Marc Accetta – What Are the Key Skills Needed for Network Marketing

Network marketing can be really overwhelming to newcomers, and they often land up making several mistakes. This affects their performance, confidence, and success rates. Direct selling is not a problem if you know the basic skills you need to boost confidence and profits.

Marc Accetta – Tips for network marketing success

Marc Accetta is the Founder of Marc Accetta Seminars and the Director of Training at WorldVentures -an internet-based travel company in the USA. He has led the company to over one billion sales in the past ten years across thirty- four nations in the industry with a unique system in network marketing training that he has perfected over the last thirty years. He addresses audiences live every month where he inspires people positively across the world with his inspirational and motivational talks.

Do marketing scripts help you boost your success rates?

When it comes to network marketing or direct selling, you will find companies that give you detailed scripts to assist you with the information and how to deal with customer objections. However, you first need to have active listening skills to know what the customer needs first for evaluating the person. Some people will want a solution to their problems and needs. You should check whether the product or service you sell offers them this solution or not.

Network marketing tips for success

The following are some network marketing tips that help you get the success you deserve when it comes to network marketing success-

  1. Make sure you focus on relationships with your customers, not just sales- Focus on building a rapport with your customers first. You must recognize what they want so that you are effectively able to match products to their needs. Make sure you follow up on your new prospects fast so that you build solid and new relationships quickly.
  1. Be sure to know your products- You should be well-aware of the products you sell to your customers. This gives you the confidence to sell the products effectively to the customer. Remember, as a salesperson, you should be passionate about the products/service you sell, and supporting it with knowledge enhances the rates of success.
  1. Customer database for your network- You can build and track your customer database to build and track your networks better. In fact, this database is a precious source of data that influences sales. You can use the database to communicate regularly with your customers and give them marketing material like e-newsletters and updates about the product or event.

According to Marc Accetta, you should always arrive early at an event and carefully plan the display of your products, the space for presentation, and the position for seats. Select a layout that helps your customer to maintain direct eye contact with your presence rather than one other in the room. Make sure you eliminate all the distractions present in the room. For instance, you can request the host or the hostess to shut the doors that let in external or noise inside the room.

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Why Should You Opt For  Real Estate Agents?

The real estate industry is huge and complex, with many players. It could be very challenging for anyone to manage and take advantage of all the opportunities available. And yet, this is what you should do if you want to benefit from the property market and maximise your chances of success in real estate investments. If you think you can go about things on your own, then perhaps it is time to think again, as this article will discuss five benefits that come with having an agent by your side when investing in properties. Here they are:

They Know Where To Find Affordable Property Deals

People who have been in the real estate industry for a while know that there are always good property deals. What’s more, they usually know where to find them. By having estate agents in Basildon by your side, you can benefit from this wealth of knowledge and get access to some great deals on quality property investments.

They Have Strong Relationships With Other Players In The Market

Another advantage of hiring agents is that they have strong relationships with other players in the market. This means that they can help you connect with key people who can help you move your projects along faster and smoother. It also means that you can get first-hand insights into what’s happening in the market and make better decisions as a result.

They Have Initial Investment Capital

If you do not have the money to invest in properties right away, then an agent can help you get the initial investment capital to allow you to move ahead. This is especially important if property investments are new to you, and so it makes sense to get started with seasoned real estate agents who have access to sources of funding and other resources.

Opt For  Real Estate Agents

They Know How This Market Works

This benefit is bound to stand out when investing in properties because it involves understanding a complex market. There are many different people involved in property investment processes, including developers, architects, contractors, and even lawyers, to name a few. And every group has its own needs and preferences. Having an expert guide lets you take advantage of these special groups to get things moving faster and smoother.

They Know What You Need As A Client

Lastly, estate agents in Basildon understand that clients come with their own specific needs and priorities – something that other players in the market should cater to if they want to secure a sale. This means that they can help people find properties that meet their unique needs and simultaneously fit their budget requirements. In this way, investing in real estate becomes easier and more rewarding for everyone involved.


Having an agent by your side can make the real estate industry a lot easier and more rewarding for everyone involved. Suppose you need help finding properties that meet your unique needs, want to take advantage of great deals on quality property investments, or are looking for someone who understands this complex market well. In that case, it is wise to hire a reputed real estate agent.

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Teal Swan – Spreading the Message of Authenticity with Her Books and Events

People today live with pretense, and they are afraid to accept or face the truth. Most men and women believe that ignoring the truth will bring them happiness in life. However, the opposite takes place. They are subject to immense pain and suffering as they are not their authentic selves, and this brings in the untold misery in their lives that they need to live with.

