Beta Testing Group For The Twitter Users To See The Upcoming Features

Twitter is thinking of launching some new features. This time the platform is openly asking its users to involve themselves with the test groups to provide their experience and what they think about it. The main features are related to the conversation threads. Twitter is trying to make it more convenient and effective for the users.

What are the new features about ? :

The conversational improvements involve color coded replies which are used to highlight some of the important replies the user wants to. This specific feature is the only one which has been made public while other features which are in the working mode are still only restricted to Twitter’s beta testing group. Normal users are allowed to take part in this testing group.

Some other features which the platform has talked about it but did not confirm it yet. The update involves with the editing of tweets. CEO Jack Dorsey shared some of his views about this specific update that they are figuring out the solution for the editing of tweets without changing the essence of the platform.

How to get in the testing group ? :

Users can apply for this group through the link which they can find it on the internet. There will be a form which the user has to fill. Few important questions will be in the form related to the languages the user speaks, where the user lives and the device which the user primarily uses on.

It will depend on the changes which the platform is bringing on like there will be few updates which the platform will not consult with the users in the testing group. Time will tell how many changes are being pushed into the beta testing group.

Potential of the platform:

Twitter has a great potential because it has so much to try right now as compared to other social media platforms. There are thousands of twitter followers that can respond to new stuff. It has been working on different things but the platform it still hesitant to involve those changes without ruining their core values. This is the reason Twitter is now being open with their changes. They are allowing users from all over the world to collaborate with them to make this platform even better.

There is a downside for this approach as it slows down the whole process of bringing on new updates to the system but still if they act urgently without consulting from the users then it will not look good. Twitter has to find the middle ground into this matter to find peace with the users and with the business side.

Other issues:

The platform is still tackling the issues with the policies. There have been many cases where users got suspended and even permanently banned for vague reasons which is the reason many people criticized it. Jack Dorsey has talked about it in his recent interviews and said that his platform will try to make everything clear for the people.