Top Considerations Before Going For Your Vehicle Graphics

You probably come across fleet graphics to identify police vehicles, companies, and the service vans. However, have your every considered the lorry graphics as a means to market your business. The most important segment when it comes to advertising your brand/business is to bring the attention of your potential audience, and the vehicle graphics serve a similar purpose. So, in a nutshell, van graphics boost the brand recognition.

There is a range of advantages associated with the vehicle wraps, including enhancing the overall outlook your company vehicles rendering a professional look. Further, these wraps carry company information everywhere it goes.

Things to consider when designing lorry graphics for your business:

The Logo

The first thing you need to take into account is the style & design of your company’s logo. On a Lorry graphic, the logo is the something that instantly draws the attention of the crowd, therefore it is critical that the wrap design is in line with the logo appeal in order to have a seamless connection. Make sure the logo is not pixelated, and ensure it’s not hard to read, moreover doesn’t reflect badly on your brand.

Colourful Appeal

Numerous studies and reports suggest bright, bold colours have an uncanny ability to pull the attention of the crowd. Connecting the logo and the overlook graphics in a colourful scheme is the key to create stunning wraps those promote your business everywhere your company vehicles travel. Colours will let your business stand out in the crowd, further it make your brand easy to be found in the crowd of so many vehicles. Ideally, bright yet sophisticated colours are a way to reflect your company’s vision.

Contact A Professional

Yes, it is quite easy to get the lorry graphics printed, but it is of great importance to reach out to a reliable designer to create the graphics. Not just the expert designers have the skills & knowledge to create stunning graphics, but also the right arsenal of tools and equipment.

Picking The Right Size Is Vital

The vehicle wraps come in an extensive selection of sizes, ranging from small stickers stuck at the windows of the lorry to large ones those cover the entire vehicle. Selecting the right size is the key to establish the company vision is reflected, and achieve high ROI.

Be Consistent With The Use

 Fleet graphics will reap results for your business, only if you are consistent. This will establish your business among the market rivals. This, further, improves brand recognition and makes your company more professional.

In the end, to reap the above benefits it is of great importance to seek out for a trustworthy supplier of the van graphics. This will assure top quality and high durability.

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Can a Room Air Purifier Be Used in a Car?

The increasing pollution gives good reasons for people to consider moving homes to less polluted areas. Instead of relocating, you can consider other effective solutions like installing air purifiers at home. If every home has an air purifier, India can be a livable place – at least indoors. Just as it is important to keep the air inside your home clean for good health, it is equally important to keep yourself safe while travelling on the polluted roads of the cities. Are you wondering why not carry the same air purifier around with you rather than investing in another one? Well, it wouldn’t be the same thing. The purifier you use at home is not designed for use in the car and vice versa. There are several reasons for that:

Capacity of the Air Purifier to Purify the Surrounding Air

The dimensions and capacity of an air purifier for room are as per a typical room size and would be very much on the bigger side for a car. Carrying it around in your car would mean cramping up the space for the passengers. The size of the car is not as big as your home and it would definitely not be a comfortable journey with the ‘extra’ passenger.

Power Connection

Operating the room air purifier in the car will be difficult as you will not be able to give the kind of electrical connection it requires. The best you can use in the car is a car charger, which would be suitable for a car air purifier as it is designed for use in the car. But, a room purifier needs a wall socket as its power source. This factor rules out any possibility of a room air purifier being suitable for use in a car.

Impurities Present

The room air purifier is designed for capturing allergens and pollutants present in your home. The quality of air when travelling in a car has a very different composition. You cannot expect the room air purifier to work as efficiently to remove the smoke from the vehicles and the smell generated due to the heated rubber, which are the major pollutants in a car. If you use the right product in the right place, with the various models of an air purifier, India can also give you a healthy lifestyle, even in polluted big cities.

Noise Levels

An air purifier produces sound while functioning. The sound levels for the one designed for a room may not seem to be very high when used in the house, but the same sound levels in the confined space of a car will seem very loud and can be irritating. The car air purifiers are designed with sound levels suitable for its surroundings and should be used when travelling in a car.

Every appliance is designed for a specific purpose and trying to use it for another simply doesn’t work. If you try to modify the basic design to suit a different need, you will probably land up with a deformed product, which will be useless for either purpose.

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Nadine Gourkow Discusses the Best Fried Chicken Restaurants in Canada


Nadine Gourkow knows that almost everything tastes better when it is deep-fried. However, no ingredient tastes better from a bath in hot oil quite like chicken. When there is nothing else on the menu or at home, the easiest ingredient to work with is chicken. In fact, many chefs always put a chicken dish on their menu for the person that doesn’t know what to eat. There are hundreds of fried chicken restaurants in Canada and each is unique in taste, texture, and technique.