Teal Swan – Being true is the number one priority today

Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher from the USA and preaches on the importance of authenticity and emotional healing. She tours the globe and is a motivational speaker. She is the writer of six best-selling books and a published author through Hay House. She has a successful series on YouTube called Ask Teal that has more than 20 million views and a quarter-million subscribers.

According to her, life today is so fast-paced that people forget their authentic selves. The competition is high, and people are busy racing against one another. This makes them unhappy, and they face relationships issues both at home and work.  They lose sight of their goals, and this is how they become lost.

With emotional and spiritual healing, one can regain their true selves and get back on the path. However, the first step here is to be true to oneself. The bare facts have to be laid out on the table. It is uncomfortable for many and might be the same for the other person as well. However, this needs to be done for real relationships.

Truth cannot be forced – Its needs consent 

Revealing the truth should come from inside. It can never be forced upon someone. When you are willing and ready to reveal the truth, changes take place. For some, unraveling this truth might be painful and bring suffering. However, this pain is needed for liberation and joy. Coming face to face with the real truth is what you need to step into authenticity.

At the same time, suppression of the truth will not get you anywhere in life. The relationship you start or nurture is weak and can break anytime. There are cases when revealing the truth might give you opposite results- you might not experience pain and suffering. You get clarity and are able to see things clearly better than before to make the right decisions or choices in life.

According to Teal Swan, there are two camps under self-help and spirituality. The first camp embraces spirituality and self-help to feel good, and she is not recommended for them. She caters to the second camp, where people embrace spirituality to know the truth. They are ready to face the consequences as they are aware it will bring them closer to their authentic self, thereby inviting joy and freedom in the process.

Her vision is to bring positive change to the world. She believes that when everyone embraces the truth and becomes the authentic version of themselves, the Earth will become whole. It will be a much happier and better place to live for everyone!

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What Is The Benefits Of Organic Seo

Although it takes time and resources to optimize your website and small business content for SEO to increase organic traffic, acquiring organic traffic does not require expensive investment. Although the implementation and maintenance of SEO strategies will incur related costs, companies can increase website traffic and potential customers without buying advertising media. Natural search engine optimization can increase the visibility of your web content on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing without having to pay for pay-per-click advertising.

By focusing on natural search engine optimization, you can improve your online business through search. You will gain more visibility on Google (the most commonly used search engine on the web), and your business will benefit from all the looks on your SEO-driven pages. A higher SEO ranking will help you stand out from millions of other websites.

This means that the listings are displayed based on the keywords people are looking for. Search results, both regular and paid, allow potential customers to find your website and company when they are looking for similar products or services. For ecommerce sites, SEO analysis shows which paths users are taking to complete a sale, right down to the keyword you searched for before buying.

For example, you can view all the website users who bought the route, including the pages they interacted with, the keywords they looked up, and whether they followed certain actions. When optimizing your SEO efforts, you can use tools such as Google Search Console to better understand how people find you, your rankings, and where there is room for improvement. With SEO, you can track almost every aspect of your strategy, such as position increase, traffic, and conversions. With SEO, you can track changes in rankings, conversions, and website traffic.

In order to improve your search engine optimization efforts and increase organic traffic, you need to understand which keywords your target market uses to find your products, services, and businesses. You should consider different types of keywords, users’ search intent, and potential customers’ awareness.

Since SEO takes time to perfect, your site won’t be ranking organic on the first page from the start. If you have an awesome website with valuable content but still aren’t getting a lot of visits; then it might be time to use SEO.

With organic search, companies use SEO to optimize their web content for more visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. The entire SEO industry is built on organic search traffic to boost the organic rankings of website owners. So, by implementing organic SEO on your website, you are sure to get real visitors and traffic from real people, and not from search engine crawlers or automatic visitors.

An effective SEO campaign will attract thousands of website visitors, which, as you can expect, will lead to a drop in subscriber percentages. One SEO benefit that you probably want to achieve is to increase your email subscribers.

Email marketing, content marketing, social media and other channels can be your SEO strategy. If you encounter difficulties, please consider using the services of SEO content SEO experts to take advantage of this unique marketing strategy. An effective SEO strategy will help you deliver web pages to relevant audiences through relevant search queries.

Since the user is already looking for what you have to offer, organic visibility drives high-quality traffic to your site without trying to entice or convince the visitor. It’s important to note that SEO marketing draws in organic traffic from people looking for something on the internet, compared to paid search traffic that comes from showing pay-per-click (PPC) ads. While implementing an organic SEO campaign does not guarantee your business will become a household name, it can and will ensure that your site will rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs), which can drive more traffic to your site and more sales. Implementing organic SEO will increase your chances of ranking higher on Google, the number one search engine.

