Day: February 26, 2020

Different Types of Lingerie You Should Buy In 2020

Undergarments are basics, but when it comes to lingerie, they are an indulgence. Lingerie is an indulgence that every chick deserves- whether single or not. Since lingerie is the first thing that you put on the morning, you’d be surprised to see how good lingerie can set the tone for your day.


Putting on the right lingerie can give you an extra boost of confidence and happiness, be it for a date night, a formal occasion, or any other occasion that you want to make a little special. You should choose the right lingerie for your body size.

  1. Négligée or Babydoll

A negligee also referred to as babydoll, is a see-through dress that’s knee-length. It is usually adorned with ribbon, bows, or lace, and often made from nylon, chiffon, or silk. If you are looking for something comfortable to wear to sleep that still has glamour, you can choose a bright babydoll. A babydoll is also ideal for women who are generally shy but love wearing lingerie that doesn’t cling too tightly. You can get your babydoll dress online.

  1. Corset

Corsets are among the best sexy lingerie items you can buy in 2020. Initially, they were created for waist training and torso shaping. That’s because they fit comfortably and are lined with bone and hard materials.  Other than the beauty aspect of wearing a corset, there are incredible health benefits of wearing a corset.

  1. Camisoles

2020 has begun with setting new fashion trends and a camisole top along with tunic jacket are the best outfit choice. Camisoles are sleeveless innerwear with thin straps. These types of lingerie cannot be used as innerwear only; you can wear camisole as part of your everyday outfits. The beauty of camisoles is their amazing versatility.

  1. Bustiers

If you want to lift your bust, a bustier is the best option. Bustiers are strapless and provide a close fit to the body to shape your waist and add to your bust. They are also shorter than a corset and made of flexible fabrics.  Bustiers can be worn as a sexy top while a corset is meant to be worn as an undergarment.

  1. Chemise

Originally, a chemise used to be a simple shirt or vest which was worn under the clothes. The chemise’ are made of sheer material that gives a delicate feel. Chemises were designed to cover the dresses direct contact from the skin so there are no sweat patches that are formed. They are also worn as a nightwear during summertime as they are light and breezy and also make women feel sexy about themselves.

  1. Nightgowns

Many women cannot just find the right clothes to wear to sleep. Sometimes the clothes are too tight or not comfortable enough. Instead of the usual pyjamas, you can replace them with a nice, lacy nightgown. Nightgowns just like babydolls come in many sizes and types. You can choose a long or short nightgown, backless, or sleeveless nightgown.