Day: December 8, 2021

Teal Swan – Spreading the Message of Authenticity with Her Books and Events

People today live with pretense, and they are afraid to accept or face the truth. Most men and women believe that ignoring the truth will bring them happiness in life. However, the opposite takes place. They are subject to immense pain and suffering as they are not their authentic selves, and this brings in the untold misery in their lives that they need to live with.

Teal Swan – Being true is the number one priority today

Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher from the USA and preaches on the importance of authenticity and emotional healing. She tours the globe and is a motivational speaker. She is the writer of six best-selling books and a published author through Hay House. She has a successful series on YouTube called Ask Teal that has more than 20 million views and a quarter-million subscribers.

According to her, life today is so fast-paced that people forget their authentic selves. The competition is high, and people are busy racing against one another. This makes them unhappy, and they face relationships issues both at home and work.  They lose sight of their goals, and this is how they become lost.

With emotional and spiritual healing, one can regain their true selves and get back on the path. However, the first step here is to be true to oneself. The bare facts have to be laid out on the table. It is uncomfortable for many and might be the same for the other person as well. However, this needs to be done for real relationships.

Truth cannot be forced – Its needs consent 

Revealing the truth should come from inside. It can never be forced upon someone. When you are willing and ready to reveal the truth, changes take place. For some, unraveling this truth might be painful and bring suffering. However, this pain is needed for liberation and joy. Coming face to face with the real truth is what you need to step into authenticity.

At the same time, suppression of the truth will not get you anywhere in life. The relationship you start or nurture is weak and can break anytime. There are cases when revealing the truth might give you opposite results- you might not experience pain and suffering. You get clarity and are able to see things clearly better than before to make the right decisions or choices in life.

According to Teal Swan, there are two camps under self-help and spirituality. The first camp embraces spirituality and self-help to feel good, and she is not recommended for them. She caters to the second camp, where people embrace spirituality to know the truth. They are ready to face the consequences as they are aware it will bring them closer to their authentic self, thereby inviting joy and freedom in the process.

Her vision is to bring positive change to the world. She believes that when everyone embraces the truth and becomes the authentic version of themselves, the Earth will become whole. It will be a much happier and better place to live for everyone!