Day: September 28, 2020

3 Symptoms That Could Mean You Have Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Mitral valve regurgitation refers to a serious condition where the left sided Mitral valve of your heart remains open and this is why the blood goes to the wrong side. This condition can decrease your blood circulation level and can stop the blood from flowing in the entire body. If this condition persists a person can report difficulty while breathing. According to the health professionals, if the valve remains untightened.

It can cause significant leakage in heart functions that is highly life-threatening. There are 3 key symptoms that could mean you are going through Mitral valve, such as

An abnormal murmur

According to the most number of health researchers, people who have such heart issues can experience an abnormal sound. It feels that the sound is coming directly from the heart but in most cases patients do not recognise such sound. These sounds can get spotted through a stethoscope easily. Persistency of such sound can be a serious indicator of heart issues like Mitral valve.

Persistent feeling of palpitation

One of the major and self-reported symptoms could be a persistent feeling of palpitation. Also a mild palpitation can sometimes turn into a sudden sensation of pain. People with Mitral Valve often report they are experiencing a feeling of palpitation while sleeping or resting. Also medical health professionals have stated that, ignoring such heart palpitation sometimes can result in more serious and painful symptoms like a sudden heavy feeling in the heart.

Breathing trouble

People with such serious heart conditions can experience trouble while breathing. This condition can become a permanent one if not treated early. Also the oxygen saturation level of such patients can fall down suddenly without any previous sign which is the most life-threatening symptom of this heart condition. We all know blood carries oxygen and when there is not proper flow of blood in your heart this breathing trouble can begin. Also people with mitral valve regurgitation have reported the experience of shortness in breathing. So if you are conflicting about your heart’s condition, breathing difficulties like these must be taken into consideration. Also this problem of breathing can be stubborn if you really have serious heart issues like this.

The above mentioned symptoms are most common and noticeable symptoms of heart issues like Mitral Valve. Also some people with this heart issue have reported experiencing no experience at all. The sign and symptoms can be varied from one person to another person. But a monthly heart check-up can detect such issues even when you are absolutely symptom-free.