Legal Translation VS Simple Translation: Understand the Difference

Legal translation is an extremely relevant activity for those who need to translate documents, whether of a personal nature or of commercial relations.

But this type of service cannot be performed by traditional translators. This is because, unlike a common translation, a Legal translation has legal value. To better understand the importance of the provision of services, according to Federal Decree number 13.609, of October 21, 1943, no foreign document is valid unless it is in a version translated by a public translator. As we speak here , Legal translation is performed when there is a need to translate different documents, adding judicial value to the paperwork, such as: diplomas, declarations, powers of attorney, certificates, etc.

The work of the public translator or Legal translation services provider is very important to attribute truth to the documentation. In other words, they are responsible professional, duly registered with the State Commercial Board, who faithfully reproduces the translation of the document. This activity requires full responsibility, therefore, the translation of these documents must be performed by specific professionals, qualified in Letters – Portuguese and Foreign Languages. The Legal translation is recorded in the translation book and is valid throughout the national territory. Hence the need for a public translator.

Legal Translation

In the meantime, simple translation dispenses with some of the formalities that make up Legal translation – among the most fundamental: it is not necessary to have a Legal translation certificate to do such a service. Here, the same care in the essence of the message must be taken. After all, technical texts, such as product manuals, can create a number of problems if they do not agree with the original text. Other types of texts that fall into translations classified as simple are books, subtitles, technical manuals, reports, etc.

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