3 Pro Tips to Save Money on Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Buying freezers and refrigerators for your restaurant needs significant research along with basic knowledge of high-grade cooling equipment that’s a must-have for every bar or kitchen.

While there are several brands to choose from—some selling for dirt-cheap prices—first-rate commercial refrigeration that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars in repair and maintenance comes at a premium.

If you’re willing to invest in the best refrigeration products to get your kitchen up and running, here are three tips to save money in the long run.

Buy stainless-steel refrigerators

This is one area where you should not think about cutting costs. When looking around for refrigerators and freezers for your restaurant kitchen, stay focussed on equipment that’s made of high-grade steel both inside and out.

Of course, aluminum and plastic interiors will save you some money now, but they will wear out much sooner than steel interiors. If you’re in the feeding business for the long run, invest in top-quality equipment that won’t give up on you anytime soon.

Buy only well-insulated equipment

Purchase only premium equipment for your commercial kitchen. And while you’re at it, ask if the equipment you’ve shortlisted has robust insulation, at least two inches thick if not more. Freezers with proper insulation with a thick layer of high-quality foam may cost a little more than substandard equipment, but they will help you save substantially on your yearly energy consumption; plus, they will keep the food fresh for longer, which means even more indirect savings for your kitchen.

Ask the vendor if the refrigeration unit you have chosen has sprayed-in foam layering or large chunks of foam fitted into the sides of the unit. Sprayed foam insulation is anytime better, as it provides sturdy and seamless insulation with low risk of leakage.

Buy from a wholesaler

Sourcing your commercial kitchen equipment from retailers can cost you thousands of dollars more than it would to purchase from a wholesaler that specializes in such equipment.

Buying from many different wholesale traders doesn’t make business sense either, because with small orders they won’t be able to pass on the bulk-buying benefits to you. So whether it is cooking and refrigeration equipment you’re looking for or other supplies such as furniture, tableware, or food prep tools, strike a deal with one good vendor and build a long-term relationship for greater incentives.

For genuine and high-quality restaurant supplies that won’t break the bank, buying from an online wholesale restaurant supplies store is worth exploring. It will not only save you money in discounts and dealer-only offers, you’ll have the convenience of everything delivered to your doorstep.

Remember to buy from a trusted online seller only.

Lastly, keeping our refrigeration equipment in fab condition requires regular maintenance and timely servicing. There are some things that your staff can do on their own—such as keeping the units clean at all times, maintaining optimum temperature, giving a weekly deep cleaning, etc. For professional maintenance, such as checking for leaks, it’s better to call in the experts from time to time.