Create your own banner ads step by step

Create your own banner ads step by step

For clarity, we’ll take the example of a fictitious online store that sells office tables: we’ll call the company “Table Edge”. The marketing objective here is to bring customers to our shop. Therefore, we decide to produce a total of 6 formats, all of which must have a uniform design and contain the company logo. We agree on a dark background with our partners because the banner needs to be placed on forum websites that tend to be quite dark. To make our offer more attractive, we offer a 10% discount for customers who access our site through one of these ads. This means that we have already taken into account the three most important factors in terms of banner advertising:

We incorporate a logo into our advertisements that are designed to make a good impression on our customers and to create a visual identity.

With our discount, we try to attract the user to our shop. This makes our ads more attractive.

Our advertising refers directly to our shop with a call-to-action button. Thus, the promise made to the user is kept and the function of our advertisements is obvious.

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Create a frame and logo

It’s a good idea to use foam board a framework to make your ads stand out from the regular content of the website. This frame must match the colors of your chart: this will make the overall ad more consistent. Since ads must be readable in fractions of a second, the frame should not be too extravagant. In our advertising banner example, it is consistent with our logo, however, frames are usually only a few pixels wide. The right balance is also needed for the design and positioning of the logo. Ideally, it should recognize the company without attracting the main attention of the person. For this reason, it is recommended to place the logo on the edge or in a corner. The brand is then directly recognizable but leaves enough space to display your offer or the images of the product. If you do not yet have a strong reputation, it may be useful to integrate the full name of your brand. For our fictional store, we assume that the logo alone does not help users identify the advertiser. That’s why we choose a version of our logo that also contains the name of the brand. For the Mobile Leader board format,

The text: the promise made to the user

The heart of your advertising is without a doubt the promise you make to the user. Your text must immediately attract the attention of the user and illustrate the added value of your offer, product or service.

In our example vinyl stickers Australia, we want to launch our banner ads with a 10% discount. Percentages generally have a positive impact because they are easy to understand and give the impression that an opportunity is to be seized. In the context of advertising, it is hardly necessary to read the text that accompanies the percentage further. Depending on the format of the ad, you can highlight the numbers of the discount.