5 Best Computer Maintenance Tips You Should Not Miss

In this techno-digital era, computers have become an integral part of our lives helping us perform various tasks, ranging from catching up the latest news to running an entire company. However, to ensure your system’s longevity, regular maintenance is mandatory. Performing a full maintenance inspection on your PC not only keeps it functioning properly, but also ensures safety and security from potential virus attacks. When all said and done, you’ll probably be wondering how to maintain your PC to make it faster, right? Well, it’s quite easy. In this post, we’ve compiled up some computer maintenance tips, which will help you speed up your slow computer. Let’s get started.

  1. Keep Your PC Clean

First thing you must do to keep your PC running smoothly is to make sure that the monitor and peripherals are clean. It’s recommended to wipe your monitor frequently, eradicate dust from keyboard, and keep the mouse clean. Dirt often jams the ventilation ports, which in turn increases the system temperature leading to poor and sluggish performance. It’s worth notable that you should keep your computer away from liquid. If you want to clean it with liquid, spray the liquid on to the cloth instead of spraying it on the monitor or peripherals. Also, bear in mind to keep your CD or DVD drive clean as it’s equally prone to ravage of dust like other parts of your system.

  1. Keep Your System Updated

Do you often see pop-ups on your system for updates like ‘Update is ready to install’? If so, don’t dismiss them without even realizing that it could be vital for your computer. Make a habit of keeping your Windows version and other installed programs up to date on your desktop or laptop. Various updates come with better security as well as bug fixes, helping your PC work efficiently and smoothly. Keep a check on the latest updates and install them once they release. Also, you can activate automatic download and installation of Windows updates on your desktop or laptop.

  1. Install an Antivirus Program and Keep It Updated

The next tip among our best computer maintenance tips is to install an antivirus program on your device. It prevents your PC from ill effects of viruses, spyware, malware, and Trojan horses. You can enabled automatic antivirus scan if you don’t find manual scanning feasible. Moreover, ensure that you keep antivirus updated as newest updates come with notable enhancements over the earlier versions.

  1. Think Before You Download Anything

Most of us download software, songs, movies, games, videos, and other files from the Internet on a daily basis. However, these files can damage your computer, making it slow down. So, make sure you download every software from trustworthy sources. Don’t download and install any unknown programs on your device.

  1. Remove Unwanted Programs

In case you’re using your system from quite a long time, chances are that there will be many programs which you don’t remember even exist. Take some time to remove or uninstall such files from your device to speed it up. Ditching useless programs not only frees up your storage space, but also improves the processing time of your computer.