Day: April 26, 2021

Designing Your Old Types Of Kendama For New Game

Are you fond of indoor games? Then you might be thinking of chess or checkers. Kendama is a popular game toy that anyone likes to play. It is an easy time pass but needs a lot of skill, making the game enjoyable. The toy is colorfully painted and lively looking but with time becomes lustreless and demands a recoat of paint. If you have one of these that needs a quick paint coating, follow the steps to get the Kendama back with lively colors!

Variety Of Paints

The paint we choose often brings out different types of Kendama. Custom designs and paints are also the latest cultures. But the most used are:

  1. Wood Finish: The natural ken with polished wood finishing has no colors and gives a traditional touch. The wood absorbs the moisture and forms a tight grip.
  2. Glossy Touch: The fine glossy paint gives a smooth finishing and needs a lot of playing till it is properly fit. The manufacturers seldom use them, but their look is still in demand.
  3. Sticky Paint: Providing required friction and easy to perform tricks, sticky paint is best for any player. The rough surface promotes easy grip and hold.
  4. Rubber Deception: Though the look is silky and smooth, the grip is rigid due to rubber.

Painting Tricks

Best custom painting gives a classy finishing touch. Tricks and tips always help do the job with perfection.

  1. Use the spray cans for uniform layer application. Brushstrokes can end up in uneven coating.
  2. Scrape the surface before using sandpaper to remove the previous chipped layer.
  3. Leave every coating to hang around 20 minutes till it dries, and then apply subsequent layers.

The way of applying the paint changes the final look. There is plenty of paint and colors to try, so gear up the search and choose the best!