Assign your players before starting the game

dynamic nature of the game

Though there are only 2 in a pack, you can buy multiple packs to play in larger groups. You can also split yourselves into 2 teams and play against each other, no matter which packs your blasters have come from. The blaster will shake with every shot and lights and sounds both add the dynamic nature of the game. You can see when you are down to your last 10 tags with the light panel on the side and you can reload at the flip of a switch. To start a game, assign your players and hit the trigger to set the countdown clock. With a range of over 35m, the laser tag set is brilliant for outdoor as well as indoor play.

blaster settings

Reloading time:

You can create teams and them more blasters you have, the more people can play and fun you can have. There is no limit to the number of guns you can add so the more the merrier. Switching between blaster settings means that you can change up your play time. Each setting offers different damage, range and reloading time so that you can edit the gameplay to suit your players and style. Changing up your games using the settings will ensure that you are using different skills in each game with the laser tag set.

Spontaneous play:

 It also means that you can make the game easier or harder depending on the age of the players. For example, younger players will want to be able to reload quickly and carry on where older players may be more challenged by the waiting time. As you don’t need to put on a vest, these blasters are ideal for spontaneous play and require no preparation beforehand. Just switch them on, pick your team and get going. This is great for young kids who want to have a quick game before you go out, though less good for parents running on a schedule. To reload your ammo, you need only tap the butt of your blaster and wait for the sound that indicates a successful reload. You can also see your health status on the side of the blaster.