5 Ways to Win More Social Media Management Clients

Social media is now one of the premier methods to advertise products and services. Even the smallest businesses will have a page on Facebook or an account on Instagram, at the very least.

The thing about social media advertising is that it is deceptively simple when in truth, it requires a lot of thought and energy.

Gaining business can be an uphill battle, especially when newly starting out. Follow these tips to get ahead of the game and build your clientele.

Grow Your Network

You probably do not need me to tell you that networking is your best friend. Getting connected with other people and letting them know about your social media management business is the first step to getting more clients.

Let your friends and family know more about your work as they can help to spread the word. Word-of-mouth is very powerful, and your previous clients can help to do the talking for you. You can establish a referral system that benefits you and your clients and also builds your base too.

Keeping a blog can also attract people to your business. Whether they are potential or previous clients, things like email subscriptions can help to gain more transactions and remind people of the services you offer.

Partner Up

Assess what services you provide to your target demographic and think about what other help your clients may need. Cooperating with other businesses that offer these services may gain you more clients.

For example, your potential client may also need help with graphics and design, blog content and others that you do not provide. Having a partner in these fields can broaden the horizons of you and your partner.

Be Prepared

Convince your potential clients that they need you in order to maximise their own business. You can do this by having a battle plan ready when you go into negotiations with them.

Get to know what they require to boost their social media and design your would-be strategy to match. This will impress your clients while showing them your sincerity.

To ease the burden on yourself, having different templates like event proposal templates, posting schedules, and the like can save time. Showcase your skills and illustrate to them that not getting your help would be the same as missing out on better business and better branding.

Seminars and Workshops

Winning more clients requires you to showcase your skills and services to as many people as possible. Do this by hosting a seminar or workshop. This can be done online or in-person.

Ideally, whatever you host should be free of charge, but, understandably, this might not be feasible for everyone. A low nominal fee or no fee at all will encourage people to participate and heighten your exposure.

Once you have successfully completed your webinar or workshop, do not forget to do follow up. Contact participants to find out whether they enjoyed your event and what you can improve on.

Beyond that, update them on what you are currently doing, letting them know what services you have now or have recently added. Make sure that both clients and non-clients know what you have been up to.

Utilise Social Media

Being in the field yourself, you should know how powerful social media is. Managing other people’s pages should not mean that you can neglect your own. Potential clients may assess your own social media pages and their success before deciding on hiring you.

Social media can also help you find and contact more clients. Facebook groups, Twitter pages and Instagram profiles can lead you to more and more people to contact. These networks also give you a platform to communicate with potential clients.

You should encourage engagement and communication with you through private messages, hashtags and more.

When using social media togain for more clients, be sure that your client process is streamlined. This will aid you in accepting more jobs rather than overburdening yourself in the long run.

Image Pexels License CCO