Organic Seo

By investing in SEO, you may get more traffic for the same keywords from advertisers. If you focus on the benefits of SEO, you will generate more traffic because on-page SEO factors will push your website to the top of the relevant ranking list. However, by focusing on natural search engine optimization, you can improve your search rankings for related keywords and phrases. This is why conversion rates are higher in terms of organic traffic, and why it is important to focus on natural search engine optimization techniques to help you improve your search rankings.

One of the biggest benefits of organic traffic is that it helps you rank high in the search results shown to customers interested in the products and services you offer. Ranking a website in organic search with SEO is a free way to drive visitors to your website. PPC helps your site to rank first among paid search results, while SEO organically does the same.

Website rankings at the top of paid search results and organic rankings on the first page give consumers more options to visit your website and build brand credibility. Organic visibility, which leads to increased website traffic, is a huge SEO benefit.

An effective SEO strategy can help you increase your ad money and invest it in better areas. Good SEO implemented for a brand site will have long-term positive results. If you strive to create useful high-quality content, make your site faster and more responsive, add backlinks and improve every page, you usually end up with a great website as well as search engine optimized. There are a number of techniques and strategies used in organic SEO, but in general it is about optimizing website creation, creating original content, and distributing content across the web.

Organic SEO is an online marketing strategy that consists of smaller sub-strategies, such as keyword research and link building, which can help your website rank high in paid organic and non-organic search engine results pages. Organic search optimization includes on-page and off-page SEO strategies, which can increase the relevance of search queries to achieve higher search engine rankings. Organic search engine optimization is a search engine optimization that uses organic strategies to get high rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Organic strategies use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your online image and increase the visibility of targeted keywords, which can give your small business a significant competitive advantage.

Organic SEO and inorganic SEO are two ways to increase website traffic; however, organic has the greatest benefit. Now that you know how natural search engine optimization works in the real world, you can better choose how to use this search engine optimization strategy to grow your online business. After all, you will also understand the key elements of a good organic SEO strategy, and therefore understand what happens when you use this type of search engine optimization to increase your site’s visibility.

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What Is The Use Of The Best Dog DNA Kit

Dog DNA kits are a must-have for anyone who wants to ensure that their furry friend is healthy and feeling great. These kits can help you identify the risks of serious canine diseases and get your dog on track for a healthier life. Get yourself the best dog dna kit, and treat your dog properly.Canine DNA tests are an important tool to test for inherited disorders, identify the carrier status of genetic defects, and manage health risks. You can also find out more about your pet’s breed by taking a test from one of the many companies that offer these services.

Why are dog DNA kits required?

Dog DNA kits are perfect for dog owners wishing to know more about their dog’s ancestry, breed mix, size, or weight. DNA test kits are available in different flavors depending on what exactly you are looking for. For example, if you want to find out your dog’s breed mix, you can order a kit that discloses the percentage of various breeds in your pup.

The use of a dog DNA kit is to determine the breeds of the dog. The kit will test for 16 different breeds. Each breed has an individual set of markers used to identify them in a dog DNA kit. This makes it easy for the user to find out which breed they have.

dog's origins

The 16 different breeds tested in this kit are American Staffordshire Terrier, Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Border Collie, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Dachshunds, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever, and Yorkshire Terrier.

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Advantages To Buy Iphone In Singapore

For many individuals worldwide, cell phones have become a need. Cell phones are becoming increasingly important for various reasons, including the capacity to communicate with family, business contacts, and access to email. Today’s technologically advanced mobile phones can do more than make and receive phone calls; they can also store data, take photographs, and even act as walkie-talkies, to mention a few of the features. Cell phones are an excellent method to remain in touch with people while also providing a sense of security to the user. Having a phone is a necessity in the present world, and there are ample reasons for you to buy iphone in singapore.

buy iphone in singaporeWhy should you buy an iPhone?

According to all information security organizations, Apple smartphones are more secure than Android devices. The gadgets communicate with one another naturally and unobtrusively. To connect the devices, you don’t need to download or install any additional apps; sign in with the same Apple ID on all of them. All devices can exchange photos, emails, notes, and calendars. Apps, movies, and books are also available on all your devices, so you won’t have to pay twice. The simplicity of usage of Apple phones is well-known. Their usefulness is based on a straightforward operating system: all programs are launched from the home screen. For instance, all of the options are accessible from a single menu. Even if you update to the most recent iPhone model, the operating system remains the same and is simple to use.


