Creating Registration Forms with AidaForm Online Form Builder

Online registrations forms can be extremely useful when you’re organizing events of any kind, providing services, running a membership website, and more. Essentially a good registration form is one that will allow people to conveniently enter the details that are needed to sign them up.

Because of the many different ways that online registration forms can be used, it should come as no surprise that no two forms are the same. In fact, if you want your registration form to be effective you need to build it based on your events specifications – and that is where AidaForm can help.

How to Create a Registration Form

Considering the unique nature of registration forms, you should take a minute or two and first plan out the form that you want to create. At the same time, you could also head over to AidaForm’s website and sign-up for a free account then log in to the members’ area.

If you’ve already done all that and you’re ready to actually create a registration form, just follow these few simple steps:

  • Select the template

To get started you will need to click on the ‘Create a Form’ button and then select a template. If you want you can use one of the templates that look similar to the registration form that you intend to create, or you could just start from a blank template if none seems to apply.

After you select the template, you can enter the name that you want to use for the form and click ‘Create’ to proceed to the Form Editor.

  • Add the fields you want to include

In the Form Editor, you can begin to start to structure your form by adding the fields you want to include from within the Form Elements section. Make no mistake AidaForm supports a wide range of fields including radio buttons, lists, text fields, file uploads, Google Maps, and more.

All that you need to do is drag and drop the field blocks into position to structure your form. Each field can then be customized, so you can set up the label, fill-out hints, field validation, error messages, and more.

  • Apply a suitable theme

Once you’re done structuring the form itself, you can focus on its appearance by opening up the Form Designer section and selecting a theme. Each theme in AidaForm unique, and you can customize it further and adjust the font and colors to suit your event or brand.

  • Publish and share the form

If and when you’re satisfied you just need to click ‘Publish’ and choose whether you want to embed the automatically-generated code from AidaForm or use a direct link. In either case, you should be able to share your form and start collecting registration information online.

By enabling you to purpose-build unique registration forms in this way, AidaForm will let you make them more effective than any readymade form could ever hope to be. In fact, as you explore its capabilities you’ll find that you can create practically any type of form that you want for business or personal needs.