Can NASDAQ: ACLS Be Your Choice of Investment?

Can NASDAQ ACLS Be Your Choice of Investment

Founded in 1978, Axcelis Technologies Inc. has made its name in the sector of electronic technology. The company has been in the business for long that caters into the designing and manufacturing and servicing of ion implantations and relatable processing pieces of equipment/ devices in the making of semiconductor chips. The supplies and services by Axcelis Technologies are done across the globe. The company is also engaged in providing customer training, maintenance related services, offering spare parts and other equipment and upgrades. It’s most known products comprise of the Optima HDx ad Optima XEx, Purion H, Purion XE and Purion M and Paradigm XE.

Why Acls can be good investment stock? 

The company since its inception has sustained and grown substantially and has been listed in the stock market with NASDAQ: ACLS at The stock has grown to reap dividends and has turned profitable stock for investors in the electronic technology industry.

The company has recently shown more profits than estimated. For example, the sales numbers at the ending of the March 2020 quarter were 118.99 million USD dollars to the estimated 116.25 million USD dollars. Its NASDAQ: ACLS stock listing has been in the news for being a major market mover in the semiconductor shares.

Can NASDAQ ACLS Be Your Choice of Investment

To carry forward the good sales and performance, the company has made certain decisions. This includes the major announcement regarding the shipment of the Purion Dragon and Purion XEmax.

  • The Purion Dragon – It is a high current system and is to be used for DRAM applications – has been supplied to a major memory manufacturer. The innovative architecture that encompasses the scanned spot beam technology with the use of orthogonal beam optics enables for complex advanced memory and logic operations. The company focussed on delivering an exorbitant degree of process control.
  • The Purion XEmax – The supplies of the high energy system Purion XEmax has been made available to a prime manufacturer of CMOS image sensor. Purion XEmax was particularly curated to deliver excellent performance for image sensor applications with upgraded features such as the enhanced beamline for building multiple filtration systems by eliminating metal contaminants and enhancing the white pixels count. Moreover, it also offers the Axcelis patented Boost Technology that provides around 15MeV beam energies. With better quality photodiode performance, tight angles and enriched process control ability, Purion XEmax is a big impetus for new generation CIS devices.

Being around 40 years in the competitive industry, the Axcelis Technologies provides a positive outlook for the coming years by leading the way with high-quality products, major announcements and inventive solutions for the semiconductor industry and hence can be good investment stock via paper trading app. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.