5 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues When You Live Alone

During winter the winter blues can be a problem especially for the elderly and those who live alone. Here we look at 5 ways in which they can be avoided.

The dark mornings, cold weather and darker evening signal that winter is well and truly here and with it the coldest months can unfortunately bring the winter blues. Whilst the winter blues may not be a clinically recognised diagnosis, according to live in care hub, and many experts within the health industry it is a fairly common phenomenon that affects many people. Winter blues can lead to people feeling more down than usual, sad and have less energy.

Whilst winter blues can be a challenging time for many, especially those who live alone, there are a number of things that you can do to help you avoid them.

1.Get moving

Exercise, even a gentle stroll can be a very beneficial way of boosting your mood. Whilst it might be cold in the winter, wrapping up warm and going for a gentle stroll, even if you just pop to the shops can be a great way to help avoid the winter blues.


It can be tempting as the weather gets colder to ignore the alarm clock and stay in a warm and cosy bed, but this will only encourage the winter blues to take a hold. Instead set your alarm and get up and dressed, sticking to the same routine can be really beneficial to your overall health. If you use a homecare service, then sticking to a routine is also important as your visits will tend to be at the same time each day.

3.Connect with others

Being on your own can make it difficult to be motivated, join a club, get out and meet new people and try new activities. Being around others in this kind of environment will not only provide you with much needed company but also can help to banish winter blues and give you something to look forward to.


There is nothing better for making you feel positive than laughing out loud, so if the weather is really bad and you cant leave the house put on your favourite comedy film, sit back and enjoy the laughter. If the weather is okay then you could always go to the cinema with friends to watch a comedy film, laughing with others is an even better way to beat those winter blues.

5.Invite people over

If you struggle with low mobility and find it difficult to leave the house, then why not invite friends or family over for a get together. It doesn’t need to be anything special if fact even just a cup of tea and a slice of cake is a great way to get together with others and the company and conversation can be a really good way to feel more positive.