Day: June 16, 2022

Joon Faii Ong London Briefly Discusses The Tremors Caused by Parkinson’s Disease

People having Parkinson’s disease may suffer from a common symptom, shaky feet and hands. While these tremors are not disabling, they can be extremely frustrating and may cause issues in the daily activities of a person. Joon Faii Ong London has invented GyroGlove, a wearable device that has the capacity to mechanically stabilize hand tremors with cutting-edge aerospace-grade gyroscopes, and hence proves to be pretty advantageous for patients having Parkinson’s disease.

While there are multiple medical conditions that can cause tremors, tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease are a bit different from the most as they usually tend to be resting, rhythmic and asymmetric. Parkinson’s tremors happen when the muscles are still, and are likely to go away as the person moves. These tremors also lessen when a person sleeps. For instance, if a person is sitting on a chair with their arm relaxed, they may feel tremors in a hand. But if this hand is used to turn the page of a book or sip coffee then the tremor eases and may even stop. Parkinson’s tremors are not random spasms or jerks, they are slow and continuous. These tremors can start on one side of the body, but gradually spreads to both sides.

There are several parts of the body where one can have Parkinson’s tremors, including:

Parkinson’s tremors

  • Hands: Tremors occurring due to Parkinson’s disease usually start in the hands or fingers with a pill-rolling motion. This tremor feels like holding a pill between the thumb and index finger and rolling it back and forth. The use of GyroGlove created by Joon Faii Ong London can help people to manage tremors occurring on their hands.
  • Foot: A Parkinson’s foot tremor usually takes place when a person is lying down or sitting with their feet at rest. If the tremor moves into the thigh muscles, it might seem like the whole leg is shaking. Foot tremors tend to disappear after a person stands up or walks as they are active movements.
  • Jaw: Such tremors are common among patients with Parkinson’s disease and may look like they are shivering. Tremors in the jaw can become quite bothersome as it often makes the teeth chatter. If a person is wearing dentures, then it can shift or fall out due to such tremors. Chewing gum can help in easing such tremors.
  • Tongue: Even though it is rare, Parkinson’s disease may cause tongue tremors that cause the entire head of a person to shake.

A few people may even have to deal with internal tremors due to Parkinson’s. In such situations, the sensation of shaking takes place in the chest or abdomen, but cannot be seen from the outside.

Tremors are a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease, and a chemical messenger is known as dopamine usually plays a major role in such tremors. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is vital to varying bodily functions, including coordination and movement. Patients with Parkinson’s disease produce less dopamine, and therefore experience movement-related problems like tremors.

Dr. Kami Hoss on The Impact of Dental Health on One’s Overall Health

Most people take their oral health for granted and only visit a dentist when problems arise. This attitude is not a good one for overall physical health and fitness. It is high time people should wake up to the significance of oral health so that they can keep many associated bodily illnesses away with success.

Dr. Kami Hoss is an eminent expert in the field of dental healthcare in the USA. He is a DDS MS qualified professional and has a Master’s Degree in the field of craniofacial biology with a doctorate degree in dental surgery. He founded and established The Super Dentists twenty years ago with his wife. Today, this esteemed clinic is the biggest orthodontic and pediatric dentistry in San Diego, having over 180 professionals who serve over 125,000 patients.

Launching “If Your Mouth Could Talk” in May

May was a significant month for dental care as it is celebrated nationally during the month. It was on this occasion that he launched his book titled “If Your Mouth Could Talk” to help people understand how oral health had an influence on their lives.

He and his wife founded The Super Dentists in San Diego and today, it is an established name in the region.  His book has the main objective to spread awareness about oral health and its significance for a good quality life, without disease.

Enhance your lifespan with good dental care habits

Enhance your lifespan with good dental care habits

Regular oral healthcare adds more years to your life. In his book, Dr. Hoss shares essential, timely advice on how taking care of your dental health can prevent chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease, pregnancy and birth problems, and diabetes. Several oral illnesses like dental caries, oral cancer, and cavities result in pain and disability for several Americans in the USA.

In this book, he gives you an insight into how dental health issues, mainly periodontal disease, that is generally linked with several chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

An awareness of endocarditis

His book spreads awareness about endocarditis- that is the name of a serious infection of the heart valves’ inner lining or its chambers when germs like mouth bacteria spread in the blood to get attached to your heart. He examines research about clogged arteries that might be associated with inflammation and infections due to the presence of oral bacteria.

Importance of dental health for pregnant women

Pregnant women need to be cautious about dental care as it can affect their pregnancy. They are likely to give birth to premature or under-weight babies, if they do not take care of their oral health. Again, some respiratory diseases can be caused by poor dental care habits. The mouth bacteria can reach the lungs and cause breathing issues.

Dr. Kami Hoss speaks about several subjects in his book that many people are unaware of. His book aims to spread this awareness among people about dental health so that they can wake up to the fact that in order to have good health, they must pay attention to their oral health round-the-clock too!

