch as much as possible.


5. Keep the Bracelet Intact as Far as Possible

 Bracelets are generally the first thing to lose its value because of constant wear and turns that happen when the watch is tied around the wrist. And in most cases than not, they are often the first element in the watch that is removed by the owners. And while it is completely fine to do so, what we recommend is keeping the bracelet stored, possibly in a satin cloth under zero dust, light, and moisture area to avoid any harm coming their way.

So, here were your 5 doable ways to store and maintain your watches in a way that they outlive generations to come and still operate in the bets of their capacity and when the time comes, help the owner out of a misfortune.

Do you know any other trick to maintain or store old vintage watches? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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Why Spend When You Can Rent? 5 Step Checklist To Find & Rent Your Dream Wedding Lehenga

For every bride, her wedding is the biggest and the most important day of her life. She has so many concerns like the makeup has to the best (read natural) or do I look fat? or what if the guests don’t like my lehenga? etc. She is literally the most stressed person in the entire wedding. But hey, weddings are supposed to be fun and not a source of stress.

Hence for such brides, we have got a great idea using which she can save a lot of money and grab a designer lehenga which she couldn’t buy due to money issues. Save money and a designer lehenga, sound impossible right? Well no! It is very much possible, all thanks to the concept of taking bridal wear on rent. You can now wear a lehenga by your favorite designer without shedding lacs of rupees. Just follow these 5 tips and look super-duper gorgeous on the wedding day!

  1. Start Your Search As Early As Possible: Usually the courtship period till the wedding date is around 4-5 months. We recommend you to prioritize the search for bridal lehenga. This will give you a more relaxed time to look at various options available, trying different designs as per your body type. Otherwise, in rush, you will not be able to explore properly and this will force you to settle for secondary options.
  1. Grab The Best & Leave The Rest: Now as you have taken a decision to wear a bridal lehenga for rent in Bangalore, we recommend choosing only the best. Look at the rental options of all the top-end designers like Rohit Bal, Anita Dongre, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and much more. That’s the best part of choosing to wear rental couture, you do not have to compromise or settle for less appealing outfits only because of budget constraints.
  1. Only Tell Your Close Friends/ Family Members: Yes we know that in India, getting a bridal lehenga on rent is considered a little tacky. Although it is not anyone’s business what you wear or not wear at your own wedding, the Indian festivities are filled with poking-aunties (aka the jananies). The best way to tackle such a situation is by not telling anyone about the plan to get a rental dress except close family members or friends. But yeah, do ask them for a promise to not share this information with anyone.
  1. Fitting Is The Key: One major issue with the rental wear is regarding the lack of proper fittings. As these lehengas are for rental purposes, the size of the blouse, the length of the lehenga etc is in free size. Therefore it is very important for you to ensure that the tailor or owner of the shop customizes the lehenga fitting perfectly as per your measurement to the T.
  1. Schedule Trials: As we said above, proper fitting is the key to a gorgeous looking lehenga. Hence it is imperative for you to schedule at least 2 trials for the fitting. This will ensure that lehenga fits perfectly to your body structure. Trust us, nothing looks more horrible than ill-fitted bridal wear. After all, everyone’s eye will be on you.

We hope after going through the above tips, you are feeling more confident about your decision of opting for a lehenga on rent. Trust us, it will be one of your’s best decision and you’ll thank yourself for going down this route. But the next question is, where to find such shops in your city which provide wedding wear on rent?

Well no worries, we have an ultimate solution to this problem and its called It is India’s leading online wedding market. Here you can find every possible wedding vendor online, from mehndi artist to dhol wala to DJ to wedding venue to wedding caterers. You name the services and each of it is available on the portal. Visit the website now, locate the shops giving designer bridal wear on rent and find your dream lehenga today!

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Factors to Consider when hiring a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Your home is perhaps the best safe and functional place to work, eat, sleep and live. Just like your car or garage, there are a number of things and fragments of your home that require regular maintenance, which predominantly includes your plumbing system. When you want to stay on top of the maintenance, regular cleaning of your drains and sewers are often mandatory to keep your plumbing problems at bay.

However, taking time to do it yourself to deal with these issues will not solve the drainage problem in its entirety. Instead of looking for a temporary solution, hiring a professional drain cleaning service will keep your drains be clear and in a functional condition. With a number of services available in Phoenix, it’s generally nerve-wracking to choose the best professional draining service. However, there are certain criteria which you need to consider making a well-informed decision.

