Can a Room Air Purifier Be Used in a Car?

The increasing pollution gives good reasons for people to consider moving homes to less polluted areas. Instead of relocating, you can consider other effective solutions like installing air purifiers at home. If every home has an air purifier, India can be a livable place – at least indoors. Just as it is important to keep the air inside your home clean for good health, it is equally important to keep yourself safe while travelling on the polluted roads of the cities. Are you wondering why not carry the same air purifier around with you rather than investing in another one? Well, it wouldn’t be the same thing. The purifier you use at home is not designed for use in the car and vice versa. There are several reasons for that:

Capacity of the Air Purifier to Purify the Surrounding Air

The dimensions and capacity of an air purifier for room are as per a typical room size and would be very much on the bigger side for a car. Carrying it around in your car would mean cramping up the space for the passengers. The size of the car is not as big as your home and it would definitely not be a comfortable journey with the ‘extra’ passenger.

Power Connection

Operating the room air purifier in the car will be difficult as you will not be able to give the kind of electrical connection it requires. The best you can use in the car is a car charger, which would be suitable for a car air purifier as it is designed for use in the car. But, a room purifier needs a wall socket as its power source. This factor rules out any possibility of a room air purifier being suitable for use in a car.

Impurities Present

The room air purifier is designed for capturing allergens and pollutants present in your home. The quality of air when travelling in a car has a very different composition. You cannot expect the room air purifier to work as efficiently to remove the smoke from the vehicles and the smell generated due to the heated rubber, which are the major pollutants in a car. If you use the right product in the right place, with the various models of an air purifier, India can also give you a healthy lifestyle, even in polluted big cities.

Noise Levels

An air purifier produces sound while functioning. The sound levels for the one designed for a room may not seem to be very high when used in the house, but the same sound levels in the confined space of a car will seem very loud and can be irritating. The car air purifiers are designed with sound levels suitable for its surroundings and should be used when travelling in a car.

Every appliance is designed for a specific purpose and trying to use it for another simply doesn’t work. If you try to modify the basic design to suit a different need, you will probably land up with a deformed product, which will be useless for either purpose.