4 Bras every woman must own

Women are blessed with breasts in all shapes and sizes and each one of them need love and support, quite literally.  So here are the 4 different types of bras you need to have in your closet for different occasions. Get these bras even before you buy women shirts so you have the right foundation for your outfit.

  1. T-shirt Bra

As the name suggest, t shirt bras are perfect to wear under tight fitted and figure hugging t shirts with ease. They are built in a way that the cups of the bra are moulded smoothly generally with a thin padding. This makes it very smooth so when you wear it under your fitted clothes it gives a smooth appearance with no lumps and bumps peeking through. While picking a t shirt bra, go for a blended cotton fabric so that it is comfortable to wear all day but also holds its shape well for a long time. They are an absolute staple for college going girls and working women as you can wear them under any clothing without a worry.

  1. Sports Bra

Every woman needs a sports bra regardless of whether she hits the gym every day or plays an actual sport. Sports bra gives your breast the optimum support during vigorous physical activity. This bra reduces the movement of your breast when you go running around. Their thick straps are perfect to hold in your boobs when during physical activity. This bra is perfect for women with a heavier chest as they give the most amount of support which alleviates discomfort not only in your chest area but also helps in reducing shoulder and back pain caused by the thinner straps of a regular bra. There is a common misconception that women with smaller chest do not need the support of a sports bra even during the gym. This is a complete myth as your chest ligaments get damaged over time with rigorous physical activity without any support. What more? Sports bras now come in really pretty and bright colours to choose from so you can look pretty and feel comfortable at the same time.

  1. Lacy Bra

Going on a date with a potential of some bedroom action later? Wearing a dress with a low neckline? Or want to feel feminine and flirty under your button down? A pretty lace bra is the answer to all of these. Lace speaks of femininity and elegance and when made into a bra, it is one item that make you look and feel sexy in a jiffy. Lace bras are great to wear under mesh and sheer tops as well as under shirts and tops with a low neckline. A little peek-a-boo of your lace bra from underneath your top is as sexy as sexy can get. So pick one in your next stylish bra online shopping.

  1. A Multi-way Bra

If you are a trendy fashionista, then you obviously have a closet full of clothes with different neckline and styles of sleeves. This calls for a multi way bra. You can adjust the straps of this bra to go under strapless, backless, one shoulder or a racer back top with complete ease. So, you actually get the benefits of at least four bras in just one bra!