Things to look upon while hiring a professional drain cleaning service

Finding the right plumbing service in Phoenix, AZ can be intimidating. On the other hand, if you understand the right criteria, you will be able to make the ideal choice

  • Experience in the industry– One of the major reasons of hiring the professional services like drain cleaner service AZ is to get the best quality service without taking up the stress. However, many services boast themselves as professional service but the quality of work would be pathetic. So instead of regretting later, check for their experience in the industry to have a better insight about the company.
  • Background checks- Some companies cannot provide the finest service because of the inabilities of their workers. You’re going to let strangers inside your home, so ensure whether they have clean records before you hire an employee.
  • Check their licenses– Each and every state requires a work license permit for the workers. When you’re hiring a service, check whether they are licensed to work in Phoenix in order to avoid any legal suits in the case of unforeseen accidents. Not only your security is important, you’re responsible for the employee security as well when they are working inside your home.
  • Payments- Many plumbers build clauses to the contracts that mention homeowners will bear any reasonable costs to complete the job. But mostly, there will be no indication whether it’s a flat rate or hourly rate. More often, many services choose an option through which they can make more money after they complete the task. So, when you don’t want unnecessary troubles with money, you need to ensure these things beforehand. You can certainly ask for upfront estimates and suggest for milestone payment in order to have a smooth relation between the homeowner and the employee.
  • Determine the work guarantees– No matter what kind of plumbing work you’re having done, it should be backed by a full warranty. Plumbing services like drain cleaner service AZ offers professional sewer and drain cleaning services. The homeowners can reliably count on them to clear clogs or overflowing drains and bring efficiency back to your plumbing system with the best guarantee.

Closing Thoughts

Having the best professional drain cleaning service serviced with state of the art technology by experts results in thorough drain cleaning will not only give the homeowners complete peace of mind rather eventually save lot of money in the long run.

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According to Indian juidiciary, which forms do you have to fill for applying for a divorce?

To apply for a divorce in India, one needs to start the whole procedure by filling out a divorce petition which ends with the declaration of the final order of divorce from the court. The whole process is divided into six major stages which are the petition filing, writ service, response from the court, trial, interim orders which ends with the final order.

The first major step toward filing a divorce is by filling out a petition for divorce. The divorce is carried out only after an individual have filled the petition. After the petitions have been signed by one of the party, the petition is then passed on to the other part for signing. After the petition is being signed by both the party and submitted to the court, then only the rest of the procedure is carried out. The time taken for the completion of the rest of the procedures varies from one state to another.

In Indian society, divorce was once considered as a sin. Any couples who have opted for divorce was considered unacceptable, and a lot of question was raised on them just because they have chosen not to stay with the person anymore with whom they once got married. And this forced the married couple to stay with each other even after their marriages were not working so that they don’t get tagged as antisocial by society. For this, the spouses have to go through a lot of trouble and need to experience a painful and failed marriage which eventually led to depression.

But over the view, the view of the society towards divorce have evolved a lot and is not considered the same as it used to be a few years back. Even though divorce is a traumatic experience in the life of a married couple, but what is the point of staying in a marriage if both the spouses are not happy with each other. And that is the main reason why the procedures of a divorce should be carried out in accordance with the law of each state. If the procedure is not precisely followed, it can lead to even further complications which in turn will make things even worse.

If you are planning for divorce, then the first thing that you need to do is consult a lawyer in Bengaluru for divorce who can thoroughly help you understand about the various procedures that are involved in divorce.

Knowing all about the various divorce laws of India

The divorce laws in India are not applicable to some of the regions due to a few factors. But, some of the most common laws that are carried out throughout the state are:

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Desertion
  • Communicable diseases,
  • Mental disorders
  • Presumption of death

Indian Divorce Act

The Indian divorce act is for the Christian couple, and the reason which is applicable for the couple to getting divorced are:

  • Conversion of religion
  • Adultery
  • Adultery along with Bigamy
  • A criminal act by the Husband
  • Adultery along with cruelty
  • Desertion along with adultery with a minimum 2-year timeframe.

The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act

The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act is applicable for the Parsi couples, and the grounds for divorce under this law are:

  • The marriage procedure is not completed even after a year
  • Any of the spouses have a mental illness which was kept hidden during the time of the marriage.
  • The wife has got into a relationship with some other man and is pregnant during the time of their marriage.
  • Bigamy
  • Adultery
  • Cruelty
  • Rape
  • Any of the spouses have faced imprisonment for more than seven years
  • Any of the spouses have opted for religious conversion.

Special Marriage Act, 1956

The special marriage act is applicable for the inter-caste or the inter-religion marriages.

So, if you are planning to end your marriage due to unavoidable circumstances, then it is essential that you consult the lawyers in bengaluru for divorce. They can help you to understand the various legal procedures which in turn will help you to make the traumatic experience stress free.

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