Day: October 24, 2020

Why Street Bollards Are More Useful For Your Company Than You May Think

Many of us walk by street bollards without even realizing its actual purpose. Bollards are strong, vertical post mounted in or in front of a parking lot, facility or store front that acts as a safety barrier to protect pedestrians, property and products from vehicle-into-building-crashes, they are known as security barrier posts and are usually made of steel and coated with a primer to prevent itself from rust and corrosion. Now, street bollards are the ones that are placed in streets for multiple purposes, they can be used for traffic issues, they can be mounted outside shops, outside companies and many other places.

There are different types of bollards like Mooring and Maritime bollards, illuminated bollards, traffic bollards, bell bollards, removable bollards, flexible bollards, protective bollards, electric bollards and many more. Bollards can be found anywhere, especially on streets and there are ample uses of street bollards. There are certain classifications in street bollards also, like pedestrian bollards, cast-iron bollard, ram-raid bollard, concrete bollard, plastic bollards. We will look into some of the uses of street bollards for your company

  • Storefront security

Street bollards help in protecting the stores from getting ram-raided from burglars and also stops the burglar from destroying the store front. Because of street bollards, drivers cannot purposely drivers will not be able to ram their car in store fronts or other companies’ gates with the intention of glamourising it. It also protects the store from drivers unintentionally driving straight to the store front and causing damage.

  • Attractive to look at

All of them are not plain and colourless like a huge block of steel, some of them are particularly designed and coloured as they give a beautiful look to the store or the company building and also makes the buildings or the store stand out from others.

  • Prevents trespassing in private properties

Street bollards make sure that the public is aware of the private property owned commercially. Mounting them creates awareness in the public that a certain amount of land is owned privately and this prevents trespassing of various people.

  • Traffic control

It helps immensely in traffic control. It helps in sorting out the car parking in a restaurant or a shopping mall, it helps in car parking in a sophisticated and a non-haphazard manner. It helps in preventing a lot of accidents while car parking also.

There are a lot of ways in which street bollards help us, but we have never given a second thought about its uses whenever we pass by it. It is very useful for our company and for our workplace more than we know.