Buy Black Tea Online for a Healthier Lifestyle

There is a lot of evidence that prove that tea is very beneficial for our health and is useful in fighting against cancer, stress and heart diseases. In the recent years green tea has gained a lot of attention in the Western world, where as black tea has always been a popular drink all over the world. When you are familiar with black tea, only then you can make out the difference with others.

Black tea, when compared with other forms of tea like green tea, has a heartier flavour which easily draws the attention of an individual with its intriguing taste. China produces the variety of black tea in both sweet and spicy flavour; it also has black tea with chocolaty and orchids flavour which makes it different from other brews.

Differences in preparation of various teas:

It is very interesting to know that although all types of teas are obtained in the same type of plant but the way of preparing green, black and oolong tea is different from each other. Black tea is fully fermented whereas oolong tea is fermented partly. There are also herbal teas which are made from leaves, bark, flowers, other part of plants and seeds, but all kinds of teas are beneficial in some way or the other.

Is black tea as healthy as green tea?

All teas are derived from camellia plant which contains polyphenols, an antioxidant. We all are familiar with the health benefits attached to green tea, but black tea also has similar therapeutic advantages. Green tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which changes into other compounds when the tea is fermented.

Scientists have also changed their opinion regarding the benefits of black tea. The compounds called theaflavin and thearubigens present in black tea are powerful antidotes that ail us and give a rich dark flavour to the tea.

Take a closer look at the health benefits before Buying Black Tea Online:

An extension study conducted by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment discovered that consuming of black tea reduces the risk of strokes. For 15 years a study was conducted on 550 men which resulted in the fact that black tea flavonoids reduce the production of LDL or harmful cholesterol, which results in lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Another study on done at Boston School of Medicine proved that by drinking black tea abnormal functioning of blood vessels that cause heart attack or stroke can be reversed.

Similarly, a research study in Saudi Arabia pointed out that 50% of coronary heart disease can be reduced by drinking black tea. In Arabian Nation, people prefer black tea over green tea.

In countries like China and Japan people who drink tea are more healthy then the non- tea drinkers and hence they have lesser heart diseases or cancers as compared to other Western countries.

A lot of research still needs to be done in order to find out the benefits of consuming black tea. As Jane Higden of the Linus Pauling Institute stated in the report published that “Although numerous observational studies have examined the relationship between tea consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, there is no conclusive evidence that higher intakes of tea are protective in humans.”


All things are created differently and it entirely depends on the personal choices of an individual to choose a beverage as black or green tea. Research has proven that both black and green tea is appropriate for battling illness and is equally effective for health-conscious people. Black tea is equally full-bodied exotic tea which we can be willingly added to the list of your weekly shopping.