Are Online Conferences The New Normal?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to all sectors around the globe. Online events are the new trend and are here to stay. Virtual or online meetings are based on a certain aim and help people connect with each other regardless of geographical boundaries.

Regardless of the industry that you are associated with, there sure will be a moment when everyone gathers for a meeting. For this, some have to travel to make it to the conference. However, not only is that time-consuming but isn’t a sustainable choice as well. Online meetings have emerged as a much better alternative offering unified communication and numerous advantages.

Listed below are a few of them:-

Saves Time

When a physical meeting has to be conducted, a company has to spend a significant amount of time in finding an appropriately-sized conference room, planning the entire event and managing those who are unable to make it on time. However, online meetings eliminate all such factors. Employees can connect with each other from the comforts of their home-office without having to travel. Not only does this save time but is also an efficient way of working.

Recorded meetings

While old boardroom meetings are still quite popular, employees often are left confused if something was discussed in the prior meeting. Online conferences make it possible to record every meeting easily. This helps in ensuring that even if something was missed, it can be addressed with the help of a simple review of the recorded meeting.

Boosts productivity

For businesses that have allowed employees to work-from-home, online meetings can help boost productivity. This is because employees wouldn’t have to drive to their office which in turn will save a lot of time. The time saved can go towards boosting productivity.

Sustainable choice

Unless a sustainable land-based solution is available, travelling to attend a conference especially clients who are based out of the country and would be flying largely can contribute a large percentage to the carbon footprint. Online meetings are a sustainable choice and allow everyone to attend the meeting from wherever they are based.

Cost saving

Arranging for a large conference can be a costly affair. From hiring a venue to supplying food and drinks for all, getting the signs printed and ensuring that every need is met can be rather expensive. Adding onto that are the creative and marketing costs. This should come as a no surprise that more and more companies are slowly but steadily shifting to online meetings solely for cost saving reasons.

While of course you may have to invest in training and software, those costs compared to a physical event are rather negligible making online meetings a viable choice.