5 Things To Consider When Making A Long Lasting Bag

5 Things To Consider When Making A Long Lasting Bag

When making a printed bag for your business, there are several elements to consider. Not only is the material of the printed tote bags crucial to the design process, the overall colour theme, size and shape are also crucial. In this article, we are going to look into 5 elements you should consider when designing your own bag for life for your business.


The first element to consider when making a long-lasting bag is the material that it is made from. If you are looking to make a bag for life, then you are less likely to make the bag out of paper and are more likely to be made from either a fabric material or a combination of woven synthetic fibres and plastic. This will create the strong material that you need for your bag for life, as well as allowing there to be a suitable service to print on.

Print Quality

When making a bag for life it is also important to consider the print quality. If you have a fabric bag, then the likes of screen printing or transfer printing may be better suited than spot colour printing that can be used on synthetic fibres. This is important to determine early in the design process as this will help you to make the best quality bag for life regardless of the turnaround time that you have. This is particularly important if you are printing seasonal bags for Christmas, Halloween, Easter or even the summer period as you can print them in bulk with a quick turnaround, without compromising on the quality.

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Once the print has been successful, it is important to look at the handles. If your bag is extremely high quality, you are more likely to encourage those who purchase one to re-use it. By making the handles much thicker and of a woven fabric, you are adding significant strength thus ensuring that the bag lasts longer. This should be one of the main considerations when designing as this will determine the product lifecycle as a low-quality bag is much more likely to be thrown away.


Another way to ensure that you can encourage users to reuse a bag over and over is to make it practical. By adding pockets to a bag that is large enough for a phone or additional items, you can encourage someone to re-use this every day. The pocket could even be located on the inside of the bag to add a practical element and not distract from the outside design on the bag.


The final aspect to consider is the design. With the pattern and the overall colour theme playing a significant part in the selling process of a bag for life, the overall design and print are worth considering. If you create a bag with a relatable quote or a unique character, you are likely to sell more and encourage buyers to reuse this item multiple times. If the design is boring or plain, this can deter purchases and can give the wrong impression of the business and can lead to a damaged reputation.

Whether you are making a printed bag for your start-up business or you are looking to try new avenues in order to market your business, a printed bag can be the [perfect option for you. Will you make your own in 2019?