In a word, a smartphone is a necessity in the present world. Buying a smartphone essentially means buying a pocket-sized supercomputer.

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Nelson Partners Speaks on The Sudden Rise of Student Housing Real Estate Across the Nation

If you closely examine university and college campuses, you will find there is a mass exodus and influx of students every year. Right from the undergraduate to doctorate courses, you will find students coming in from across the globe and country to pursue their education. They need comfortable and affordable accommodation near their campuses to save money and, of course, travel time to and from the campus.  Besides these students, you should also take into consideration the staff who work in these educational campuses too like the janitors, the professors, the human resources and admin staff, even they too look for accommodation near the college campus to save time and money.

Nelson Partners – The demand for student housing real estate is rising

Nelson Partners is a strong name to reckon with in the student housing real estate market in America. This privately-owned company was founded in 2018 by Patrick Nelson, who has more than 14 years of industry experience. It manages over $400 million in assets with two new offerings close to the University of Northern Colorado and the Western Washington University and has its headquarters located in San Clemente in California.

Focus on college-going students

The properties have a special emphasis on college-going students, and they are located near some of the top universities of the USA. Nelson Partners offers customized services to meet the unique needs of all its clients. They collaborate with the owners of the property to understand what their objectives are and later add their expertise in property management to add value to real estate in the country.

The demand is increasing daily for student housing real estate

Every year, students look for accommodation, which is why they prefer to live in properties close to their campuses. Property owners are able to earn a lucrative income as students stay most of the time indoors studying. With the advent of the coronavirus and the commencement of online classes, students hardly go out. This means as a property owner; your occupancy rates are high. On average, a student studies in college for about two to five years, and if he/she decides to go in for a master’s or a doctorate degree, the stay is extended. This means you are able to accrue consistent income from the student during this period irrespective of economic downturns and the current pandemic situation across the nation.

Property management

Teaming up with property management experts means that you can focus on how these students live. Since they are students, they generally are not fussy about the interiors of the place, unlike the conventional renter. They want the basic amenities like a good speed wi-fi, kitchen, eating area, cooking space and a common space to meet their family and friends. The ambiance should be conducive to their academic needs.

When it comes to paying rents, it has been surprisingly discovered that they are responsible in nature. In case you still have doubts, you have nothing to fear as students come with a parent guarantor to ensure you get your rents paid on time.

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Joe Cianciotto Points Out the Prime Reasons to Consider Career as an Architect

Architecture is one of the only professions that allow people to use both their creativity and technical knowledge to create tangible structures. There are numerous people across the world who chooses to become an architect, including Joe Cianciotto. Architects leverage their knowledge to design new buildings, as well as extensions to preexisting constructions. They are highly in demand in the contemporary landscape, and often enjoy exciting, varied careers. Architects might work on individual buildings or even large redevelopment projects. They can also be involved in designing the surrounding landscape and spaces of a building.

Architects are trained in the art and science of building design. They plan and design structures, and may even have a role to play in their construction. Diverse types of structures one may see around them, starting from skyscrapers to quaint bungalows and parks to bridges, all of them are designed by architects. Hence, the demand for architects is present in all parts of the world. While Joe Cianciotto is based in a major city like San Francisco, some other architects can even work in smaller towns or exotic destinations abroad.  Facets of the role of an architect tend to be as varied and fascinating as their work.  There are many advantages of pursuing a career in architecture; here are some of the major ones:

  • One of the most amazing aspects of choosing architecture as a profession is to experience how the industry embraces creativity. Designing buildings by itself is a fulfilling and creative pursuit. Architects get the chance to leave their unique touch on the structures designed by them. One shall get a host of opportunities to expertly showcase their creativity and artistic talents while designing structures.
  • Architecture is a widely respected career option, which is high in demand. While many other job markets have become saturated today, the demand for architects is largely consistent. After all, people will always need buildings to work and live in. Moreover, an architect can earn higher salaries than many other professionals, if they manage to land a job in a good company. Many large companies across the world look for fresh architecture talent and ideas frequently, and offer pretty lucrative opportunities. Choosing to become an architect is ideal for anyone looking for a sought-after, high-income profession.

Owing to the many benefits of being an architect, a lot of people like Joe Cianciotto himself, walk on this career path.  It is a truly rewarding field of work that enables people to watch their ideas come to life and become a tangible part of the society, quite literally. One of the best aspects of being an architect is that their lifetime’s work that remains a part of the society for decades. People can leave a mark on the society they live in, by choosing to design parks, bridges, and similar structures.  More insight into the field of architecture can be found on the web.