Fabulously Fried Chicken

If you are visiting any of these major cities in Canada, it is imperative that you make sure at some point this coming year that you take time to pick up some fried chicken from one of these restaurants.

  1. AnnaLena – Located at 1809 W 1st Ave in Vancouver you will find the finest fried chicken in the city. Their chicken batter has a buttermilk base and the pairing of it with hot mustard sauce makes it simply to die for. With each dish, you will find a mound of sliced turmeric and fried pickles. It may seem like it doesn’t go together but believe us, it does!
  2. Pizza Park – Yes, you read that right. If you think that you can only get Pizza from Pizza Park you are sadly mistaken. Located at 733 Bloor St W in Toronto, this pizza shop is giving fried chicken restaurants a run for their money. They will probably run out if you are trying to order it after a night out drinking, but if you know how to ask for it, the staff will prepare your drumsticks to order any time of day.
  3. Native Tongue’s – If you happen to be in Calgary and in the area of 235 12 Ave SW you can find yourself chowing down on some delicious fried chicken compliments of Native Tongue’s. Upon first looking at the restaurant from the outside you will not think that you will be able to find decent fried chicken in such a place. Native Tongue’s is a Mexican restaurant, but they serve the best fried chicken in all of Calgary.
  4. La Banane – In a restaurant that sounds like it belongs in Montreal, this Toronto based fried chicken restaurant at 227 Ossington Ave really does belong here. The chef perfected his recipe alongside a classically trained French Chef and serves up the crispiest fried chicken that you will ever sink your teeth into. This chicken is the only five-star chicken on this list and definitely worth a taste.
  5. Jollibee – With three locations to serve you in Canada, this Winnipeg based chicken restaurant is the biggest name on our list. They have two locations in Winnipeg and one location in Ontario. This is a Filipino fast food restaurant and by far the most shocking place you would ever expect to find fried chicken.


Nadine Gourkow loves fried chicken and wanted to share with you some of the best places that she has visited to get some finger-lickin’ deliciousness. If you feel she missed one of the greatest, don’t hesitate to reply to this post so she can try them out next time she gets a craving for fried chicken.


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Fashionable in Vogue Bridesmaid Dresses!

Visit our portal for charismatic, influential, varying bridesmaid attire the best in the fashion scene. Keeping the different personalities in mind we offer a twist in the traditional designs along with modern designs and are popular among all economic segments. We use different assemblages such as:

  • Gossamer tulles
  • Inventive silhouettes
  • Dainty beading
  • Super Embroidery and intricate ones as well
  • Subtle laces, sometimes numerous laces are used to organize single silhouette, at other times chock-full lace does the work
  • Applique and 3D appliques
  • Brocades
  • Silks
  • Chic cut-outs
  • Textural fabrications

Thus, the cut could be layering, styling or customization. You can make your brand by adding in embroidery or beadwork:

  • Your name
  • Date of wedding
  • Star sign and more

Our dresses are simply easy to adorn and functional. It makes the wearer cool and chic. Bridesmaid dresses can be bought off the shelf; our designs are such they never go out of fashion.

We understand your intentions and point of view and create attire. We even experiment with unexpected fabrics bringing the best mix and match for customers. You are at liberty to adorn our dresses and create an ideal look making you look sophisticated, sleek and tapering. From assertive necklines to elegant and exclusive minis, ball-gowns, simple gowns, midis, skirts and jumpsuits we supply all.

Our collection is not just fashionable it is cosmopolitan as well. Our gowns are voluminous some made from neoprene mesh; midis can be worn at a cocktail party, heavenly jumpsuits all within budget.

Our portal has focused on glamour,and even opulent visit us. We have an alert eye on innovation and have been praised those who patronized us. Our portal has become known through word of mouth. Our dresses are going worldwide.

We experiment with scale as well as shapes constantly giving our dresses a novel look which is trend setting. Even our cheap bridesmaid dresses standout and creates a wow-factor. It is because they have modernist slant and simple at the same time. Our craftsmanship is top-notch. Our conservative clientele also patronizes us. We wear designer dresses with long sleeves and high necklines with the material in different textures.

We experiment with hues, textures, beading and details giving the bridesmaid a perfect look. The dresses give rise to romantic reality. We have prints and design motifs in dresses with waistline and cuff. Flora and fauna in the dress highlight the garden and countryside effect. These dresses are in pastel shades. We understand the need for diverse clients and are prepared for their demands. The trend-setting fashion is what we have for all. You can expect to see:

  • Short, high and low sheath
  • A-line fit to size
  • Micro-pleating

You will never be dismayed to visit us. Our portal gives you the feeling of fresh,fashionable, sophisticated association. Go through our catalogue,and it will give you visual interest created through actual like display and versatility. Even the white collection and other single colour collections will fulfil your dreams. Visit our customer friendly portal and enjoy a great shopping experience.

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