Day: April 8, 2023

Being A Handyman Jobs In Raleigh

Handymen, also known as fixer, are those people that are skilled at repairing things around the house. They generally do repair work or maintenance work around the house. handyman jobs in Raleigh can be paid or non – paid. When a person is being paid for his skill, they have generally mastered it and do it so professionally. But, they do turn out to be pretty expensive. Therefore, in today’s times – people prefer being a handyman themselves.


A handyman does various jobs such as carpentry, cleaning, painting, repairing, installations, remodelling, etc. They generally work along with a company who give them various projects to complete. In India, for that matter, most of these jobs are professionally done by people as India is a labour – intensive country. We are completely dependent on them for the smallest of tasks such as fixing a faucet or to even painting our house.

But from my travels around the world, I have noticed that this isn’t the situation everywhere. In places like USA, UK and Australia – the labour isn’t cheap and hence, people are left with no option but to DIY it. They want to save the extra money and hence find a way to get their task done.

In India since labour is cheap and lives are moving at a fast pace, people want to allocate their work to other people. Nobody minds paying that extra share of money if their work is getting done. In some situations where a professional is needed to complete the job, it definitely does make sense but to call a person just to change your lightbulb, is that truly needed?

I personally believe that each individual should be equipped with the basic skills needed to fix things around their house. One shouldn’t feel that this work is for someone from the less fortunate, or I am too superior to get this job done. They should feel that the minor jobs that don’t need a professional handyman’s help can be done by them, and the major tasks can be given them.

Being a mid – 20s woman in India and seeing my father call people to get the work done but my brother do the basic work at home has made me hopeful of a better future that probably the next generation will believe in dignity of labour and independency. The future young kids will learn that no work I small or big for anyone, and be equally skilled to run their houses.