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Selin Sakarcan Points Out the Signs That Indicates That a Person Should Visit a Podiatrist

Ankle and foot problems can be caused by chronic medical conditions like arthritis or diabetes.  Many daily situations like poorly fitted shoes or overuse of the legs can lead to temporary, acute pain. In both of these situations, it is smart to seek out proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations from a podiatrist. Podiatrist physicians like Selin Sakarcan offer a wide range of medical care for issues associated with the ankle, foot and lower leg. In addition to diagnosing and treating illnesses, they may also perform particular surgeries.

Many people tend to ignore foot discomfort as they feel that the condition might get better on its own with time. But this approach is highly unadvisable. In many cases, even minor issues lead to major problems, just because they are not treated and managed in time. It is smart to consult a podiatrist whenever facing any kind of issues that involve the foot and or ankle, no matter whether it is a sports injury or a joint pain.  Here are a few signs that indicate that a person may require the assistance and care of a podiatrist:

  • Swelling, pain or numbness in one foot: Suffering from occasional swollen or sore feet is normal, especially after running or walking for a long time. But having sudden pain or swelling in one foot for no apparent reason can be an indication of a severe issue, and hence would require a trip to the doctor.
  • Nail fungus: With the growing popularity of nail salons, the cases of fungal infection on toenails have increased quite a bit. If left untreated, these infections may cause the nails to become discolored and thick. In this situation, one may risk spreading the infection to other toenails as well.
  • Continuous heel pain: There are multiple factors that can lead to heel pain. A podiatrist typically performs an exam and uses x-rays to determine the root cause, and subsequently develops a treatment plan.
  • Sprained ankle or foot: Most people think that visiting an orthopedist is the best move when they have a sprained or broken ankle or foot. In reality a podiatrist has more experience treating foot and ankle injuries.
  • Reoccurring case of athlete’s foot: This is a common fungal infection that can be treated with over-the-counter creams or sprays. However, if an athlete’s foot keeps coming back, it is prudent to seek professional help.

Any person facing issues underlined above must try to consult an experienced podiatrist like Selin Sakarcan. She is a podiatric physician, medical resident, and foot and ankle surgeon. She served as the Student Body President at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine while being a House Delegate of the American Podiatric Medical Student Association. Alongside being a proficient medical professional, Selin also is a regular marathon runner and engages in a variety of sports.  Her personal experience has made her well-acquainted with various foot and ankle problems that might arise due to sporting activities.

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ReadersMagnet Underlines the Advantages of The Self-Publishing Process

The trend of self publishing is steadily picking up pace across the globe. This system allows authors to bypass traditional gatekeepers, and move on to publish their work on their own, with the assistance of self-publishing companies like ReadersMagnet. Today self-published books now account for approximately 30% to 40% of all ebook unit sales, which highlight the increasing prominence of this process. Many amateur and even well-established authors are opting for self publishing today.

Whenever indie author completes writing their book, they often face the confusion of whether to pursue self-publishing or try their luck with traditional publishing houses. Both of these systems have their own pros and cons. But in recent years, a good surge has been witnessed in terms of self publishing.  In the self publishing process, the author would be in charge of the entire publishing process. This includes printing, editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design, and book marketing. They might carry out each of these tasks on their own or seek out the assistance of a third party. After the book is properly edited and designed, it would be given to a publishing service company.

Many new authors might be overwhelmed by the tasks coming under the self publishing process. In this situation, it is prudent that they seek out the assistance of companies like ReadersMagnet. Since its establishment in 2016, this company has guided authors through the self-publishing process. They recommend courses of action, offer publishing and marketing package options, provide editorial services, and more.  By seeking out the aid of any such company, people would be able to get through the self publishing process smoothly and enjoy its advantages. Their advantages include:

  • Every book can get published swiftly: Books published by first-time authors or niche books are often considered to be risky investments by traditional publishers, and hence they do not publish it or keep delaying them. In self publishing, the entire process usually takes a few days or weeks at most.
  • Authors have complete creative control: Authors can always hire professional editing services and book designers who will properly understand their vision and create something that aligns with their viewpoint.
  • Higher royalty rates: Under a traditional deal, royalty sales tends to be somewhere around 7-25%. However, for independent authors, the number is close to 70%. Hence, they get the chance to get more money through the self publishing process than the traditional approach if they have the same number of book sales.

One of the best aspects of self publishing process is that it allows author to make a name for themselves. Hardly anyone becomes an author of best-seller overnight. If a person is a first timer, it invariably would be hard for them to attract traditional publishers. Putting their book out through the self publishing process allows first time authors to acquire fans and develop an email list, while proving their potential as a writer.

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