Drinking Coffee

People who love coffee usually have a coffee maker at home. Owning one is very easy. There are online shops that offer this wonderful machine at an affordable price. Various options are available on the market and each one offers a unique experience. The four types of coffee makers below are the most common.

French press

This low-tech device is very simple to use. Most people consider this as one of the most traditional coffee-making methods. You pour in coffee grounds as much as you want and add boiling water. Pressing the lid down will force the grounds down until it reaches the bottom. It is very affordable to buy and to use. No need for filters and electricity. You can have this for as low as $10.

Automatic drip coffee maker

This machine is also called a coffee brewer. It is the most common type among all coffee makers. You can find this type across the globe. There are various shapes and sizes to choose from in the market. Using a coffee brewer is very easy and affordable. You choose ground coffee and load it on a coffee filter. Add water after you put it in the allotted slot in the machine before starting the coffee maker. Filters are affordable and durable. They last for a long time. Ground coffee is available at a low price but you can also splurge on high-end brands if you want.

Single-serve coffee maker

Also known as the one-cup coffee maker, this type is one of the newest on the market. You use single-serving pods or K-cups to make the coffee. These pods are available in various flavors to meet the preferences of different people. You can drop the pod into the machine and then brew it after adding water. This offers less clean-up than the automatic drip coffee maker. Although it is very affordable, the pods are quite expensive.

Espresso maker

Espresso is usually favored by serious coffee aficionados. The machine itself is quite expensive unlike the first three but it is worth the experience. Espresso makers produce smaller quantities but stronger coffee with more flavor.

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