5 Things to Consider Before Creating an Outdoor Playground

5 Things to Consider Before Creating an Outdoor Playground

Aside from physical health, mental health benefits are also the reason for encouraging kids to play outdoors. It isn’t hard or expensive to create an outdoor play space that your kid will surely adore. Take time on thinking about the resources and areas that’ll engage them in outdoor play.

When designing a new outdoor playground, there are common issues to take into consideration. Here are a few:

The Location of Play Area

Whether it is for the community or a backyard playground, consider how far the play area is from the public road or is there a need for children to cross a side street where there might have car traffic. It is important to plan on the location that has easy access to all.

The size of the playground depends on the planning phase. Create a rough draft of your plan and design on where to place the outdoor equipment.

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Provide Interest to Natural Elements

Children love spaces to move and play freely. Encourage them to range their movements with outdoor playground equipment, toys, and resources for hopping, jumping, climbing, sliding and swinging. Adding spaces for sensory play will improve their brain development.

Have spaces where kids can creatively, imaginatively gain curiosity on natural elements like helping to tend a mini garden.

Playground Equipment Installation

The most crucial factor in planning and creating a playground is the playground equipment to put up. Make it a point to provide an opportunity for an active play.

There is outdoor playground equipment for sale that children will love. This equipment promotes physical activities like a trampoline and inflatable castle jumping, swing and slide sets, climbing frames, monkey bars, furniture and games, and messy sandboxes.

Bring adventure to your playground and encourage your child to stay physically active and let their imaginations run wild.

Quiet Spaces or Shades

You should also consider constructing quality cubby houses for children to rest from different playing experiences. A great shade will protect your child from the harmful effect of direct sunlight. If there’re no trees around the playground area and the area is not big enough to construct cubby house, provide chairs and tables with umbrellas.

Safety and Security Measures

The primary concern in creating a playground is the kid’s safety. Make sure that the outdoor playground equipment is correctly installed and in flat surfaces. Have regular inspection on the apparatus and proper care should be given especially on the changing climate condition. Provide space or cabinet with the first aid kit ready in case of unexpected injuries and falls.

Installing CCTV provides supervision, but what’s more appropriate is having someone to tend and look after your child while playing in an outdoor playground.