Understanding Autism in Kids with Eminent Specialist – Dr. Curtis Cripe

Autism, known as “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD), refers to a complicated condition characterized by certain symptoms and skills present in the person. In some cases, autism might be a small problem; however, the person might require full-time permanent care in a special medical facility for life.

Dr. Curtis Cripe delves deeper into the subject of autism in children

Dr. Curtis Cripe is an eminent expert in neuro-engineering in the USA known for his invaluable experience in the field of neurodevelopment treatment and cognitive rehabilitation. He treats patients with autism, PTSD, addictions, and issues in behavioral health.

According to him, autism refers to a problem affecting a person’s brain development. Scientists are still researching deeply on the subject and are yet to discover its causes. They believe that many factors can cause autism, and one should look for its signs early in life. In some cases, some people develop autism genetically.

When do the first signs of autism in a child appear?

When do the first signs of autism in a child appear?

In some cases, the first signs of autism surface three years or earlier. Once diagnosed with autism, it stays for life; however, there are cases where some people witness minor improvements in their condition. For babies, the first signs of autism surface when they are 12 months of age, while in others, its signs might be discovered when they are 24 months of age.

Can an autistic child learn new things?

Just because a child has autism does not mean they cannot learn new things. Some children are able to attain their development milestones naturally by 18 to 24 months of age. In some cases, they might suddenly stop learning any new skill and even lose the skills they already learned before.

How do you know a child has autism?

It can be difficult for parents to know whether their child has autism or not in their early years. However, the following are some signs for them to look out for if they see signs of slow development or poor communication in their kids-

  1. Kids with autism generally avoid eye contact.
  2. They do not respond or reply to their names by the age of 9 months.
  3. They do not make expressions on their face when sad, happy, angry, etc. by the age of 9 months.
  4. They do not look at any object you point out to them by the age of 18 months.
  5. They do not play any interactive games by the age of 12 months.

The above symptoms are just some of the primary signs that might suggest your child has autism.

According to Dr. Curtis Cripe, if you notice any one or more of the signs mentioned above, do not be scared. Consult a specialist in the field to confirm whether your child has autism or not. If your child is autistic, you have full-time medical support and help. Compassionate doctors and skilled professionals will guide you at every step of your journey with your autistic child, so you are definitely not alone on your journey!

Anahuac Transport – Leaders in Bulk Chemical and Petroleum Liquid Product Transportation

If mismanaged, transporting bulk chemical and petroleum liquid products entails vast risks. Road transportation of these products should be done by credible companies who have the skills and training to take the products safely to the destination in time. If a poorly skilled company manages the transport, the chances of road accidents are high, and some cases can also be fatal.

Anahuac Transport – Experts in the liquid chemical and petroleum products across the USA

Anahuac Transport Inc is a leader in road transportation for bulk liquid and chemical products in America. This company, based in Texas, offers superior logistics solutions and transportation services. Irrespective of your needs, the expert team of professionals here will provide you with customized road transportation solutions as per your needs.

Proven track records of the company in the USA

This company has a proven track record and is a proven transport carrier for bulk liquid petroleum and chemical products in the nation. It focuses on reliable, secure, and efficient delivery of products.

Safe delivery of all your products

Eminent names rely on this company for the efficient and safe delivery of bulk liquid chemical products throughout America. The drivers of the company are highly experienced and trained in the field. They get extensive training on how to manage toxic chemical products safely. All the drivers of this Company are TWIC Certified.

Dispatch of your products round-the-clock

The company offers 24/7 full service and central dispatch. The committed team of experts is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient pick-up and delivery of your products.

Modern equipment

Several trailers in the company’s fleet are customized to meet their customer requirements. They have a wide range of trailers that allow them to transport a diverse range of chemical and petroleum products. Its goal is to reduce the cost and washes of trailers. It also dedicates trailers to its customers to eliminate quality issues that might arise in the future.

Tank Leasing

The company offers both short and long-term leases for tank trailers.

Customer service to all their clients round-the-clock

The fundamental goal of this company is customer satisfaction. The representatives of the company work hard to meet their customer’s needs. Potential customers can give a call to create a custom development to road transportation solution for their company.

Top notch training is given to drivers

Anahuac Transport offers initial and continuous training to drivers. Their drivers, on average, have more than fifteen years of valuable experience in handling chemicals that are hazardous in nature. Their experienced mechanics and facilities for maintenance to keep their fleet resources in quality operating conditions. All the safety gear and the equipment of this company exceed and meet all the standards and regulations of DOT.

The company has insurance, and one can contact the professionals to find out its details if they are interested in them for their bulk chemical and petroleum products via road transportation. Lastly, in the event of an emergency, the company has an extensive plan for emergency response that the team of experts can activate round-the-clock!