3 reasons you should use Scripbox’s app to start and manage your mutual fund investments today!

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Growing money is all about knowing and learning what is important. Planning in the right way for the goals, and how one can achieve them plays a major role. Scripbox is a mobile app that helps the customers to invest and achieve their financial goals.

Scripbox is the application that brings the best of financial advisors right in one’s cell phone. There are a few sections in this app that is of learning and planning. The learning section helps the customers in improving money skills through their various articles. The plan section, on the other hand, helps the customers to take a check up on their wealth, help them calculate their taxes, decide where they should invest their money, how much money they will require for retirement and various other financial advisories.

Mutual funds are generally managed by asset management companies. There is an asset manager who has a clear understanding of how the capital market works. The main motive of a mutual fund is to let the customers invest in various asset classes. The following write up is going to talk about the reasons why you should use Scriptbox’s app to manage your mutual fund investments.

Why use Scripbox’s app?

  1. Investments that are professionally managed

Scripbox helps beginners with the biggest advantage of investing in mutual funds. The customer need not worry about the timing of the market or even constantly monitor which companies are performing well in the business sector, Scripbox automatically monitors and present reports to the user of the same. The biggest help of this feature is that it takes off a great burden of decision making from the shoulders of the investors. The only decision the investor has to make is to choose which funds to invest in. This app with this feature not only saves time but also creates a clear path for the investor to invest their money in.

  1. Calculating multiple investments

As an investor’s portfolio is filled with mutual funds returns, the Scripbox app through its mutual fund SIP calculator calculates portfolio returns for its investors. A small return calculation can derive the percentage difference between the purchase value and the current value. However, if the investor uses time-weighted returns, the duration of the invested account will be taken into consideration. This is the method that can accurately reflect the returns while making multiple investments with the help of the mutual fund SIP calculator. To know more about the free mf SIP calculator, one can visit the Scripbox app.

  1. Planning systematic returns

The SIP feature of the Scripbox helps in making a systematic investment plan that lets the investor invest a fixed amount periodically in a mutual fund. In other words, if an investor starts a SIP of a fixed amount, then every month, that much amount of money is going to get transferred to the mutual fund right from the investor’s bank account. Thus, the SIP feature of the Scripbox provides an automated investing plan. After investing, the mutual fund SIP calculator offered with the Scripbox app calculates the returns.  by the help of compound interest. The investor needs to enter the amount they wish to invest every month and the mutual fund SIP calculators automatically calculate the returns and eases the process for the investor.

There are a lot of reasons why one should use Scripbox for managing their mutual funds. Instead of making recommendations for new sets of mutual funds, Scripbox uses a practical method to select various portfolios for equity mutual funds for every year. The owner does earn a commission but this role of selecting portfolio has nothing to do with that. The app is available on Playstore as well as App Store.